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Shooting firearms -- whether at target practice or on the hunt -- generate tremendous noise bursts can quickly and permanently damage hearing. While ear muffs do manage a portion of external gunshot sounds, shooting ear plugs provide an extra defense of hearing protection within the ear canal.
Futhermore, HEAROS moldable foam ear plugs soffer hunters, policemen and gunsmen a custom fit that is incredibly comfortable. If you are a hunting, target practice or shooting enthusiast, please consider using ear plugs. HEAROS Xtreme Protection series are highly regarded as a leading shooting ear plug for hunters, firearms and gunsmen. Mack's Ear Seals reusable shooting ear plugs are made of extra-soft, pre-molded silicone rubber flanges and a stiffer central core for extraordinary sealing against loud noises as well as water. Mack's Shooters Corded Foam Ear Plug DetailsMacks Corded Foam Shooting Ear Plugs feature the luxury of extremely soft foam and a hollow center for all day comfort.

The HEAROS Ear Plug Learning Center was developed to help you better understand those benefits and the reasons why ear plugs are so important noise reduction, hearing protection and anatomical water damage. As a result, shooters and hunters need to protect their hearing these loud, dangerous sounds that are in close proximity to the ear canal and ear drum.
Considering the loud, impactful sounds that guns and other firearms create, it is highly recommended that shooters use ear plugs and ear muffs. The two most popular earplugs for shooting protection are Xtreme Protection HEAROS and HEAROS Ultiimate Softness Series. Furthermore, HEAROS shooting hearing protection ear plugs are disposable and could be considered cheap ear plugs considering they sell for under $5.00.
To learn more about HEAROS shooting ear plugs, please click Extreme Protection HEAROS ear plugs. The stiff core makes insertion easy for adults and kids alike.Ear Seals are sized to fit teens through average sized adults.

At NRR 32, Macks Shooting Ear Plugs give you terrific protection suitable for hunting with all caliber weapons, sport or range shooting, or use in shops and workplaces up to 110 dB. Shown below, Xtreme Protection HEAROS provide firearm enthusiasts with a noise reduction rating of 33 -- the highest level of any shooting ear plugs.
The NRR 27 makes Ear Seals ideal for most shooting activities including range practice and tactical ops.

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