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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. The blog will be back up and running on Monday morning to cover the last two days of the case. We have accepted one of the bids and the transfer process is now under way." The house, valued at more than A?284,000, was put on the market earlier this year His court fees are estimates to cost more than A?5,000 a day. He said he investigated himself from cartridge cases removed at the scene and went on the internert.

He says he heard the sound clips that were played in court at the shooting range with headphones on.
Nel asks about the difference in sound between the bat hitting the door, and the gun hitting the door. He says he's not sure which part of magazine rack would have caused bruises to Reeva's back. Nel asks whether he agrees with Mangena's belief about where Pistorius was standing when he shot.

The key bit of his evidence yesterday was that he said Reeva was likely leaning forward, close to the door when she was shot. The defence's case argues Reeva may have been about to open the bathroom door, but the prosecution say she was likely hiding from Pistorius in the bathroom 08.00 Good morning and welcome to The Telegraph's live coverage of the Oscar Pistorius trial.

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