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A couple of years ago, I wrote a post discussing sinus infections, prompted by my wife’s experience.
Sinuses are simply chambers in your head that allow air to circulate to get warm and moist before it travels down to  your lungs. However, when conditions are right, bacteria can grow out of control in the sinuses, causing a sinus infection. Before we get into a discussion on how teeth can cause sinus infections, we’ll talk about where the sinuses are located. There are a few different sinuses located in the facial area — around the cheeks, nose, and above the eyes. If you look at the diagram above and imagine a row of upper teeth, you can see how the roots of the upper teeth come into close contact with those sinuses on each side of the nose. Basically, that’s a fancy way of saying that tooth and gum abscesses of the upper back teeth can eat through the bone and invade the maxillary sinus.
Below, you’ll find a couple of examples of how tooth infections or abscesses can cause sinus infections. Here is an x-ray of a tooth that had a root canal and crown done previously, but the infection at the roots had never quite healed. As you can imagine, the infection and the sinuses do overlap, as you can see in the x-ray below.
Although it looks like the sinus and the infection are overlapped on the x-ray, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the infection has broken into the sinus and causing a sinus infection. If you take a look at the x-ray above, you can see how close the maxillary sinus is to the upper teeth.
Although this person wasn’t exhibiting any symptoms of a sinus infection, but the x-rays do a good job of showing just how close the abscess is to the sinus. This person had chronic sinusitis for the last few years, that started shortly after she had a metal post put into one of her upper back teeth. Sadly, due to the fracture in the tooth caused by the large metal post, the tooth had to be extracted.
The oral surgeon who extracted the tooth told me that the tip of the tooth broke off just above the metal post, causing the root fragment to get pushed into the sinuses during extraction. While sinus infections can cause teeth to to hurt, hopefully this post has helped you see that infections from the upper back teeth can easily make their way into the sinuses and cause sinus infections. It is important to remember that unhealthy teeth are just one cause of sinus infections, and that there are several other causes. I have a question also I had a filling done on my bottom tooth an since that I been getting massive pain in my bottom right side of my jaw and the pain is leading up to my ear what should I do, The pain is leaving me with sleepless nights?? I have just gone through same thing for the last year dentist told me was not possible doctor took a long time to refer me I have since had ct scan and same thing root canal has gone through to sinus, good news I new what problem was bad news infection been going on so long now it has spread to all my 4 sinuses and in cheek bone need op asap but need to find dentist willing to fix the tooth as tooth and gums still very healthy.. The tooth has previously had a root canal and crown put on it about 5 years ago, what is the best way to treat this? Like stated sometimes it is very difficult to ascertain whether the abscess is really into the sinus. And of course we get a lot of false alarms too, where we have molars with no fillings with no signs of fractures and they say that their teeth are throbbing. I have had a problem with my sinuses ever since I had my teeth cleaned in Feb of this year.
I went to the doctor and she put me on antibiotics over 5 times and they never cleared up the infection because I still have pain in one side of my nostril on the right side and my right ear hurts and I have swelling on the right side of my throat that feels like an infection.
I have had pain in it ever since they drilled in it and whenever I drink cold or warm stuff the sensitivity is horrible.

I had a really bad tooth infection in 2012 in one of my molars and a doctor tried to tell me it was a really bad sinus infection but this tooth caused me so much pain that my dentist said it could have killed me because my tooth had a hole inside of it and he said that I started developing bad swelling in my cheek. I hope I don’t have to have my front tooth removed I hope I can get a root canal done instead.
Because usually when I get sinus or allergy problems its just from the summer or winter because of the seasonal allergy problems but nothing like I have had this year.
Bacteria in your mouth can buildup and eventually cause a tooth infection,which in turn may spread to the sinus. Hi, I have a problem with one of my teeth that has had a root canal done then crowned then the root canal redone by a specialist then recrowned. When your tooth begins to throb, it can be difficult to identify the exact source of the discomfort. You have recently been exposed to a chemical irritant or other substance that could upset your sinus function. You suffer from sinus polyps or another condition that could block the flow of air and mucous through your sinuses.
In some cases, your toothache symptoms may be completely unrelated to any issues with your actual teeth and gums.
March 19, 2014 By Kaylene Leave a Comment If you suffer pain from a sinus infection it is not always necessary to use antibiotics. I have recently suffered from a sinus infection and I am very pleased to say that I was able to bring it under control and completely resolve all symptoms myself! To have great links delivered straight to your inbox - simply enter your email address below!
Toothache or Sinus Infection?Home Educational Articles – Dentist, Botox, Sleep Apnea Pocatello Dentist Toothache or Sinus Infection? Sinuses are air-filled cavities inside the skull, behind the cheekbones, forehead and nose. I have had this problem ever since they worked on one of my front teeth that had a cavity in it. I think it is a teeth problem probably a sinus tooth infection and Im going to a dentist to maybe get a root canal in it because I cannot stand the pain anymore and the pain infects my ear and my other teeth. But before I had the tooth removed the doctor that I saw gave me amoxicillan so at least that helped my swelling but very little until I had my tooth removed. I’d just rather get dentures if I could do anything then maybe I wouldn’t have these sinus problems? It is now July 30 I’m in so much pain,I went to the dentist for a cleaning and x-rays in July of 2014 and was told I had 10 cavities! The first maxillary molar,s one of the largest and strongest teeth in the upper jaw is usually the culprit because of its proximity to the maxillary sinus.The mucus must move upwards to drain from the sinus into the nose,which does not happen when standing up and thus the sinus gets infected more frequently than the other air cavities. They come in a huge assortment of sizes and styles, and are popular for trucks and SUV's as well as passenger vehicles.
In addition, sinus toothaches can manifest in a variety of ways, depending on your particular condition.
Many people experience an uptick in sinus issues during the summer when pollen is more abundant. Other sinus conditions can put pressure on the surrounding tissue and lead to the feeling of a toothache.
If you have recently undergone oral surgery, root canal therapy, or crown placement, your tissue may have become infected or damaged in the process, and bacteria could have spread to your sinuses, as well.
If your tooth becomes injured, bacteria could penetrate and infect it, in addition to the sinuses.

Trauma to the face or head region could impact both your sinuses and your teeth, leading to sinus toothache symptoms. If you have had one or more upper teeth extracted, your sinuses may not have enough support to remain in proper position, causing them to drop.
Armstrong and our team can assist you by diagnosing your condition, determining the cause of your discomfort, and recommending appropriate treatment. This last infection came on quite quickly, I felt a bit of the distinctive face pain in the afternoon but by late evening I was in agony.
While there are many other symptoms that can cause such pain, it is important to be seen by your regular dentist so they can properly identify what is causing your pain.
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The problem seems to occur when I get a cold, with pressure build up and a bad smell coming from around the top of the crown. Use all you have in your hygiene-arsenal if you have a bridge (or a crown that traps food) – special floss-holders for bridge wearers, waterpik, mouthwash, thin-bristled toothbrush! Custom wheels are not only used to enhance the appearance of a vehicle, but, combined with high performance tires, can significantly alter the ride, handling, and overall performance.
While we do not actually sell any wheels ourselves, we hope our advise will help you make a smart decision when you actually do buy your rims.
If they become infected, inflamed, or irritated, this can cause a host of uncomfortable symptoms, including headaches and congestion.
During this visit, he will examine your mouth and sinuses, go over your medical and dental records, and discuss your concerns with you to help diagnose your condition. Sinus toothaches are particularly common when diseased third molars (wisdom teeth) are not removed. Armstrong and our team can help you identify what’s causing your discomfort and help you remedy it.
Since they are in close proximity to your mouth, problems with your sinuses can also lead to toothache.
Armstrong can perform root canal therapy to clean the tooth and remove the diseased tissue, which should allow the sinuses to function better.
I went to a family doctor and she told me that everything was altight and i had probably sinus and it was nothing she can do.
We can also perform restorative procedures to repair damage from oral trauma andextract diseased wisdom teeth. Craig Armstrong and our team are dedicated to helping you maintain and improve every facet of your oral health. In the following blog, we explain how sinus toothaches work and what you can do to alleviate your symptoms. Armstrong may recommend that you undergo a sinus lift, a bone grafting procedure to reposition and build up the jawbone tissue in this area.
Last year i was experiencing a similar pain, and i have a root canal in one of my left teeth. In addition to addressing your toothache, a sinus lift can make you eligible for advanced, cosmetic dental implants at our Houston practice.

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