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I have this ringing in my left ear for a long time,i went to doctor but they don’t know to stop the ringing, so i looked ringing ears up my computer. As you know from the above article, sometimes ear ringing can be a sign that our clairaudience needs to be tuned in.
In houses that have spirit activity it is one of two things: Either the home has existing energy in it from previous owners or perhaps the land, etc, or someone in the house is attracting energy because one of the physically living residents has the ability to sense spirit. Only once, did I heard a voice whispered into my ear, but it was at my dad’s house and I became paralyze afterward.
Richard Brewer started One Warrior Won to give support to other vets with post-traumatic stress disorder. Richard Brewer is the founder of One Warrior Won, offering support for veterans suffering from the effects of PTSD. He grabbed his rifle and ran to the patio in time to hear an engine revving and tires screeching. The ordeal earned Brewer a Purple Heart, the Navy Commendation Medal and a number of other personal and unit commendations. That led him to start One Warrior Won, a nonprofit peer support organization based on Exchange Street in Portland, to help veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. A study by the Department of Veterans Affairs found that 239,000 veterans who have received treatment at VA facilities have PTSD, and a Rand Corporation study concluded that 31 percent of troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan have PTSD, depression or some form of traumatic brain injury. The idea that seeking help is weak is one of the hurdles people who have PTSD and their families must overcome, Brewer says.
Brewer, now 50 and living in Falmouth, himself suffered with PTSD through his post-military career as a history teacher at Cheverus High School in Portland.
Brewer has since traveled the country working to educate the public about PTSD and reaching out to veterans. What veterans with PTSD need is someone who has been through combat himself and who understands the effort of trying to reintegrate into society, he said. Brewer said he works with veterans to find activities that help them express and displace some of the negative emotions.
Many of the activities are adrenaline-based: a few days of deep-sea fishing, big-game hunting, ice climbing or whitewater rafting.
Brewer also tries to show veterans that a constructive outlet such as poetry, art or meditation can help. Over the last four years, he estimates some 400 veterans have reached out for some support from One Warrior Won. Brewer believes every combat veteran experiences some degree of traumatic stress, though some cope with it more easily than others.

He is afraid the public will believe that anyone who serves in combat comes back with a severe disability, and that misimpression might hurt recruitment and dissuade some people from a path in the military that might be right for them. The Maine Army National Guard and the Reserves have incorporated a goal into the demobilization schedule so that soldiers reconnect with one another after deployment. Weigelt said those having a great deal of difficulty after deployment have access to counselors at veterans centers throughout the state and at the VA hospital in Togus. Brewer says that for many combat veterans, the existing system, including the overburdened services of the VA, aren’t meeting their needs. Joel Connick said One Warrior Won helped him and now he’s working with the organization to help others. Connick is a Portland High School graduate, a Marine and a veteran of the Iraq War, including the battle of al Nasariyah in 2003, where some of the heaviest fighting took place. Like many veterans with PTSD, he has wrestled with substance abuse and had trouble finding and holding a job. Working with One Warrior Won, using his painful experiences to help someone else has become an outlet. Here at MaineToday Media we value our readers and are committed to growing our community by encouraging you to add to the discussion. Bookmark this page to see his latest cartoon each week, and peruse the Cartoon Archives of over 400 "Politically Correct" cartoons. The original embassy building had been destroyed by a car bomb in April 1983, and the current location in East Beirut was supposed to be secure.
Then a van full of explosives erupted, knocking him back and collapsing the building around him.
Brewer spent the next few hours ferrying the wounded, then set up a security post, despite suffering shrapnel wounds, a broken arm and serious burns.
He was treated at a local hospital and soon rejoined four fellow Marines providing security for the ambassador’s residence for the next three days until reinforcements arrived to relieve them. It also left him with severe emotional scars that wouldn’t fully manifest themselves until much later in life. The organization, which got started about four years ago, now has two staffers in addition to Brewer and participates in events around the country. Other estimates have put the number of veterans with PTSD at between 9 percent and 19 percent.
Earl Weigelt, a chaplain with the Maine Army National Guard, said it’s admirable to help veterans who need it, but he worries that some people will come to believe PTSD is inevitable.
Once back from serving overseas, units and their families gather monthly for three months to get information about reintegration and reconnect with members of their unit.

Quite a few times throughout my life I will be awakened from a deep sleep to the sound of a man with a deep voice whispering my name right into my ear.
Carter the Medal of Honor in August, he pointed out that Carter sought help for post-traumatic stress.
They are symptoms dizziness blackout cold sweat ringing in earspolitical and, indeed, correct. As you know from reading this blog, I hold the belief that all physical manifestations of illness and disease are rooted in an underlying spiritual or emotional issue.
It is clear as day but when I awake I am not scared or anything else, and usually just go back to sleep. Even the bravest of soldiers suffer from PTSD, he said, adding that seeking help is not a sign of weakness. There are many times when my ears would ring and sometimes if I asked a question, I would get chills up my head. There were few times when I asked if anyone is present in my room and I would hear thumps right in front of my faces. Also many times I will hear music but not really realize I’m hearing music and as soon as I do realize I am hearing something, it stops. I personally don’t think much of it but then I sometimes wonder is it because of the desensitizing by society as I grew up that caused me not to think anything of it? My dads house was haunted growing up, and I can recall a few strange things happening in every house we lived in as well as my grandparents house.
They said the hauntings stopped after they renovated but still things would happen from time to time. I guess that’s why I am curious if the things I experience are medium-type characteristics. Sorry for the length of this, I am just one of those what I call skeptical believers, even with my own experiences.
I’m guessing that also has to do with societies desensitizing us to these types of things?
I have an open-mind regardless and won’t be upset with whatever opinion you have for me.

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