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Diabetes monitored by primary care physician and controlled with insulin and improved nutrition. Decayed teeth treated using dental dam isolation, waterlase technology and ozone sterilization. TMJ dysfunction (daily severe headaches, limited mouth opening, meniere's disease, high pitched ear ringing, dizziness, sharp pain around lips and chin, constant back of head pain), mercury, failed root canal therapy with infection, oral galvanism, lost vertical dimension of occlusion.

Infected teeth removed and replaced with zironium implants, vertical dimension restored with ceramic crowns and composite resin, obstructive sleep apnea treated with Full Breath Sleep appliance. Patient had history of Crohn’s disease, poor bite, mercury toxicity and tinnitus (ear ringing). Metal removed, cavitation surgically debrided, ozonated, and bite is currently undergoing reconstruction.

We offer several procedures that eliminate the need for surgical incisions, reducing your discomfort, downtime, and the need for multiple visits.

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