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TMJ Syndrome has also been linked to vertigo, throat infections, sinus congestion, ear infections, asthma and even heart, stomach, intestinal, respiratory and emotional disorders.
Other causes of TMJ Syndrome are poor posture, spinal or skull subluxations, accidents and trauma (even from childhood). The chiropractic Approach - Because structure and TMJ problems are often found together, many TMJ sufferers benefit from chiropractic care. Bookmark this page to see his latest cartoon each week, and peruse the Cartoon Archives of over 400 "Politically Correct" cartoons.
Common symptoms include the inability to open the mouth wide and clicking or popping sound when the mouth opens or closes. The structural imbalances cause chronic fatigue, headaches, scalpt tenderness, pains behind the eyes, muffled ear sounds, ringing, hissing or other ear distortions, balance problems, nausea, facial tightness and cervical or lower back pain.

There are even reports of individuals forcing dentists to remove their braces at gun point!
Chiropractic, by relieving pressure on the spine and cranial bones, may correct or relieve a TMJ problem.
There are documented cases of dental problems that, once corrected, have enabled chiropractic patients to better hold their adjustments. These techniques have benefitted patients suffering from the hidden distortions that sometimes arise within us.
Anyone who has been to the dentist should follow up that visit with a quick stop at their chiropractor.
Lots of ligaments, cartilage, fascia, discs, muscles, nerves and blood vessels run in, around and through it.

Let us not overlook that the very act of sitting open-mouths in a dental chair and getting worked on puts great stress on the TMJ.
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