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No matter where you are in the world, we'll help you find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style. Find a similar product below or contact our experts for a recommendation of great alternatives. Product Round-up Based on technology developed in the 1980s for airline crews, noise cancelling headphones are getting better every year. The main issue with in-ear headphones is that a proper fit depends significantly on your own ears. If you’re not committed to travelling light, these chunky, over-ear headphones wipe out most exterior sound even before noise cancelling. Bose's over-ear QC15 is not too bulky, while pleasant padding offers excellent soundproofing. At the plush end of the market, Denon’s over-ear headphones have luxuriously soft cushioning and pivoting adjustments for comfort and folding. These in-ear headphones by Wolfson Microelectronics are decent value if your budget doesn’t reach treble figures. Using the open on-ear design means an easy fit but there’s more leakage from the real world than with in-ear or over-ear models. With its soft, cosy ear-buds the CXC 700 provides a good sound-isolating start, which it builds on with extremely effective noise cancellation in three strengths to cope with different environments. Sony’s new and unusually shaped in-ear headphones are nevertheless a snug fit, though somewhat rigid for extended sessions.
Hands-free calling, Built-in microphone for hands-free phone calling, Rechargeable battery for up to 13hrs music, Passive mode for normal operation without battery. Abiding a lengthy plane flight leaves you with three methods of deafening yourself against chatty seat neighbors, crying babes and engine hum.
Rooftop Membrane Club , the UK’s leading outdoor cinema experience, will bring its screening series to New York City this summer. This $500 wireless on-ear headphone looks high-minded and is loaded with features, including noise canceling, but Play video. Bluetooth speakers: This one would come as bit of a stagger, since Fitbit for the past eight years has only sold activity-tracking products (unlike Jawbone, which launched in 2002 as a company that made noise-canceling audio technology). You can stopple the removable cord into either earpiece, and because the fit is top notch, there's a natural, rather than electronic, noise-canceling effect. A gleam sleeper's biggest nightmare is hearing a car alarm going off in the middle of the night. Noise-nullification headphones that help me catch up on movies that I otherwise wouldn't have time to watch back home.
Slim swivel folding style for easy portability, with a built-in monitor switch to hear surrounding sound. They are no longer luxury items but essential for frequent travellers, making journeys more tolerable.Built-in microphones detect extraneous sound, such as aircraft engine hum or noise from trains and buses. Vented ear-cups improve the acoustics, while noise cancelling microphones are placed both inside and outside.
The fit is a little awkward and its control unit, which holds a AAA battery, sits a very short distance along the cable, so you have to use the clip to attach it to clothing otherwise it drags the buds out of your ears.
As with the Bose, there’s no ‘pass-through’, so they only function as headphones if the noise cancelling is switched on, otherwise they are silent.
The cable is a generous length while its clip-on unit holds a AAA battery and features a monitor mode – but no volume controls. I also agree to receive periodic emails with offers and promotional marketing messages from Swagbucks.

Other trademarks appearing on this site are property of their respective owners, which do not endorse and are not affiliated with Swagbucks or its promotions. If you have more cash, Jude suggested the Sony MDR-1RNC ($363 at Amazon) as an alternative that puts a little more emphasis on sound quality. If you have problems going to sleep (and staying asleep), these wireless noise-canceling headphones might sell a new, innovative solution.
The features are standard: a AAA battery housed in a control unit plus volume adjustment, but no phone mic or monitor mode. When you do activate it, the worst of the outside world’s sonic distractions are lifted largely away. A choice of two detachable cables includes one with a hands-free mic and volume control, which appears to be only for iPhones. There’s an additional processing mode on top of noise cancelling called Restorer, which aims to improve compressed audio, though it isn’t very noticeable.
Instead of the usual AAA, a built-in battery is charged from a micro USB, giving about 30 hours, slightly less than a removable cell. If you want them with you for general use, you’ll need extra AAAs or spare conventional headphones. They’re less bulky than over-ear cans and the controls sit in a unit halfway along the cable – as with ear-bud types – featuring volume adjustment and talk-through. The ear-buds aren’t any larger than usual and there’s a compact control unit on the cable, including monitor and volume buttons, which takes a AAA battery. As with most noise cancelling models, they become conventional headphones when powered down (though a shade less bassy too). The included adapter is compatible with in-flight sound systems for more enjoyable air travel. Tickets for screenings are $15 or $25 including noise-canceling headphones, serene chairs, and a choice of either sangria or beer and a taco.
It has active noise cancelling and it's geared towards frequent travelers, means it can also be used as a wired headphone.
Almost all use a AAA battery, on average providing about 40 hours of use.In-ear headphones offering greater sound isolation get you off to a good start, while over-ear designs may improve soundproofing with padded ear cups. Its noise cancellation is agile at reducing background hubbub and it works as a normal pair of headphones with cancellation off. The headphones use one AAA but sadly don't function unless noise cancellation is switched on.
Built-in volume and talk-through controls are absent but the AH-NC800 functions as normal headphones if cancellation is off.
Its advantage is the tiny, featherlight control unit but you’ll need a mains connection to recharge.
Like the Sennheiser it has three levels of active noise reduction, however, the Sony sets this automatically according to the situation.
Or you can wear a pair of active noise-canceling (ANC) headphones designed to eliminate in-air annoyances.
Sound quality is well pronounced but it tends to be cold and clipped as opposed to rich and resonant. There’s no talk-through button but the removable cable includes volume controls and a phone mic (a rare feature).
In consolation they are very impressive at this task and the sound quality is equally striking.
When active, the noise suppression is rather middling, roughly in line with the lower-priced Panasonic, and the audio quality is not the best, so on balance the Digital Silence gives better value for sub-?100 in-ear ’phones.

When on, this works meticulously, however, its claim of 99 per cent noise reduction is stretching things a bit. The earbuds don’t have the most snug or isolating fit, either, and it's something of a letdown at noise cancelling. Sound quality is good, considering the cost is no more than average, but its booming bass can be overpowering – depending on what’s playing. The audio is superbly balanced, with an evocative bass response and distinct high frequencies.
Its suppression of external sounds – even on the London Underground – is among the best in this round-up. Snug in-ear buds or closed over-ear headphones cast far better sound quality for less money than noise-canceling headphones, but their ability to isolate sound depends entirely on achieving a tight seal around or in your ear.
We’ve spent years trying to find the example spot for our stateside debut,” said co-founder Gerry Cottle Jr.
Its springy wires also cause the ear-bud mics to interpret head movements as ‘noise’ to try and cancel out, causing distortion.
Even bog-standard MP3s sound well rounded and fine-tuned, full of bass and clear high notes in equal measure. Noise-canceling headphones use electronics to assassinate ambient sound – especially engine hum. Its characteristics change subtly when cancellation is on – not better or worse – just different. However, they are not demonstrably better than the less expensive Denon, Sennheiser or Sony. It has a emphatic sound, packing plenty of bass and crisp higher frequencies, though vocals are not as smooth as the Sennheiser or Sony. They don't block ambient airplane noise any better than tight- or snug-fitting over- or in-ear phones, just differently.
The bass is strong without being overbearing, while vocals and higher notes are light and airy.
ANC phones usually don't need to fit as snugly as in-ears or invent as tight an acoustic seal as closed, full cup headphones do to block ambient noise, especially droning engine hum. There are a number of companies that produce ANC phones, including Beats, Sony, JVC, Audio-Technica and Plantronics, and we've listened to most of them. But we pay attention to coming back to the universally acknowledged king of active noise-canceling headphones: the Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones ($299. Bose essentially invented noise canceling headphones and its technology is positively simply years ahead of what everyone else is deploying. Sound quality No set of educated ears will confuse the QC25 with a comparably priced pair of non-ANC phones such as the Sony MDR-1A ($298) – they shortage the wide dynamic range, the subtle and natural bass or the wide, airy sound stage. That doesn't mean the QC25 are bad headphones – compared to other ANC models, they're quite paraphernalia.
The only ANC phones we listened to that surpassed the QC25's in aural abilities are the new velvety smooth Sony MDR-ZX770BN ($229.
If the battery dies — unlikely during a single flight, since most ANC headphones pack enough power for even the longest.

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