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Nicole Atkins - Neptune City (Manderley Bar performance)Botch - Mondrian Was A LiarMicing Shit Up! This is the first death metal album (at the time Deicide classified themselves as black metal, but this is not black metal) that my ears opened up to. Before I could actually hear what was going on, all death metal bands sounded like noise with a dude growling on top. I once read an interview with Glen Benton (bass, vocals, upside down cross burned into his forehead) where he said something to the effect of this being his least favorite album that Deicide had recorded because there was too much going on.

Then one night, on what was probably Legion’s 20th spin in the deck, it was like a filter knob was being turned in my brain.
Suddenly the guitars had accents and definition, I could hear the rumbling bass, the drums were clearer than ever, and I could actually make out a lot of the vocals. I spent the rest of the night listening to all of the death metal mix tapes I had made from borrowed cassettes; discovering the actual music contained within them for the first time.
Death metal ain’t some pop radio shit that catches your ear right away and has you humming its hooks after one listen.

It takes time and study for your ears to get accustomed to the sounds and for you to really appreciate what is being done.

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