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Home Dental Disorders & Disease Tooth Pain and Sinuses: Can A Sinus Infection Cause a Toothache? Stories like my wife’s are fairly common — many people think that they have a problem with their teeth when they simply have sinusitis. Many people end up coming to the emergency room at our dental school with painful teeth.  Upon examination, we sometimes find that their teeth are healthy and that the real cause of their pain is a sinus infection or sinusitis. When a patient comes in with severe tooth pain, we normally take an x-ray of the offending tooth.  Tooth pain is usually caused by reversible and irreversible pulpitis. If the teeth don’t have any cavities in them and appear to be healthy, then we usually try to find another source of the pain, such as a sinus infection (sinusitis).
Using a humidifier to moisten the air that you breathe in.  This helps to loosen any dried secretions that have accumulated in the sinuses.
Taking antibiotics if it is believed that the sinusitis is caused by bacteria.  Common antibiotics that are prescribed for sinusitis include amoxicillin, trimethoprimsulfamethoxazole, clavulanate with amoxicillin, azithromycin, and cefuroxime. Although toothaches are generally caused by a problem with your tooth, it is important to understand that your teeth have neighbors, such as your sinuses, that can mimic a toothache. Hello, i am 19 years old, just getting over an upper repsitory infection that basically mimicked the flu. Also, if I lie down and gently raise my head (tensing the neck muscles), it also seems to hurt a little more. I’ve taken some xylitol sinusitis nose spray and another steroid based nose spray as well, none of these help. Hi Ryan – My first guess is that it would be a mucocele, where a minor salivary gland duct on the roof of your mouth gets clogged or severed and mucousy saliva bubbles up. This article was very helpful as I had a visit to the dentist thinking I had a tootheache.She told me it could be sinus.
Hi Jessica – Only your dentist will be able to let you know for sure if the tooth had caused the sinus infection. If you have no sinus infection symptoms could it still cause a tooth ache on the 3rd tooth from the front of your teeth? A night guard may help with the grinding – but you should see a dentist to see what else can be done about the grinding. I am having a host of issues with very bad dental problems in entire mouth, sinus pain, migraine, and now I am having pain in my left eye – I unfortunately am uninsured. It occurs to me to comment that entries on this website may have come from UK as well as USA. And only THIS YEAR 2014 in the USA did healthcare become universal and low income people qualified. Some sinuses droop even lower than those in the picture, making them even closer to the roots of the upper molars and pre molars.When these sinuses get irritated, infected or even congested, they can become swollen and put pressure on the upper teeth. Toothache,What is Toothache and what to do by Las Vegas Nevada Cosmetic & implant dentistry,Dr. With the arrival of Victoria Day, Ottawa and its surrounding areas are beginning to blossom. Located at Laroche Park (52 Bayview Road Ottawa, Ontario), Westfest is a free event full of music performances, Spoken Word Poetry slam, and celebration of Indigenous culture. Each year more than 100,000 people attend Westfest during the outdoor, three-day celebration of Canadian art and culture. If you want to experience ribs from all over North America, join fellow rib enthusiasts on Spark Street at the end of June.
If BBQ ribs aren’t your thing, maybe the spirit of Dragon Boating will boost our energy. Let’s wind down from an exerlierating June with some jazz. From the avant-garde to big band and swing, come enjoy musical stylings to suit any jazz aficionado!
If the buzzing sound of a dental drill or the latex smell of the office gives you familiar chills, rather than making a dental appointment, you’re not alone.
Someone with an intense fear of the dentist is usually reacting to memories of a past unpleasant experience, whether it’s the result of a painful incident or similarly upsetting life event. Fear of needles or a sensitive gag reflex can also cause people to avoid going to the dentist, as can the embarrassment of someone seeing the condition of their teeth if they haven’t been treated in a while. If you haven’t been to a dentist for over a year because of a deep-seated fear, your teeth and gums may be paying the price.
If you don’t already have a dentist, ask people you trust about their own dentist and if they are happy with their provider. Many dental offices have web sites where you can learn about their practices, the type of services they offer, meet the staff and learn what values and goals the practice wants to achieve with patients. Ask our dental team to inform you about the type of dental treatment they recommend based upon your unique oral health needs. Dentures are replacements for missing teeth that can be taken out and put back into your mouth. A conventional full denture is placed in your mouth after any remaining teeth are removed and tissues have healed. Brushing your dentures daily will remove food deposits and plaque, and help prevent them from becoming stained.
Brush your gums, tongue and palate every morning with a soft-bristled brush before you insert your dentures.
If you have a toothache or jaw pain or even sharp feelings of stabbing pain, nausea or fatigue, it’s a good idea to see your doctor.
If you’ve been sick, teeth hurt and your nose feels clogged or congested, you might be dealing with a sinus infection. Just as the location of the sinuses around the tooth can make you feel pain in the teeth when you have a sinus infection, the closeness of the ear to the jaw can cause you to feel pain in your teeth when you have an ear infection. Whether you have chest pain, ear pain or sinus trouble along with a toothache, it’s always a good idea to see a doctor – particularly if the pain persists. Taking care of your teeth at home is an important part of staying healthy, whether or not you’re dealing with pain that is dental in nature. Your little one might be wondering why teeth X-rays are necessary, especially if his baby teeth will eventually fall out. Despite the small amount of radiation used in the contemporary X-ray, some parents might be hesitant to let their children undergo this exam.
The best way to maintain a healthy mouth starts at home with regular brushing and flossing. Spring is in the air so what a great time to visit some farm animals at the museum? Visitors are invited to discover how a modern milking machine works as well as how this technology has evolved.
Learn about Ottawa’s history at the Bytown Museum and stop by the museum’s newly redesigned Youth Activity Area.
This March Break, travel back in time to visit the Vikings and explore their way of life during a fabled period in Scandinavian history. Visit the museum over March Break to participate in this hands-on arts and crafts activity that invites children to create their own bugs out of Crayola Model Magic. Treating dry mouth can reduce the likelihood of developing mouth sores, gum disease, oral thrush and tooth decay.
Stimulating the salivary glands with sugar-free gum or candy is a useful treatment, if your salivary glands or the nerves that serve them are not affected.
Some dry-mouth sufferers wake up in the middle of the night with a sticky or dry feeling in their mouths, or even a feeling like the back of their throat is too dry to breathe. Regular hygiene is also important to keep your mouth healthy, control acid levels and reduce side effects of xerostomia, such as gingivitis and bad breath. If these methods do not provide sufficient relief, your doctor might prescribe medication to help your salivary glands function more efficiently. If painful arthritis or another physical limitation makes brushing and flossing more difficult for you, Dr. Brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and flossing daily is as essential now as it was when you were younger, and you never outgrow your need for regular dental checkups and cleanings.
If you’re a senior who prefers to feel and act younger than you are, you can ensure your oral health keeps up.

Mouth anatomy is about more than just teeth, and the more your child learns about the role his or her entire mouth plays on body health, the easier it is to promote good oral hygiene. Once you’ve practiced on paper, bring them to the sink to practice real-life brushing. I had some muscle relaxants for two weeks so that the clenching (in theory) would stop, but it did not help. It was very hard to pinpoint the pain , even though I had thought it was a possible chipped molar.
Often times when I am diagnosing the cause of tooth pain on my Charlotte NC area patients, it is an obvious cavity or root canal infection. The tooth symptoms are generally accompanied by other nerve malfunctioning or systemic symptoms, such as weight loss, fatigue, etc. Or compare your symptoms to evaluate other possible causes of tooth pain here.Sinuses are located directly above your upper teeth. What is better than spending  a nice weekend exploring the sights and sounds of Ottawa in June? In 2015, more than 49,000 people participated in six events over the weekend, Participants can run a variety of distance, including 2k, 5k, 10k, half marathon and a full marathon.
There is fun for the entire family, including, high-intensity boat racing, free concerts with great performers, a children’s activity area and great food, drinks and vendors. Millions of people avoid getting necessary treatment because they fear going to the dentist. Those who experience mild anxiety before a dental appointment, on the other hand, may just be nervous about a procedure they have yet to experience. Feelings of helplessness or loss of control when in the dental chair can create phobias as well.
If you have found a few dental practices that look promising, ask friends and neighbors if they are patients or if they know anything about them. Once a treatment plan has been developed, ask your dentist to explain the procedures in detail.
The base of the upper denture covers the palate (the roof of your mouth), while that of the lower denture is shaped like a horseshoe to accommodate your tongue.
Sometimes crowns are placed on some of your natural teeth and serve as anchors for the denture. The dentures may feel loose while the muscles of your cheek and tongue learn to keep them in place.
Place them in a denture cleanser soaking solution or in plain water when you’re not wearing them.
An ultrasonic cleaner may be used to care for your dentures, but it does not replace a thorough daily brushing. A few oral conditions can actually cause what feels like a toothache, when in fact it’s something a bit more complicated. Interestingly enough, angina doesn’t just cause pain in the chest, it can also cause irritation around the teeth and jaw. Sinusitis, or inflammation in the sinuses (the hollow cavities in your face), usually occurs after you’ve been sick with a cold.
Their proximity to these molars can make it feel as though your teeth hurt when your sinuses are inflamed, according to the Mayo Clinic.
Getting an official diagnosis for the illness you have allows your doctor to recommend the best course of treatment for it. Brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush. Of course, semi-annual visits to Dr. Jaleel’s goal is to help her patients, whether adult or child, exercise and maintain good oral health. Once your youngster’s teeth start to appear or by the time he turns one-year-old, whichever comes first, you should schedule his first check-up.
Jaleel if you can bring your child by for a visit before the actual day of his appointment. Here, kids can learn about Bytown through the characters of Clara and Henry while also learning what Victorian life was like through historic toys, journal entries and more.
Visit the highly interactive Vikings exhibition, and explore who these notorious Norsemen really were, where they came from, and how they lived. Volunteers along the route will be collecting donations of cash and non-perishable food items for the Ottawa Food Bank.
Saliva does more than just keep the mouth moist; it helps to digest food, neutralizes acid to decrease the risk of tooth decay and cleanses the mouth of bacteria and food debris. Since some causes of dry mouth simply reduce salivary production, stimulation will help increase the overall moisture level in your mouth. If you experience these symptoms, it could be because you are breathing through your mouth as you sleep. Prescription medications are often used to treat patients with underlying medical conditions that reduce saliva flow. If you’ve just started a new medication and are suddenly noticing dryness, consult your doctor.
Because periodontal (gum) disease damages the bone and tissue surrounding your teeth, tooth loss can result if left untreated. A decrease in saliva can come as a side effect of medications, cancer and radiation treatments or some other underlying disease. Old fillings that were installed years ago can start to leak or break down, causing decay underneath. Jaleel can suggest dental products to simplify homecare while still cleaning your teeth effectively. So during a hospital stay, it may be necessary for you or your family to request special assistance with your oral hygiene needs.
After all, oral health also depends on keeping a healthy body, choosing the right foods and even ensuring the gums stay healthy as well. Jaleel, your Ottawa dentist, has decades of experience working with children and new parents. When a child’s teeth are properly cared for, the rest of the mouth is healthy as a result.
Use a mildly flavored toothpaste to encourage a great experience your child will want to improve on again and again. They come in a huge assortment of sizes and styles, and are popular for trucks and SUV's as well as passenger vehicles. My dentist didn’t see any chips, did 2 xrays, along with testing for sensitivity and pressure.
Sometimes it is associated with pressure below the eyes and it can increase with lowering the head, putting pressure over the sinuses, coughing or sneezing. You and your family can meet some scaly friends Saturday at 9 am, with Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo, or ready to be enchanted by Ottawa’s most authentic fairytale princesses, with beautiful characters that look like they have stepped off the pages of your favourite stories! Although there may be many reasons for your anxiety, however, modern dentistry and those trained to help dental-phobic patients can make facing your fears less frightening than you think. They can even come out of flippant or insensitive remarks by a dentist or another staff member.
Jaleel understand these fears and has plenty of experience making dental appointments more comfortable for their patients. Nitrous oxide or other medications to help you relax can be prescribed depending on the level of your anxiety. Jaleel will help you choose the type of denture that’s best for you based on whether some or all of your teeth are going to be replaced and the cost involved.
Jaleel, she will determine which of the three types of dentures described below is best for you. The reason is that the bone supporting the teeth reshapes as it heals, causing the denture to become loose.

Chew slowly using both sides of your mouth at the same time to prevent the dentures from tipping.
These changes cause your dentures to loosen, making chewing difficult and irritating your gums. If you feel sick, teeth hurt and you want answers, it’s worth it to make an appointment with Dr. Managing it will not only minimize your symptoms, but ultimately help save your life; angina can lead to a heart attack if left untreated. The buildup of mucus that occurs with a cold creates a great environment for bacteria or viruses to grow. Although saline sprays or nasal decongestants can help clear the nose, minimizing any pain, swollen sinuses need to shrink in size for you to feel lasting relief. He or she can also rule on any actual problems with the tooth itself, such as an abscess or infection, and determine if the pain you feel is connected to your illness. Jaleel at the Fairlawn Dental Clinic mean you’ll catch cavities or other tooth issues before they become a bigger cause for concern. Affecting 10 percent of the total population, dry mouth is not only uncomfortable but can cause harm to the teeth and gums over time, if left untreated. Sometimes general stress or nervousness can cause dry mouth, but the more harmful effects of dry mouth become a problem when an individual has symptoms all or most of the time.
To alleviate this unpleasant situation, keep a glass of water bedside and run a humidifier in your bedroom.
These conditions include Sjogren’s syndrome, systemic lupus, and rhematoid arthritis.
Never change your prescription medication dosage without consulting with your doctor first. Jaleel is has over 20-years of dental experience in Nepean Ottawa and has seen patients of all ages.
Saliva neutralizes the bacterial toxins in your mouth, and without it, these germs can build up on your teeth or any exposed root surfaces. Electric toothbrushes, special bristle patterns, floss holders and interdental cleaners are a few alternatives that can make a big difference to your oral hygiene. If you’ve chosen to enter a nursing home, make sure you inquire about the quality and consistency of the dental care provided at the facility.
Jaleel will check for decay, broken or leaky fillings, monitor the health of your gums, conduct an oral cancer screening and advise you on how to handle any challenges you might have at home.
She is here to provide you some ideas how to teach your child mouth anatomy in a fun and engaging way. Custom wheels are not only used to enhance the appearance of a vehicle, but, combined with high performance tires, can significantly alter the ride, handling, and overall performance. While we do not actually sell any wheels ourselves, we hope our advise will help you make a smart decision when you actually do buy your rims. After numerous courses of antibiotics, it became a chronic infection in the left maxillary sinus.
If you pay, which you can in the UK if your prefer or just want to speed up access, there is no need to demand.
Tests performed on your teeth, such as cold, chewing and percussion, can increase the pain from sinus origin.
Tumors can also appear in the areas near the nerves of the teeth, which may cause the teeth to be loose or displaced.
Free concerts are open to the community at large and will take place in the heart of Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend festivities at Ottawa City Hall’s Festival Plaza.
Keep in mind the apprehension of going to the dentist can also be learned and passed down from parent to child. One or more follow-up appointments with the Fairlawn Dental Clinic are needed after a denture is inserted. Use over-the-counter (OTC) anti-inflammatories or similar pain relievers to ease the pain in your teeth and any pressure you might feel in the sinuses.
A teeth X-ray is invaluable to any dentist in the maintenance of good oral health when treating a patient. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to discuss them with us during your next appointment at the Fairlawn Dental Clinic in Nepean. This activity is related to the museum’s special Bugs: Outside the Box exhibit, which is on until March 28, 2016.
These symptoms can include a cracked, sticky, or pasty tongue that may prevent an individual from tasting food or speaking clearly. But as you get older, maintaining your oral health becomes more challenging, and you may have to step up your game. My upper left back molar had a root canal but I have been known to grind my teeth so hard the dead roots would hit a nerve and I would have such intense pain that vicodin would barely numb it. This occurs when the opposing tooth is hitting the tooth with pain in a way to cause inflammation of the ligament around the tooth. A history of an upper respiratory infection, nasal congestion or sinus problem should lead to suspicion of a "sinus tootache." Diagnostic tests, such as visual nasal exam, sinus X-rays or MRI, will reveal this condition.
Convey your concerns and fears before a procedure or if you experience any discomfort during your visit. If  animals are not your thing, you can always check out the butter-making workshop. High school chemistry gets a tasty twist with this interactive demonstration.
Jaleel, your Ottawa dentist, is here to tell you what causes dry mouth and how you can treat it. The condition can also cause a burning or sore feeling inside the mouth that may include mouth sores. Drinking plenty of water can also keep your oral tissues moist throughout the day, which is also very important in dry climates. By knowing those risks and putting your dental hygiene into high gear, you can prevent these complications. Extensive treatment, like root canals and crowns, can be prevented if leaky or broken fillings are restored early enough.
Jaleel can screen for oral cancer at regular dental checkups, and when caught early, it can be successfully treated.
Talk about some of the things he sees: Not only teeth, but also the gums, tongue, the roof and bottom of the mouth. Jaleel has been a dentist in Ottawa-Nepean for over 20 years so she knows Ottawa inside and out.
Dry mouth sufferers also may have trouble chewing or swallowing, which can decrease their ability to ingest necessary nutrients.
You can then challenge your child to draw and label those parts, creating a mouth anatomy that all kids become familiar with growing up. Previous to coming to me, some of these patients were told they needed root canal to treat the pain."This initial increased vascularity results in a more compressible periodontal ligamnet and increased clinical mobility.
Jaleel takes x-rays of childrens’ teeth for some of the same reasons as adults but also some different reasons. My sinus infection is worse (still nothing compared to the first one, though) and I have severe pain in all of my upper left set of teeth and a cslight pain in the bottom left teeth. It may also occur through compromising the health of the teeth and supporting structures and by the absence of the protective saliva.
No sinus symptomz were present until now…some pressure and congestion NOW but not before all this.

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