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A trained Neuromuscular dentist can examine, test and identify symptoms and causes of temporomandibular disorders. These muscles are then forced into a strained position, many times resulting in pain throughout the jaws, face, head, shoulders, and back.
During orthodontic treatment, teeth may be removed (bicuspid extraction) or are moved to give a more aesthetic appearance or for function. A patient receiving a crown, needs to pay special attention to how the new "tooth" fits when the mouth is closed. The dentist will provide a treatment plan that will address the underlying cause of the pain and discomfort, usually without surgical intervention. Although a person may have beautiful teeth or had orthodontics to line the teeth up for aesthetic reasons, the muscles and joints may not be comfortable.

After the teeth are moved they will fit together differently than before orthodontic treatment. If the crown is too high, it may hit the opposing teeth before the other teeth in the mouth fit together. Morgan, DDS, can help your symptoms associated with TMJ disorders whether you live in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, York County, Williamsburg or any other surrounding city in Hampton Roads.
This condition many times will cause a disruption in the normal functioning of the jaw and cause TMJ or TMD symptoms.

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