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The Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and the iPhone 5 are some of the best smartphones available on any carrier in the U.S. These three top smartphones offer a range of sizes, resolution and screen technology that offer shoppers a lot of choice. A new collection of screen comparisons with close-ups, viewing angle tests and brightness comparisons show where the iPhone 5, HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 shine.
These new set of photos come from PhoneArena, a mobile site with early access to the Samsung Galaxy S4, offering a round of comparisons to not only the HTC One and the iPhone 5, but also the Nokia Lumia 920, Sony Xperia Z and Samsung Galaxy S3. In the following photos we can see how the screens of the best smartphones of 2013 compare to each other, which can help shoppers plan which smartphone they want to buy. The collection of images below show a close up of the Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5, Sony Xperia Z, HTC One, Galaxy S3 and Nokia Lumia 920. These phones feature varying resolutions and screen technology which results in varying looks and screen quality. This image shows the Samsung Galaxy S4 screen compared to the best smartphones on the market. This close up of the iPhone 5 screen shows where the bright white background comes from, and highlights why some users prefer a higher than Retina Display resolution. In this image we get a look at the pixels and can see a clear difference between the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S4. Picking the best smartphones screen without looking at them in person is tough, so we recommend checking out these screens in person if you want a better comparison.
I think htc one has owsm display ,,,samsung has over saturated colours which somehow I dont like ,,, what u gays think ? I did my research prior to ordering an HTC One last week and I liked features of the HTC One and Samsung S4 nearly the same. Home > Mobile Phone News > Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4: What are the differences? We were all hoping and praying for a metal Samsung Galaxy S5, but that sadly wasn’t to be.
One definite improvement to the build is that it’s now IP67 certified dust and water resistant.
Then there’s the heart rate monitor, which can use a special light to tell you your heart rate in around 8 seconds if you put your finger over the camera flash. The Samsung Galaxy S5’s Wi-Fi has also got a boost as it can combine 4G and Wi-Fi when both connections are available for incredibly fast download speeds. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has none of these features and they’re all potentially very useful additions, unlike the slightly gimmicky Air Gesture, Smart Scroll and the like that appeared on the S4.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 already had a great camera but the one on the Galaxy S5 is even better.
The Galaxy S5 can also auto-focus on things much faster, in fact it takes just 0.3 seconds.
There have been some updates to the video camera too as it can shoot in 4K (3840 x 2160) at 30fps or 1080p at 60fps, while the most the Galaxy S4 can manage is 1080p and only at 30fps.
The 2800 mAh battery in the Galaxy S5 is slightly bigger than the 2600 mAh one in the Galaxy S4, but the real change to battery performance is the S5’s new Ultra Power Saver mode, which shuts down all non-essential system processes and can even turn the screen black and white, all in the name of keeping your phone going until you can plug it in to a charger.
The Galaxy S5 might not be the all-singing all-dancing Android saviour we were craving but it’s still a substantial improvement over the Galaxy S4. Samsung has sold over 10 million Galaxy S4 handsets worldwide, making it the company’s best launch tally to date. As we mentioned before, the iPhone 5 is relatively old as far as time on market is concerned. Probably the biggest disparity between the two is screen size, which has always been a sore subject for Apple fans.
For every blazing spec, it must be noted that the iPhone 5 still has superior build quality. Once the iPhone 5S launches, the comparison will be a bit more even, at least as far as time on market is concerned.
Jon, perhaps best known by his YouTube alter ego Jon4Lakers, has a love for technology that can never be quenched, no matter how hard he tries. To see the phones in real size or compare them with other models, visit our Visual Phone Size Comparison page. DisplayThere was a common theme with the crew of flagship phones released last year, the majority of them flaunted displays that hovered at or above the 5-inch mark. Please help me by recommending the best phone for my needs as a business executive, thanks! I love the look of the HTC One but Im afraid of its true performance, especially since the HTC 3D Evo was a nightmare for me.
Does the S4 have standard MHL(like the galaxy nexus), slim port(nexus 4), or the same crap the s3 had?

About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life. Depending on how you plan to use each smartphone, there are clear advantages to some of the screen technology. The Sony Xperia Z is available in the UK and other regions, but may never make it to the U.S. The biggest thing we notice in Samsung displays is the lack of a bright white, something these images show.
The Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z and HTC One offer slightly sharper text definition than the iPhone 5, thanks to the higher resolution. This is closer than a user will ever get to the screen, but it hows how the higher pixel-per-inch rating looks up close.
Here we get a look at the pixels, and the reason behind the less than white, white that we see on the Galaxy S4 display. Again, this is closer than you will be to the screen, but it highlights a difference between these displays. Here we get a good look at how HTC delivers a bright white background and very defined text. The LG Optimus G was in the running also and with its clean GUI that’s nearly free of bloatware and close to rooted software its a worthy option losing out only for battery endurance mostly. However Samsung has changed the design of the phone so that it doesn’t just look like a Galaxy S4. While there was talk that Samsung might equip the Galaxy S5 with a 2K display we’ve instead got the same 1080 x 1920 resolution as on the Galaxy S4.
The good news is that while everything is much the same on paper, the Galaxy S5’s screen actually does look better as the colour reproduction is noticeably more natural, avoiding the over-saturation which Super AMOLED screens can suffer from. It’s part of a big push from Samsung to put more of a focus on fitness and comes alongside an updated S Health app and fitness accessories like the new Gear Fit. First of all the megapixel count is up from 13 to 16, so it can potentially capture sharper images. It’s also got a few new shooting modes such as real-time HDR, which lets you see the effect HDR will have on a picture before taking it, and selective focus, which lets you refocus an image after taking it. But having just launched on T-Mobile, the device is definitely one that customers will consider, and especially one that will vie for sales against the S4. Whereas the iPhone 5 has a 4-inch display (326 PPI), the Galaxy S4 has a 5-inch screen (441 PPI).
What it will ultimately come down to is which device provides the better experience for you. Why are we comparing a year old smartphone against one thata€™s brand spanking new to the scene? The Samsung Galaxy S4 is all sorts of official, so let’s see how it stacks up against the HTC One, LG Nexus 4, and iPhone 5, three of the most talked about phones of the last year. Im not a mobile phone expert and not up on the mobile phone industry as I would like to be so I thought I would jump into this site and ask for guidance. I thought the dual processor would be exttremelt fast and noticable but with all the software updates I have to conduct, the processor seems to always be sluggish and I didn’t even play games on my phone. And the Nexus 4 runs on GSM networks, which for some reason is listed for all the other phones but not the N4. They aren’t selling cars they are selling phones and I am much more concern about what is inside and the S4 is the shyt.
Sprint offers the phone for only $100 with transfer of existing number from competing carrier.
In the end my decision came down to the positive experiences I had with my last two HTC phones, the Evo 4, and my old Windows mobile HTC TouchPro.
It’s still plastic, but this time it has a perforated back and less rounded edges for an altogether more industrial look. Which for most people just means you’ll be able to use it in the rain and not have to worry if you spill a drink on it.
It’s positioned underneath the home button and you just slide your finger down to use it. More importantly though it’s one of only a few recent handsets that show much innovation, sure, the fingerprint thing might have been stolen from Apple, but the heart rate sensor, improved Wi-Fi speeds and new camera modes are all inspired additions which really help the Galaxy S5 stand out from the ranks of other big, powerful, almost identical phones. It still has the iPhone 5 to contend with, which, even eight months after the handset’s initial launch, is one of the hottest devices money can buy. Size of the screen comes down to preference, of course, so that might be a negligible comparison.
Samsung has worked very hard to introduce features aimed at attracting the average consumer, while Apple’s ecosystem still provides one of the easiest pickup-and-go experiences you’ll find. Obviously, the newer device will naturally have some hardware advantages, but seeing that Sammya€™s upcoming flagship smartphone (the S5) has yet to launch officially stateside, ita€™s still intriguing to find out exactly how its flagship from last year, the venerable Galaxy S4, compares against the new HTC One.Therea€™s no arguing who won the flagship war last year in the Android space.

However, the new HTC One features a 5-inch 1080p Super LCD-3 display with Gorilla Glass 3.On one hand, we applaud the increase in size, but we need to point out that last yeara€™s Samsung Galaxy S4 packs along a 5-inch 1080p Super AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass 3.
One one hand, we have HTC’s new flagship which the company hopes will save it from extinction. I feel that if I used my phone for games and music, like my friends do on their iPhones, my battery life and the performance would be jeopardized and cause additional poor performance and failure. The overall look of the screen is not as green as shown below when viewed in person, but there is less than white look to the display while viewing text on white backgrounds. I like passing time by watching my live and recorded shows on my phone while I’m on my way to work at DISH, since it takes a bit of time to get there. Quality phones for their time with good performance and durability vs.the horrible experience I had with a Samsung Instinct phone that I owned. It’s debatable whether it looks better or worse than the S4, but it certainly feels more solid and the phone was in dire need of a refresh. HTC was actually first out of the gate to release its premier smartphone, which was soon trumped by the obnoxiously feature-rich Galaxy S4. Well people, therea€™s no surprise that the two deliver the same pixel densities of 441 ppi, giving the two displays enough clarity and detail to make them super sharp to the eye a€“ so therea€™s not one display thata€™s superior in the details department.Considering that they employ different display technologies, it becomes a matter of preference as to what you feel is the more attractive screen. Ironically, my HTC 3D Evo performed the best when I didn’t have any documents saved on it. I’m able to stream from my DVR wherever I go using the DISH Anywhere app and I think it will work wonderfully on a higher resolution display. Better yet, Samsung has an agreement with PayPal so you’ll be able to use it to authorise mobile payments and the company has also opened up the SDK to developers, so apps will be able to use it too. For the most part, the two companies are synonymous with the mobile market; the landscape as we know it wouldn’t exist without either. Be that as it may, the iPhone 5 is still easily one of the best handsets out there, and can more than hold its own against the Full HD revolution. However, now that the new HTC One is here in all of its glory, some of you folks are probably curious to determine exactly how the new HTC One can overpower Sammya€™s Galaxy S4.Being the newer device doesna€™t translate in becoming the automatic winner, seeing that it requires more than cutting edge hardware to prove to consumers that ita€™s superior in every way, shape, and form.
Interestingly enough, the two panels produce colors that are vibrant and punchy in tone a€“ though, the Galaxy S4a€™s AMOLED panel has that distinguishable oversaturated look with less accurate colors. The two are in a constant Keeping Up With the Jones’ battle, and will always be compared, forever.
Ultimately, youa€™re going to have to look at the results and determine for yourself which of these prized possessions has the guts and performance to make an everlasting impression on you.DesignFrankly, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and its polycarbonate plastic construction screams dullness in comparison to the all-metal cladded body of the new HTC One.
Certain to catch more prying eyes with its iridescent glow in the dark, it lacks the superior outdoor visibility established with the HTC Onea€™s Super LCD-3 panel. Whereas wea€™re able to view things on-screen properly with the HTC Onea€™s screen outdoors with the sun present, the Galaxy S4a€™s display washes out and becomes nearly unviewable.The specs point to an even battle, but the Galaxy S4 is packing along some additional tech that extends its worth. Whenever I tried to delete specific words, it would delete all other words except the one I had the curser on. As much as those are two pleasing qualities for any high-end device, it doesna€™t do enough to take away from the solid construction and stylish look of its rival.In fact, the enhanced industrial look of the new HTC One is a sight to behold by itself, telling us instantly that therea€™s more love and care put into its overall design.
Some love it, some hate it, but the Galaxy S4 has the ability to track our finger as ita€™s hovering over the display. Honestly, this is my first Smart Phone and I have to say that for the way I use it, I’m extremely disappointed and need to seriously upgrade. Ita€™s a feature that works hand-to-hand with its various Air View functions, but some people could care less about it. My question to the expert techies, not manufacturer reps, which phone out today or one that will come out soon is worth me buying for what I need it to do for me. Improving upon the foundation set by its predecessor, the chassis of the new HTC One pushes the boundaries more than ever by sporting a body thata€™s comprised 90% out of brushed aluminum a€“ ita€™s just seamless, clean, and has more stylish points than the Galaxy S4.Holding the two in our hands, we cana€™t say that one necessarily feels more comfortable than the other a€“ primarily due to the subtle curve of their casings, which deliver nearly the same ergonomic feel.
Without a doubt a signature offering from HTC, we really appreciate the dual front-firing speakers with HTC BoomSound on the HTC One, which has a placement that makes more sense than the single rear-speaker of the Galaxy S4.Fortunately for the new HTC One, ita€™s now sporting an always-useful microSD card slot, which is perched along the left side of the phone.
Indeed, ita€™s something we desperately wanted from the beginning with its predecessor, but accessing it is a bit more complicated than the Galaxy S4a€™s slot. Even though the microSD card slot is found behind the rear cover of the Galaxy S4, the process in accessing it is less cumbersome. I added all this info so that you could better understad how I’m using my phone so that you can better recommend a phone to me that will but a smile on my face and not intrigue me to pull the rest of my hair out (lol).

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