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Applis multimedias de SonyLe meilleur moyen de decouvrir, d’apprecier et de partager vos photos, votre musique et vos videos. Le total des frais et les disponibilites seront calcules au moment de proceder au paiement. Bloquez tout le bruit qui vous entoure, ou que vous soyez, et ne laissez aucune note de vos musiques preferees vous echapper.
When you’re travelling, the MDR-NC31EM will effectively block out engine and other noises around you and leave you with the best of your music. Block out all the noise around you wherever you are and listen to your music in all its detail.
Sony MDR-NC31EM Digital Noise Cancelling Headset do not come inside the box with Xperia Z2, Z3, Z3 Compact but in certain regions you may find these DNC headsets coming along with Xperia Z2 box. Sony MDR-NC31EM Digital Noise Cancelling Headset currently priced at $64.99 at MobileFun UK, shipping world wide. Inside the box you will find 1 headset pair, 2 pairs of ear buds of varying sizes, manual and warranty leaflet. Right hearing piece of headset carries the longer strap wire while the left one smaller wire which is exactly as usual found in many Sony headsets like MH750 etc.

As soon as you will plug them into your headset, you will see a pop up message on your phone’s screen. Go to Walkman app > sound settings and here you will see a couple of settings for the headset.
Sony’s Digital Noise Cancelling technology really works and you can see a huge improvement in sound quality once the headset is plugged in.
If you don’t have a device which supports DNC technology then buying Sony MDR-NC31EM Digital Noise Cancelling Headset, practically are or no utility but if your device supports them then surely this headset is the best option available in this class. Are you using Sony MDR-NC31EM Digital Noise Cancelling Headset, describe your experience with them. Is there an over-the-ear headphones that provides the same or better sound quality and noise-cancellation than these earphones, Sony or any other brand?
Il suffit de cliquer sur le bouton Lancer l'enquete une fois que vous aurez parcouru les pages de notre site. Grace aux ecouteurs epousant parfaitement le contour des oreilles, vous ecoutez dans un confort absolu tous vos morceaux et films favoris, ainsi que vos autres divertissements. Avec cette oreillette a suppression du bruit numerique, profitez d’un son riche, aux basses profondes, aux mediums puissants et aux aigus cristallins.

High-comfort fit earbuds complement your listening experience and let you enjoy your favourite songs video and other entertainment for hours.
This digital noise-cancelling headset will give you full-range audio with deep bass, a strong medium register and clear highs. You may not find the design of earpiece of the headset comfortable as compared to headset like Sony MH750. 98% ambient noises are reduced by an inverted anti-sound sine wave produced, as claimed by Sony. If your phone don’t support DNC then you may not be able to use the headset with its full functionality as they will acts a normal headset only.

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