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The Siemens Nitro 6 is a Power hearing aid that fits in the ear rather than behind it.This hearing aid is suitable for people with a more severe hearing loss who need a bit more power when it comes to their hearing needs. These hearing aids offer a range of features designed to help you get the best out of your hearing aids. It also offers a feedback cancellation feature which helps to manage any irritating whistling noises that may occur.
The Siemens Nitro 6 is a power ITE (In The Ear) hearing aid designed for those who need more power when it comes to their hearing loss.

The Nitro 6 has 6 sound processing channels which allows your hearing aid to be programmed for your specific needs. The Nitro 6 also comes with a noise reduction system which works to eliminate unwanted background noises so you hear the speech sounds more clearly. This feature records the information from your hearing aids so your audiologist can analyse it.
If you are interested in this technology but would like the newest features and the option of wireless accessories on some models then you may want to try the Nitro 301 which has replaced this product.

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