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Since I see a doctor out of state the bigger issue was that I needed to get a local doctor to oversee my home heath, etc.
Still waiting on my appointment with the LLMD, but while waiting I have the follow-up with the neurologist about the MRI. Since my last MRI was at the hospital, because of my seizure, we went back to the hospital; the idea being that they can compare findings from the last MRI. We get the neuro brought up to speed that I am getting treated for Lyme, etc; leaving off the part that he referred us to an idiot. What I was interested in was idiopathic intracranial hypertension as a potential cause for my blind spots. You’ve been aching to get at your yard and garden…and now working your land has you landed on your back!
Emergency physicians at The Alfred, Northern, Cabrini and Epworth hospitals joined with RMIT’s school of health sciences to see if acupuncture could relieve acute pain in hundreds of patients that came to the hospital with either lower-back pain, sprained ankles or migraines. While data from the study is still being analysed and finalized for publication in a medical journal, one of the researchers, Dr Michael Ben-Meir, said it showed acupuncture offered the same level of pain relief as analgesic drugs when patients rated their pain one hour after treatment. Dr Ben-Meir also said the randomized controlled study of about 550 patients also found that the combination of acupuncture with standard pharmaceutical care delivered equivalent pain relief to acupuncture alone or standard care alone. If public art displays reflect the culture of a city, then the Portland Acupuncture Project depicts a metropolis striving for a healthier, more vibrant version of itself. Scientists suggested in a report last week that acupuncture might improve the odds of conceiving if done right before or after embryos are placed in the womb. This month we sent Inger Cessford off to Dorset to discover how to turn simple patterns into stunning hand block-printed wallpaper with artist-designer Hugh Dunford Wood. The last time I’d tried lino-cutting was as a teenager in Edinburgh, so I was really looking forward to this opportunity to reconnect with my creative side and learn to print my own wallpaper, under the expert guidance of an internationally acclaimed artist. The course started off on the Friday evening with Hugh giving us each our own set of tools and introducing us to the principles of creating symmetrical and repeat patterns. He demonstrated this by showing us some of his own beautiful wallpaper designs on display throughout his home.
Then it was our turn to create simple designs using potato prints to help us understand how patterns join up and repeat. Hugh encouraged us to use our potato blocks to make multiple repeat patterns, and later on in the course I realised just how valuable this introduction to the principles of pattern making had been. The atmosphere in the studio was very relaxed and Hugh was always on hand to answer any questions and give lots of encouragement. The next morning, we started off by doing line drawings of plants and foliage, which would become the basis for our wallpaper designs. After an intensive but enjoyable morning of drawing, we stopped for a lovely communal lunch.
Lunch over and back to work, Hugh explained how to transform our line drawings into printable designs. Next I needed to work out if my design met up (top to bottom and side to side) when it was repeated, and I did this by dividing the pattern into four and laying it out several times over. We then transferred our designs onto the lino blocks using a combination of carbon and tracing paper.
By now it was the end of a really intensive but enjoyable first day, and I realised that I did indeed feel incredibly relaxed. Having had to concentrate on all the new things I was learning meant I didn’t have time to think about anything else. Back again on Sunday, I finished cutting out my design and was soon ready to print my first proof. I soon developed a rhythm to my printing technique, painting the block quickly with emulsion paint, turning it over onto the lining paper and running a hand roller over the top to make sure the block had made an even contact with the paper before deftly removing it.
During the course, there was sufficient time to make several short pieces of wallpaper in a variety of different colour combinations. As the day drew to a close everyone on the course agreed that our finished wallpapers were quite stunning.
I had really enjoyed learning to design and print my own bespoke wallpaper and I headed home with Hugh’s positive words of encouragement ringing in my ears.
He said he was happy that my vision problems were not optic neuritis, but he did not go into why. His ideal for the Rocephin is 2g twice a day for 4 days and then off for three days for six months.

My family practice doctor, the one who initially started running the tests for me, graciously agreed to oversee my local care. As a nice bonus their imaging facility was separate from the hospital; which I am sure is to present more of a private imaging center feel. I try to think that the focus of my Lyme treatment, up until the recent change to Minocin, was focused heavily on the co-infections and not on Lyme. Eriksgirl had already suspected I had higher spinal pressure because she had never seen spinal fluid tubes fill up so fast (she used to assist with lumbar punctures) when my fluid was drawn after my first seizure. With this drug the LLMD had warned about the side-effect of ringing of the ears, and I think one other thing (though apparently not important enough to make it into long-term memory), and to call if these symptoms presented. Writing is also hard because when I proof read I can miss letters and words in the blind spot.
He said it was particularly good for people who did not want drugs, such as pregnant women, and for those whose pain was not relieved by Western medicine.
Repetitive motions and lifting heavy objects improperly are definitely risky garden business for backs. The Allergists were in favor of scratching it, but the Dermatologists advised not to make any rash moves.
Hugh runs bespoke handmade wallpaper workshops from his newly completed studio situated in the heart of Lyme Regis.
I finished the evening eagerly anticipating what lay in store for the rest of the weekend and looked forward to the prospect of getting started on my own wallpaper design. Hugh stressed that it wasn’t a drawing competition which was a huge relief to me as I hadn’t drawn in years!
We were fortunate with the weather, and although chilly, we sat outside around a large table in Hugh’s garden chatting and listening to his chickens clucking around in the garden overlooking Lyme Regis Bay. I found this bit quite difficult, but the answer was not to be too fiddly or prescriptive but to adopt a more stylised approach. I discovered my pattern didn’t quite meet up first time round, but with a few simple tweaks, eureka it did!
Hugh put on some jazz music by Stacey Kent to help put us in the mood and the first track we listened to was rather appropriately “let yourself go…relax”.
Looking around the room it was also fascinating to see just how different everyone else’s designs were. I covered my lino with a layer of emulsion paint and placed it face down onto some pre-painted lining paper.
There was a great selection of pre-painted lining papers and some beautiful colours of paint to choose from too. All in all, I think it’s great value for money and Lyme Regis is a fantastic place to spend the weekend too. I was not much in the mood for there is a better side of this then, but I need to ask at the next appointment. He said that everyone who has come to him who previously had a MS diagnosis has gotten better. The big difference from where I normally go was that they wouldn’t let me wear my clothes into the MRI.
Because I did not see his doctor, and kept him out of the loop, he knows nothing about my Lyme diagnosis and treatment. At this point I came clean about not taking Rebif, which he could not handle; even with a Lyme diagnosis that is being actively treated.
I had questioned, to myself, the value of going to an ophthalmologist because I thought all I needed was to get was to get my optic nerve checked. The test generated many pages of output from the various tests, but below is the mapping of the blind spots in each eye. I looked up the drug on-line and saw Idiopathic intracranial hypertension as a possible complication.

The Gastroenterologists had sort of a gut feeling about it, but the Neurologists thought the Administration had a lot of nerve. I needed to work quite quickly as leaving the block on the paper for any length of time makes it difficult to remove and can mess up the print. He added that there are definitely some people being treated for MS but have Lyme; but that is not really news. I will be seeing the LLMD soon to see what he thinks about my vision, and now the MRI results. Up until now he has incorrectly assumed that I have continued to take Rebif to treat my MS. He then went on to add that because it is a vision problem he wanted to treat it aggressively and prescribe steroids (Solu-Medrol); though surprisingly not at this appointment. The plus side was that I was having problems with blurry vision, in addition to the blind spots, so it seemed like a good idea to get a thorough eye exam. Interestingly my prescription had changed significantly in one eye which was causing the blurry vision. After the test the ophthalmologist’s assessment was that the problem was neurological because there are no problems with my eyes. Meanwhile, Obstetricians felt certain everyone was laboring under a misconception, while the Ophthalmologists considered the idea shortsighted. It was so exciting to see my design printed for the first time and I felt immensely proud of what I’d created. The neurologist made it clear from the beginning that Lyme was outside the scope of his knowledge; keeping him in the loop would have turned into a unnecessary (narrowly avoiding an expletive) nag fest about the Rebif (it did digress somewhat to that point later in this visit).
Of course I would not take steroids because they would only make things worse with Lyme due to immune suppression.
He was going to refer me to a neurologist (maybe thinking I didn’t want to see the one treating my seizures, or maybe he missed that I already had one) but we just got a copy of the records and had him fax a copy to my existing neurologist.
As normal I started the new medication on a weekend; and that day I developed blind spots in my vision. I can also listen to a CD at the private imaging facility, but that’s not an option here. Since he did not want to prescribe them now, but wait until the next appointment, that at least saved another argument. The neuro said that he didn’t think it was IIH induced blind spots because those blind spots (tend to be?) are around the optic nerve. I also get to anticipate the joy of coming clean on some issues with my neurologist (in a future post), but for now just more waiting. Surgeons decided to wash their hands of the whole thing and the Internists claimed it would indeed be a bitter pill to swallow. Also, they sent the prescription to MS Life Lines which was the wrong place to send it at this point; so that pretty much ended that issue pretty easily. Regardless, if it is Lyme induced IIH than the fix is antibiotics which I am already taking.
He said that he had only had one case of Minocin induced IIH and he was highly skeptical of that, but did not elaborate as to why. The Podiatrists thought it was a step forward, but the Urologists were pissed off at the whole idea.
Anesthesiologists thought the whole idea was a gas, and those lofty Cardiologists didn’t have the heart to say no.
I will tell him I am pursing another path at this point, but that is for another upcoming post.

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