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OTOLARYNGOLOGY free pdf ebook was written by Enrica Aguilera on November 02, 1999 consist of 52 page(s).
You're reading the first 10 out of 52 pages of this docs, please download or login to readmore. Rinne’s test is a hearing test that compares the perception of sounds as it compares the patient’s ability to hear a tone conducted via air and bone through the mastoid process. To evaluate a patient’s hearing ability by air conduction compared to that of bone conduction. Strike a 512 Hz tuning fork softly (knees or elbows slightly not the table) otherwise the vibrations will be excessive and cause the patient discomfort. After the sound is no longer appreciated the vibrating top is held one inch from the external auditory meatus.

The patient is asked whether the sound is louder behind or in front – referring to bone and air conduction respectively. Normal: A patient with normal hearing will hear the tone of the vibration longer and louder when the tuning fork is held next to the ear than that against the mastoid bone. Positive Hearing Loss or “Reversed Rinne”: When a patient hears a louder and longer tone when the vibrating tuning fork is held against the mastoid bone than when it is held next to the ear. The Weber test is used to determine a patient’s hearing ability by bone conduction and is useful in detecting a unilateral (one-sided or asymmetrical) conductive hearing loss and unilateral sensorineural hearing loss.
It should always be accompanied by a Weber’s test that is used to detect a sensorineural hearing loss, confirming the nature of hearing problem. Hold the fork for 2-3 seconds to allow sufficient time to make a mental note of the stimulus intensity.

This is because the affected ear is less effective at picking up sound even if it is transmitted directly by conduction into the inner ear.
This is because the conduction problem masks the ambient noise of the room, whilst the well-functioning inner ear picks the sound up via the bones of the skull causing it to be perceived as a louder sound than in the unaffected ear.

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