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If you are suffering from ringing or buzzing in ears, also known as tinnitus, you are not alone. Tinnitus can be a result of various causes; however, in many cases theA the underlying cause of tinnitus is related to the mouth and jaw. Headache and migraine sufferers no longer have to try to live with the debilitating pain that can affect their quality of life. Those plagued by chronic pain due to auto accidents often struggle with finding relief for their back and neck pain. Mouseover thumbnails for a description, single click on a thumbnail to view a larger image.
If you have never fitted closed rings to your birds before you may think that fitting them is difficult and maybe a little nerve racking too.

Be vigilant as the growth rate from 7 days is rapid and, if not careful, the chick can grow very quickly beyond ringing size. Gently hold the chick in your left hand and once the bird is settled gently hold the three front toes together.
The ring will only slide as far as the claw, this is where you very carefully pull the toe out of the ring.
Wang and the team at BC Head Pain Institute are equipped the tools needed to determine a patient's reason for tinnitus. I know the first time I ever fitted a ring my hands were a little shaky as I thought I may be hurting the bird. I can state here and now that, as long as the bird is of correct size, it is a completely painless experience for your young Java chick.

A Tinnitus can hinder one's quality of life and could lead to feelings of frustration or depression. Wang will determine the most effective form of therapy based on the patient's symptoms and history.

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