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Our ears, and what?s inside them, are a complex and delicate structure, and one that?s very easy to damage.
Sensorineural Hearing Loss, or SHL for short, is a condition that affects the sense of hearing. There are a number of causes for acquired SHL, with both external (outside world) and internal (the person?s own body) affecting an ear?s health.
Whereas conductive hearing loss can be treated (as in the case of acquired CHL if the trauma involves barotrauma, for instance) the treatment of SHL depends on a number of different factors (source). The Hearing Loss Pill is the newest treatment especially designed for Sensorineural Hearing Loss.
While there are some causes of SHL that can?t be avoided, such as ageing or genetics, it?s still important to treat the ears as the fragile instruments they are. Think of it this way: we all know how damaging it is to walk around in bright summer sun with little skin protection. If you are interested in learning more detailed information on the available ways to improve hearing loss, including stem cells, cochlear implants, hearing aids and of course The Hearing Loss Pill, please see our hearing loss treatment page. Clara Fonseca Lacerda1, Luciana Oliveira e Silva2, Roberto Sergio de Tavares Canto3, Nadia Carla Cheik4.
Introduction: The aging process provokes structural modifications and functional to it greets, compromising the postural control and central processing. INTRODUCTIONIn the aged one, the auditory loss, is one of the three more prevalent chronic conditions, being behind only of the arthritis and the hypertension (1,2). Introducao: O processo de envelhecimento provoca modificacoes estruturais e funcionais a saude, comprometendo o controle postural e processamento central. INTRODUCAONo idoso, a perda auditiva, e uma das tres condicoes cronicas mais prevalentes, ficando atras somente da artrite e da hipertensao (1,2). Transverse fracture 20% of all temporal bone fractures Caused by frontal or occipital blows Fracture line at 90 0 to long axis of petrous pyramid Starts in middle cranial fossa (close to foramen lacerum), crosses petrous pyramid transversely & ends at foramen magnum.
Surgical treatment Primary closure with multi-layer technique using cartilage + muscle + fascia + fat + bone wax Approaches: Trans-canal, Trans-mastoid, Middle cranial fossa, Combined (middle fossa + trans- mastoid). Introduction: Hearing impairment brings forth a series of changes in social and family life of the affected individuals, with the beginning or the worsening of depressive symptoms. Methodology: The sample was composed by 20 subjects, with ages between 44 and 81 years old (average 65,30 ± 10,16 years), users of hearing aid for the first time.
INTRODUCTION Communication is an essential need for any person, as it allows acquisition of knowledge and experiences by helping people to remain active in social and family life.
Sensorineural deficits and the effects of illness predispose the elderly to accidental injury. Workbook, instructions for completing the home study course, an answer sheet, and an open-book final examination composed of 20 multiple choice questions. People with SHL can be born with it or else acquire it over the course of a lifetime or as a result of a particular incident, such as head trauma or a sudden loud noise. It occurs when damage or disorder renders the inner ear (such as the cochlea) ineffective in receiving and transmitting soundwaves as signals to the brain. In fact, many of us will acquire this in one form or another over the course of our lifetime.
Conductive hearing loss is when sound is being blocked from reaching the inner ear in order to be registered as sound by the brain. The basics may simply be for the doctor to cover one of the patient?s ears at a time and speaking at different volumes to determine if there?s anything abnormal. As the particular situation varies from person to person, the approach to treatment varies as well.
This new treatment is designed to improve hearing by targeting the nerves in the inner ear that are still working.
Limit time spent in environments with a high level of noise, such as workshops, in traffic or at airports. We?ve been told it?s a one-way ticket to skin damage and potentially risking skin cancer and melanomas. The nerves that make up the hearing process are the vestibulocochlear nerve, the processing centers of the brain, or the actual inner ear itself.
Right now there is an FDA approved study being conducted to evaluate whether or not hearing problems can be cured using stem cell treatments.
The Hearing Loss Pill is not a cure, but is instead an ongoing treatment to gradually help improve the nerves of the inner ear, and help the brain better process it. The truth is that most people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, they dona€™t get ANY results. Effects of hearing aids in the balance, quality of life and fear to fall in elderly people with sensorineural hearing loss. Studies have boarded the necessity to identify to the harmful factors of risk to aged the auditory health and security in stricken aged by auditory deficits and with alterations of balance. According to (3), approximately 90% of the people with superior age the 80 years present auditory loss.When it occurs in function of the aging process it is known as presbycusis and it generates one of the crippling riots of the communication, hindering the aged ones to play in the society, because it not only provokes the sensorial privation to hear, as the difficulty of understanding of speaks of that they surround it making it difficult the full communication (1,4,5,6). Estudos tem abordado a necessidade de identificar os fatores de risco prejudiciais a saude auditiva e seguranca em idosos acometidos por deficits auditivos e com alteracoes de equilibrio. Segundo a (3), aproximadamente 90% das pessoas com idade superior a 80 anos apresentam perda auditiva.
Delayed onset & incomplete facial paralysis: oral Prednisolone for 2 weeks + observation B. Combined approach for large defect (>2cm), multiple defects, or defects that extend anteriorly. That can be triggered by the withdrawing from situations of interrelationship, by communication difficulties due to hearing decrease. The evaluation of the depressive symptom was made through the application of the Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS), in two moments, pre and pos adaptation.
The majority of elderly has at least one chronic medical condition, most often managed with medications, so a thorough intake is crucial.
Hearing loss is on the rise, especially in the elderly population, and our modern life is the cause of it. Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss is something else entirely, and not to be confused with SHL ? SHL used to be known as nerve ?deafness?, which is a simple way of looking at a complex situation.
On the other hand, SHL is when sound can reach the ear but the sound isn?t being registered.
From there, the tuning fork test may be administered, or an audiometer test for further examination. As such, the ability of the inner ear to recognise and convert sounds to clear signals may be compromised. The product works by helping the existing nerves transfer more "sound information" into the brain for processing and understanding.
Obviously, if you?re employed at one of these places, it?s necessary to wear the appropriate type of ear protection to reduce exposure to potentially damaging sound. We already know that it is supposedly already being successfully used in more exotic countries (without much health regulation), but the safety and effectiveness is questionable, not to mention the $30,000+ price tag on the treatment that health insurance will not pay for. Objective: To evaluate the effect of auditory prosthesis in the quality of life, the balance and the fear of fall in aged with bilateral auditory loss. Besides, it causes a series of social problems, amongst them: the removal of the social and familiar activities, low self-worth, isolation, solitude, depression and irritability (1,7,8). Objetivo: Avaliar o efeito da protese auditiva na qualidade de vida, no equilibrio e no medo de queda em idosos com perda auditiva bilateral. Quando ocorre em funcao do processo de envelhecimento e conhecida como presbiacusia e gera um dos mais incapacitantes disturbios da comunicacao, impedindo os idosos desempenharem a sociedade, porque nao so provoca a privacao sensorial de ouvir, como a dificuldade de compreensao da fala daqueles que o cercam dificultando a plena comunicacao (1,4,5,6).
Objective: The objective of this work was to verify if the use of hearing aid helps to reduce the depressive symptom in adults and elderly with sensorineural hearing loss.
Results: The obtained results evidenced a meaningful decrease of the depressive symptom, being compared the pre and pos adaptation results. This number might be much higher, for the presence of the problem is not noticed or it is denied by individuals. There are the obvious physical changes such as thinning skin, reduced muscle mass, and vision and hearing impairments.
This population faces many lifestyle and emotional changes such as retirement, reduced income, and the loss of loved ones. Hearing aids are inserted into the ear, where they amplify native soundwaves to make them clearer for the ear to recognise.
A cochlear implant converts sound to electrical impulses, mimicking the natural hearing process and stimulating the hearing nerve. You know how bad it is to sunbathe without sunscreen, why would you do the same with your ears? The testimonials you see on this web site are some of our better results and are not typical. Method: Carried through clinical and experimental study with 56 aged ones with sensorineural auditory loss, submitted to the use of auditory prosthesis of individual sonorous amplification (AASI).

Metodo: Estudo clinico e experimental realizado com 56 idosos com perda auditiva neurossensorial, submetidos ao uso da protese auditiva de amplificacao sonora individual (AASI). Alem disso, acarreta uma serie de problemas sociais, dentre eles: o afastamento das atividades sociais e familiares, baixa auto-estima, isolamento, solidao, depressao e irritabilidade (1,7,8). Conclusion: These results confirm the importance of the hearing aids for depression symptoms, once the hearing loss can be the origin of the isolation, that can originate or to worsen severity of depression. Not assuming such problem implies no therapy, what can worsen non-hearing frustration and then self isolation. To meet the challenges of this population segment, the therapist needs to cultivate a new skill set Information presented in this home study course provides the therapist with this important information. They stuck to the dose as directed and maintained a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet alongside it. The aged ones had answered to the questionnaires of quality of life Short Form Health Survey (SF-36), Falls Efficacy International Scale- (FES-I) and the test of Berg Balance Scale (BBS). The complications lead the causes of deaths in people above of 65 years and promote physical, psychological, and social deficiency, being able to take the individual the dependence, reduction of the daily activities and the confidence, alteration of the life style (13) generating negative consequences in relation to the quality of life (14).As the life expectancy is increasing, it is important to adopt measured in which they minimize the damages caused for it a time that the surgical and medicinal indications are rare, taking advantage the use of adaptations of device of individual sonorous amplification (AASI).
Os idosos responderam aos questionarios de qualidade de vida Short Form Health Survery (SF-36), Falls Efficacy Scale- Internacional (FES-I) e o teste de Berg Balance Scale (BBS). After 4 months, the aged ones that they adapted to the use of the AASI had been reevaluated.
The use allows the rescue of the perception of the sounds of speaks, beyond the ambient sounds, promoting the improvement of the communication ability (15).The increase of the social visibility of the segment of people older than 60 years, in Brazil, was one of the factors that had instigated the mobilization of governmental bodies and not governmental for the attendance of the new demands appeared in the scope of the health, the assistance and the social security (16). O uso permite o resgate da percepcao dos sons da fala, alem dos sons ambientais, promovendo a melhora da habilidade de comunicacao (15). It can start around the age of 30 and from the 40's or 50's signs and symptoms become more noticeable(7,8). It was observed that the masculine sex had greater difficulty in adapting to the auditory device and that the variable age, degree of loss, presence of humming and vertigo had not intervened with the adaptation to auditory prosthesis.
587 had distribution of the state net for action in the basic attention, the average and high complexity (BRAZIL, Health department, 2004). Foi observado que o sexo masculino teve maior dificuldade em adaptar ao aparelho auditivo e que as variaveis idade, grau de perda, presenca de zumbido e vertigem nao interferiram na adaptacao a protese auditiva. O aumento da visibilidade social do segmento de pessoas com mais de 60 anos, no Brasil, foi um dos fatores que instigaram a mobilizacao de orgaos governamentais e nao governamentais para o atendimento das novas demandas surgidas no ambito da saude, da assistencia e da seguridade social (16). Different problems can either antecede or be associated to presbyacusis, such as metabolic disorders, arterial hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, bone problems (ostoclerosis), infection on middle ear, ototoxic mediations, long exposure to noise and heredity(9,10).Hearing impairment is one of the three most common diseases in elderly people. It had improvement of the quality of life in the dominance of the State General Health (EGS) and Functional Capacity (CF) and of the humming, as well as the increase of the auto-confidence after adaptation of auditory prosthesis. Houve melhora da qualidade de vida nos dominios Estado da Saude Geral (EGS) e Capacidade Funcional (CF) e do zumbido, assim como o aumento da auto-confianca apos adaptacao da protese auditiva. It triggers several effects on functional abilities and health, damaging everyday activities leading to depressive conditions(2,6,11,12,13). Conclusion: The use of auditory prosthesis provided the improvement of the domains of the quality of life, what it reflected consequently in one better auto-confidence and in the long run in the reduction of the fear of fall in aged with sensorineural auditory loss.
Conclusao: O uso de protese auditiva propiciou a melhora dos dominios da qualidade de vida, o que refletiu em uma melhor auto-confianca e consequentemente a longo prazo na reducao do medo de queda em idosos com perda auditiva neurossensorial. 587 houve distribuicao da rede estadual para acoes na atencao basica, na media e alta complexidade (BRASIL, Ministerio da Saude, 2004).
Depression is marked by a change in mood and feeling of sadness, usually of multifactorial origin that can be diagnosed at any time of life(14).In cases of association of depression and hearing impairment, a follow-up by a physician and by a speech doctor is extremely important in order to provide support to the elderly and family regarding therapies and psychosocial aspects. The use of hearing aid devices is a possible key to help on hearing impairment(5,6,10,13,14,15). After 4 months, the volunteers who have adapted to the AASI, had returned for reevaluation, they had remade the balance test, and had answered beyond the questionnaires cited to the Satisfaction with Amplification in Daily Life (SADL) (21).
Todos os procedimentos foram explicados como tambem descritos detalhadamente no termo de consentimento, que foi assinado pelos voluntarios, e a partir de entao, iniciou-se a coleta de dados. Fear, anxiety, solitude and difficulty in fitting with hearing aids are symptoms often present in hearing impaired people.
A amostra foi constituida por 56 individuos (32 do sexo masculino) entre 60 e 84 anos, portadores de perda auditiva neurossensorial bilateral, selecionados a partir dos prontuarios do Servico de Atencao a Saude Auditiva (SASA). Os prontuarios foram constituidos por avaliacao do otorrinolaringologista, avaliacao audiologica, fonoaudiologica, entrevista com assistente social e psicologo.
As hearing impairment can cause different problems, rehabilitation helps the elderly to improve family relation, self esteem, mental health, confidence in performing everyday activities(12).Choosing hearing aids is the beginning of rehabilitation process, which consists of important factors as adaptation, follow-up and orientation. The process aims to improve communication ability of the elderly in both social and personal manners(19).
Besides, hearing training in communication situations is essential to the use of the device(16,17,18,19).The target of this study is to verify if hearing aids improve symptoms of depression on hearing impaired individuals by considering such impairment in elderly might start or get those symptoms worse.
Apos 4 meses, os voluntarios que adaptaram ao AASI, retornaram para reavaliacao, refizeram o teste de equilibrio, e responderam alem dos questionarios citados ao Satisfaction with Amplification in Daily Life (SADL) (21).
How much to questionnaire SADL, in the referring item self-confidence, 100% of the volunteers had told to improvement of this variable after adaptation, being that 90% had answered much improvement of the self-confidence.
They were asked of age, marital status, education, address, phone number, diseases and medications.Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS) (shorter version - 15 items) was used to check the presence of depression symptoms. In Table 7 it is observed that the aged ones that if they did not adapt they present greater functional capacity that the aged ones of the suitable group. Such tool was chosen for being reliable, for having Portuguese language translation and being largely applied on Geriatrics and Gerontology areas(20,21). However, in the reevaluation of the suitable group (FROG), a significant improvement when comparing with the evaluation was verified. A Tabela 2 apresenta as caracteristicas antro¬po¬me¬tricas, idade e escore das escalas FES-I e BBS dos voluntarios. It is verified that in the suitable group it had positive correlation between the BBS and the domains CF, PAIN, EGS and a negative correlation between the FES-I and the domains CF and PAIN.After the adaptation of the AASI, notices positive correlation between the BBS and domains CF and EGS, as well as, between age AE and. Na Tabela 4, nota-se uma distribuicao homogenea das variaveis antropometricas e idade entre os grupos. Quanto a adaptacao ao AASI, nota-se que o sexo masculino teve maior dificuldade em adaptar ao aparelho auditivo e que o grau de perda auditiva, queixas de zumbido e vertigem, sao variaveis que nao influenciaram na adaptacao do AASI (Tabela 5).
Similar results had been found by (22) that when evaluating physically active the aged FES-I of aged of the community and found one medium score of 24,9 and 27,5 respectively. Como apontado na Tabela 6, em relacao a queixa de zumbido, apenas 4 dos 20 voluntarios nao referiram beneficios com o uso da protese auditiva nesta variavel.
Descriptive analysis of quantity variables was performed through observing average calculation and standard deviation. Quanto ao questionario SADL, no item referente a autoconfianca, 100% dos voluntarios relataram melhora desta variavel apos adaptacao, sendo que 90% responderam muita melhora da autoconfianca.Na Tabela 7 observa-se que os idosos que nao se adaptaram apresentam maior capacidade funcional que os idosos do grupo adaptado. Probably, this is related to the good balance that the aged ones had presented what it diminishes the fear of fall.In general, the averages of the scores of the domains of the SF-36 had been above of 50% demonstrating that the volunteers have good quality of life. Entretanto, na reavaliacao do grupo adaptado (RA), verificou-se uma melhora significativa ao comparar com a avaliacao.
Regarding gender, 55% was male and 45% was female, most of them were married (65%), and had low education (70%).Table 1 displays hearing loss data.
Second (23) in the SF-36 one props up high in the domain physical aspect and functional capacity can indicate that the aged ones possess little limitation to the work and in activities of daily life, presents good health and functional ability.We know that the concept of quality of life (QV) is very ample, subjective, dependent of the socio-cultural level, the personal ambitions of the individuals and not only of the structure attack (24).
This can be observed in the present study, therefore, nor always a structure attack, as the auditory loss intervenes directly with the quality of life of the volunteers, being the QV a product of some factors.All the volunteers of the sample had putted prosthesis.
Verifica-se que no grupo adaptado houve correlacao positiva entre a BBS e os dominios CF, DOR, EGS e AS e uma correlacao negativa entre a FES-I e os dominios CF e DOR. Hearing loss degree was measured according to World Health Organization(23).From the 20 individuals, 5 (25%) of them did not present depression symptoms. Apos a adaptacao do AASI, nota-se correlacao positiva entre a BBS e os dominios CF e EGS, bem como, entre idade AE e AS. In the suitable volunteers it had reevaluation of the variable: quality of life, balance and fear of fall. This stated period was established in virtue of studies to demonstrate that 90 days are enough for a good adaptation and acclimatization of the AASI (25). Data confirmed that by comparing pre and post adaptation period there was a significant statistical decrease on symptoms of depression. How much to the factors related to the adaptation to the AASI, our findings are in accordance with study previously carried through that demonstrated that presence of humming and vertigo do not influence in the adaptation to the AASI (26). Observarmos maior prevalencia de perda auditiva em homens (57%) corroborando com outros estudos (7-8). Resultados similares foram encontrados por (22) que ao avaliar a FES-I de idosos da comunidade e idosos fisicamente ativos encontrou um escore medio de 24,9 e 27,5 respectivamente.
It affects around 30% of people aging over 65 years and 50% of these are over 75 years old. The practical clinic has demonstrated that carrying individuals of auditory loss associated the humming benefit themselves with the use of auditory prosthesis, therefore these, beyond improving the understanding of the conversation, alleviates the humming, (29), had demonstrated that the use of prosthesis auditory improved the humming in 78,2% of the individuals and our sample 79% of the suitable volunteers if they had benefited with reduction of the humming.In accordance with (6) the auditory use of prosthesis benefits to the daily activities and the functionality in carrying individuals of sensorineural auditory loss. Regarding hearing impairment degree, research outcomes were similar to the ones from the literature, though bilateral moderate auditory involvement is the most common in the elderly population(18,24).Regarding symptoms of depression and hearing impairment, it was noticed that during pre-prosthesis, most of individuals presented symptoms.
This corroborates with our findings, therefore we find significant improvement of the functional capacity (CF) and of the general state of health (EGS).

Provavelmente, isto esta relacionado ao bom equilibrio que os idosos apresentaram o que diminui o medo de queda.Em geral, as medias dos escores dos dominios do SF-36 foram acima de 50% demonstrando que os voluntarios tem boa qualidade de vida. That was expected, once hearing impairment is often associated to depressive conditions, as understanding difficulties contribute to isolation process(1,2,6,11,12,13).
Probably due to adaptation to the AASI, improvement of the hearing, the ability of communication occurred and security feeling, which had also influenced the increase of EGS and CF, and consequently improves of the quality of life (7).Having as endorsement the findings of (30) we believe that the increase of the EGS resulted consequently in the increase in the daily activities of life and of the CF what it reflected in reduction of the fear of fall of the volunteers.
Segundo (23) no SF-36 um escore elevado no dominio aspecto fisico e capacidade funcional pode indicar que os idosos possuem pouca limitacao ao trabalho e em atividades de vida diaria, apresentam boa saude e habilidade funcional.Sabe-se que o conceito de qualidade de vida (QV) e muito amplo, subjetivo, dependente do nivel socio-cultural, das ambicoes pessoais dos individuos e nao somente da estrutura acometida (24).
There was an expressive change when comparing results of depression symptoms during pre and post-adaptation period. Isto pode ser observado no presente estudo, pois, nem sempre uma estrutura acometida, como a perda auditiva interfere diretamente na qualidade de vida dos voluntarios, sendo a QV um produto de varios fatores.
Hearing impairment therapy keeps individuals active in social life, and not only wearers are benefited but also their family, as family relation seems to remain maintained(11,25).
The significant statistical difference on the number of individuals with symptoms during pre and post-adaptation period with hearing aids reinforces the need of therapy and importance of intervention.
However after adaptation to the AASI, had improvement of the quality of life (EGS and CF), reduction of the fear of fall and the humming and increase of the auto-confidence after adaptation to the AASI. Nos voluntarios adaptados houve reavaliacao das variaveis: qualidade de vida, equilibrio e medo de queda. Valley to point out despite 50% of the volunteers if only adapted and that the masculine sex had greater difficulty in adapting to the auditory device and that the variable age, degree of loss, presence of humming and vertigo, they had not been factors that had intervened with the adaptation to the AASI.From this study we can infer that so important the AASI is for the aged one, how much the direct benefit of it in the physiotherapist intervention is. Este prazo foi estabelecido em virtude de estudos demonstrarem que 90 dias sao suficientes para uma boa adaptacao e aclimatizacao do AASI (25). They assure that the use of hearing aids little contributes to depression symptom improvement, mainly in elderly, who might presents association between depression and insanity(26).
The well adapted patient will have greater communication capacity, increase of the self-confident, greater attention and understanding of the information that are important factors in a preventive and rehabilitative interaction.
Quanto aos fatores relacionados a adaptacao ao AASI, nossos achados estao de acordo com estudo previamente realizado que demonstrou que presenca de zumbido e vertigem nao influenciam na adaptacao ao AASI (26). Valley to point out that the development of new studies that they aim at to elucidate the factors associates to the adhesion to the AASI would be of great interest therefore would prevent unnecessary expenses of the public health.BIBLIOGRAPHIC REFERENCES1. Uma das principais queixas dos idosos com presbiacusia e a presenca do zumbido que frequentemente e um fator de grande repercussao negativa na vida do individuo, comprometendo a qualidade de vida, dificultando o sono, a concentracao nas atividades diarias e profissionais, assim como a vida social (27). Hearing impairment is believed to be a wide reason to depression condition, once it prevents individual from performing social life totally or partially due to isolation that might occur. A pratica clinica tem demonstrado que individuos portadores de perda auditiva associada a zumbido beneficiam-se com o uso de proteses auditivas, pois estas, alem de melhorarem a compreensao da conversacao, aliviam o zumbido, (29), demonstraram que o uso da protese auditiva melhorou o zumbido em 78,2% dos individuos e em nossa amostra 79% dos voluntarios adaptados se beneficiaram com reducao do zumbido. De acordo com (6) o uso de protese auditiva beneficia as atividades cotidianas e a funcionalidade em individuos portadores de perda auditiva neurossensorial. Therapy depends on individual's awareness, though their cooperation is essential for decision taking and follow-up. Isto corrobora com nossos achados, pois encontramos melhora significativa da capacidade funcional (CF) e do estado geral de saude (EGS). Reasons such as lack of motivation, anxiety, unreal expectancy and hearing aid appearance can lead to a rejection towards impairment itself and rehabilitation.
Provavelmente devido a adaptacao ao AASI, ocorreu melhora da audicao, da habilidade de comunicacao e sentimento de seguranca, que tambem influenciaram o aumento do EGS e CF, e consequentemente melhora da qualidade de vida (7).Tendo como respaldo os achados de (30) acreditamos que o aumento do EGS resultou em aumento nas atividades de vida diarias e consequentemente da CF o que refletiu em reducao do medo de queda dos voluntarios. In these cases a speech doctor follow-up is required for both individual and family, what can raise rehabilitation acceptance, most of time, and also an improvement on cognitive function and on emotional aspect(5,8,16,17,18,24,28,29).Another issue is that results showed symptoms improvement in a short period of time, though the average period between evaluations was 36 days. Outro fator associado a esta reducao possivelmente foi o aumento da confianca e seguranca relatados pelos voluntarios a partir dos resultados positivos do questionario SADL.
During that, individuals from this study underwent hearing training, in which aspects regarding aid manipulation, oral reading and speech understanding were analyzed. A efetividade do treinamento auditivo formal em idosos usuarios e proteses auditivas no periodo e aclimatizacao. This kind of exercises provided positive results, by helping individuals to achieve independence and improve conversation performance when wearing hearing aids.
Auditory rehabilitation should raise independence and autonomy, though the handicap caused by hearing impairment prevents social and functional activity to the individuals, what makes them dependent on family or carers(30).Depression is a very common pathology nowadays, which affects especially elderly and about-to-retire population, due to the thoughts of becoming useless and hearing impairment can worsen such condition, by making individuals apart from everyday life activities.
Medical and phonoaudiology intervention aim to bring the elderly back to their social acquaintanceship.
Entretanto apos adaptacao ao AASI, houve melhora da qualidade de vida (EGS e CF), reducao do medo de queda e do zumbido e aumento da auto-confianca apos adaptacao ao AASI. It is needless to say the advances on technology regarding hearing aids, as well as their benefits, as world elderly population has been increasing widely and so have Brazilians in particular.
Vale salientar ainda que somente 50% dos voluntarios se adaptaram e que o sexo masculino teve maior dificuldade em adaptar ao aparelho auditivo e que as variaveis idade, grau de perda, presenca de zumbido e vertigem, nao foram fatores que interferiram na adaptacao ao AASI. A partir deste estudo podemos inferir que tao importante o AASI e para o idoso, quanto e o beneficio direto dele na intervencao fisioterapica. O paciente bem adaptado tera maior capacidade de comunicacao, aumento da autoconfianca, maior atencao e compreensao das informacoes que sao fatores importantes em uma interacao preventiva e reabilitativa. The obtained data were expressive important for the fields of Phonoaudiology, Otorhinolaryngology, Geriatrics and Gerontology, once the importance of hearing rehabilitation was assured in order to bring individuals back to society and improve their quality of life.
Vale salientar que o desenvolvimento de novos estudos que visem elucidar os fatores associados a adesao ao AASI seria de grande interesse, pois evitaria gastos desnecessarios da saude publica.REFERENCIAS BIBLIOGRAFICAS1.
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Avaliacao da depressao em idosos atraves da "Escala de Depressao em Geriatria": resultados preliminares. Influencia da atividade fisica na qualidade de vida e no escore de ansiedade e depressao em idosos nao-institucionalizados. Confiabilidade da versao brasileira da Escala de Depressao em Geriatria (GDS) versao reduzida. Perfil audiologico de idosos atendidos no Nucleo de Atencao Medica Integrada da Universidade de Fortaleza. Psychologic profile of tinnitus patients using the SCL-90-R and tinnitus handicap inventory.
A eficacia da adaptacao de protese auditiva na reducao ou eliminacao do zumbido Rev Bras Otorrinolaringol. Prevalence and correlates of fear of falling, and associated avoidance of activity in the general population of community-living older people. Physiotherapist of the Municipal City Hall of Patos de Minas.2) Master in Physiotherapy for the University Center of Triangle (UNITRI). Professor.3) Post-Doctorate for the University of Liverpool, England (1984) Performance in Surgery, with emphasis in Traumatic Surgery Doctor.
Professor of the University Centre of Triangulo, Brazil.4) Doctorate in Physiological Sciences for the Federal University of Sao Carlos, Brazil (2005). Beneficios e dificuldades auditivas: um estudo de novos usuarios de proteses auditivas apos dois e seis meses de uso.
A relacao entre o uso de aparelho de amplificacao sonora individual (AASI) e a melhora da funcao cognitiva no envelhecimento. Communication and psychosocial consequences of sensory lossin older adults:overview and rehabilitation directions. PhD in Biomedical Gerontology by PUCRS - Speech Doctor and Gerontologist - Professor in the Phonoaudiology Course at ULBRA.2. Fisioterapeuta da Prefeitura Municipal de Patos de Minas.2) Mestre em Fisioterapia pelo Centro Universitario do Triangulo (UNITRI). Docente.3) Pos-Doutorado pela Universidade de Liverpool, Inglaterra (1984) Atuacao em Cirurgia, com enfase em Cirurgia Traumatologica Doutor. Docente do Centro Universitario do Triangulo, Brasil.4) Doutorado em Ciencias Fisiologicas pela Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos, Brasil (2005).

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Comments Sensorineural hearing loss elderly dementia

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