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Caucassian dances group is one of the most spectacular dances of Anatolia.A As many ethnic group, Caucasian people live and keep their original culture in harmony with all Anatolia. Anatolia is just like a marbling trough.A  Through thousands of years, hundreds of different civilization with many different colors, sound, rhythm has been composed in this area. Since then, dance and people's approach to dance have changed very much in turkey like many other things.
It is a dance characterized by smooth, flowing, complex, and sensual movements of the torso, alternated with shaking and shimmy type moves.
The dancers often use some type of rhythm instrument to aid the musicians, or as the sole accompaniment to their dance. Belly dance is very popular in Turkey, You can see on TV, in wedding parties and there are many course and dance schools where belly dance can be learned.
There are so many kids of folk dance in Turkey that we cana€™t name just one of them as the Turkish folk dance. Caucassian dances group is one of the most spectacular dances of Anatolia.A  As many ethnic group, Caucasian people live and keep their original culture in harmony with all Anatolia. Click on the link to visit Daves Birding Diary for other sightings and great photographs from around Devon and Exeter. All birds are released as quickly as possible, this is particularly important at this time of the year when they are likely to be breeding. I am not sure if they could be described as the highlight of the session because they were eclipsed by first a female and then a male Jay. I couldnt believe how aggressive they were and they raised their head feathers in to a crest to try and look threatening. I am pretty certain that this one shows the female and the one below is the male so not a great deal of noticeable difference. As the male was having his ring put on by someone else I took the opportunity to take this photo of the eye which was so attractive and interesting especially as you can see me reflected in it!
On these ringing sessions the discussion almost always arises about the difference betweenChiffchaffs and Willow Warbel., two very similar species.
All in all a great morning and real chance to get some great photos particularly of the Jays.
They are blended, they get various shapes, but if you look and listen closely you can see the signs of all that great civilizations living in this picture.A  Turkish dance is one of the most lively and colorful themes of this picture.
So the geographic isolation diversity of racial and ethnic influences and cultural traditions has produced rich folklore both in towns and in the rural area. Various other items used during dance such as snakes, swords, veils, and candles have magical, protective functions for primitive peoples that can still be found in the folk dances of these countries.

At some godly hour, well around 6.30 I left the house to attend a ringing training session.
If you are interested in birds as I am this is such a great way to get up and close to lots of different and interesting species. We had heard Blackcaps singing while setting the nets up so I was not at all surprised when we caught them. Both were very feisty and took great exception to the indignity of capture taking the opportunity to peck very hard at the hands of the ringers, and who can blame them?
They are a beautiful proud bird with lovely plumage, the male being much more richly coloured a fact that would not be obvious in the field though.
They dance as a group, in couples or solo, As he offers you a seat, a tea, a warm and friendly welcome, NurdoAYan AzengA?ler turns his gaze from the walls of his studio to the dome of Hagia Sophia, to the Sea of Marmara.Light pours into the room, dances across the walls and reveals a large-framed picture of Hagia Sophia under the snow.
Its unique rhetoric tells us the stories of central Asian shamans, ancient Anatolian heroes, Islamic traditions and westernization.A  It tells us the story of people in east-west tensions, humorous coexistence of Islamic tradition and modernity, and peoples from different ethnicities living together in harmony, in its homogenous, coherent and distinctive language.
Whichever the real source of it, belly dance is taken in as a unique dance style, In every step, every movement you can see the hints of its originality and its rich heritage and traditional associations with both religious and erotic elements; because of this mystery, maybe, belly dance is loved by many people all around the world. I am trying to obtain the necessary permit to enable me to ring the garden birds in order to keep more accurate records concerning movement and populations. As I hav not got examples of both species here I will not go in to this but here is a Chiffchaff photographed this morning that was thought. To be handling birds and be instructed about the ways and means to determine age and sex is taking my own bird study to a new level. AzengA?ler talks about a child walking hand in hand with his father to the YenikapA± Mevlevihanesi (dervish lodge), listening to the women's prayers at the nearby Merkez Efendi Camii (mosque) -- a curious, talkative child whose gaze has wrinkled over the years but whose eyes sparkle with the same intensity.
Oriental dance is uniquely designed for the female body, with an emphasis on abdominal muscles, hip moves, and chest moves.
The snake is a complex symbol which represented both male and female principles, and also immortality in the form of the snake eating its tail. This will enhance, not only my own study and knowledge but will give me the opportunity to share information with the rest of the "birdwatching" world. We also caught a nice Wren which turned out to be a female, they are Sexually monomorphic, that is to say that males and females are indistinguishable by plumage pattern and colour. AzengA?ler speaks about himself, his love for his country, his culture and his art gallery, Les Arts Turcs. The British Trust for Ornithology overseas the ringing of all British birds and rings are issued by them and all birds ringed are logged and the details sent to the BTO for collation. The one that we caught had a very, very noticeable brood patch which is a very important feature to record.

In this way populations and movements can be monitored and scientific data stored to aid conservation.
Male Wrens are known to not have a brood patch so this is a certain way of identifying females at this time of the year. The room is lined with shelves; the shelves are loaded with books, crafts, clothes, jewelry and CDs. Armenian music meets Gypsy music, Jewish music and folk music from the four corners of Turkey. What started as a private art gallery now offers an introduction to the whirling dervish ceremony and the Sufi community in Turkey as well as courses in painting, henna, paper-marbling and calligraphy (along with a permanent exhibition of paintings, statuettes and art at the Sultanahmet address). Les Arts Turcs recently opened a second gallery and a travel agency near the TopkapA± Palace and prides itself on appearing in many travel guides. Art and history are everywhere," exclaims AzengA?ler, his gaze now overlooking the streets of Sultanahmet, which vibrate three stories below his gallery.
I advise those travelers to read a lot beforehand, to watch documentaries and movies from or about Turks.
The first are travelers who heard about Les Arts Turcs and visit the gallery -- occasionally buying some objects on display -- and then return home. For example, the French magazine Elle was looking for female whirling dervishes and we helped them find some. Turkey sees itself as European, he agrees, but Turks are increasingly protective of their own identity. CNN TA?rk, Sky TA?rk, Kola TA?rk, a€¦ I am obviously not the only one who strives to affirm the Turkish identity." Then why did he give his art gallery a French name? Our plan is to invite foreigners who have been writing about A°stanbul -- a movie, a book, a documentary a€¦ -- and ask them to write again about Turkey. 11, we have received many inquiries from Westerners, particularly Americans, about Sufism and [Muhammed Jelaluddin] Rumi. He may be thinking about his current research on the hippies, his partnership with painter AyAYe TA?remiAY or with American illustrator Trici Venola.

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