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Hearing protection for musicians and concerts is becoming more popular -- with good reason. The basic truth here is that protecting your hearing at clubs and concerts will help to protect your hearing now -- which translates into the ability to continue enjoying your favorite music a few years down the road. This thread focus is about portable audio technology, feel free to post anything amazing or useful.
This design has very few limited parts and a large diaphragm, so it is easy to have big bass in the response of the design. When you look under the hood you can start to understand why the KG 926 or KG 623 balanced armatures are complicated to work on.
Following through the animation we can imagine electronic audio signal travelling to the fixed coil.
In reviewing all the facts, even a simple iPod test is not so straight forward at deriving how loud your music is in your head. A circuit called a crossover divides the audio signal into different frequency ranges and routes each batch to one of four speakers in the earphone.
The signal from the crossover enters a speaker and flows into a tiny copper coil, which responds with faint electromagnetic vibrations. When the armature moves, it pushes a small rod connected to a diaphragm, which in turn pushes the surrounding air and generates sound waves. Volumes during acoustic performances with drums and bass can easily climb up over 100dB of noise; that's loud enough to begin causing permanent noise induced hearing loss within just five minutes. The diaphragm works like an air pump in a pressure field pumping the sound to your ear canals.

With this magnetic charge occurring the armature gets excited and repels the magnetic field as it sit between two Neodymium magnets. Transient attack occurs instantaneously so your highs are buttery smooth and your vocals crystal clear while your kick drum slams your brain to the skull.
Nearby, a small strip of metal, or armature, balances between the fields created by two magnets. Mixing treble and bass in your ear instead of in the headphones, as other earbuds do, makes music sound less like you’re hearing it inside a phone booth and more as it would in the hall where it was recorded.
So treat your ears right, right now!That doesn't mean you have to sacrifice sound quality to protect your ears. In the scale of things the moving mass is heavy in relationship to the magnetic flux density. It is easy to understand that the port is uber small, so small that it is difficult to see with the naked eye. The armature then servos the push rod, which in turn moved the diaphragm creating acoustic signal in the form of compressed and rarified air pressure. If you're in a noisy environment, like a factory or bus, and can wear headphones that isolate noise, by ALL MEANS wear them. Acoustic filters prevent interference between the high and low frequencies inside the sound tubes.
This air pump pushes air down the snout of the design to the nozzle on the headphone and through the eartip to your ear canal. A patented Venturi-shaped sound channel and patented unique ceramic noise filters allow pure and clear listening to music at a safe volume.

This will allow you to listen to music for long durations of time at lower level since the ambient noise is not an issue.
You've heard the after effects of this damage yourself, when your ears are ringing the next day after a show. The triple flange design and hypoallergenic thermoplastic material deliver an excellent seal against noise and a comfortable fit that won't fall out in the mosh pit. If your ears are ringing after a live concert, you are probably causing damage to your hearing. A 3dB gain to me is still a 3dB gain to you, so you can compare between responses and get a feel for how different each is in SPL across the frequency range.
With NoNoise Music Earplugs, those truly dangerous noise levels (think: that moment when the whole crowd screams) get "cranked down" so you're clear to relax and enjoy the music, without the ringing ears afterward. This is a very uncommon design in the industry thus the S4 cost a little more to make than the average 10-15 mm driver. You can use your in-ear headphones to attenuate the live sound to a manageable level, because Klipsch wants you to enjoy a lifetime of musical entertainment. The UM3X is also an excellent option for bass response and doesn't have the sharp cut like the Triple.Fi has.

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