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If I do not have the answers, I will network with known experts, to find you the answers and or solutions. The vet bills added up to approximately 1,500.00 with the x-rays, surgery and hospital stay.
Hope you can post them on your website so that other puppy owners are aware of just how dangerous one of these can be if your pup gets hold of one.
Beau fell into a friend's Pool that had a normal solar blanket on it that wrapped around him and dragged him down.
There are "Safety Solar Blankets" on the market and anyone with kids or dogs would be wise to investigate these. After a few times of this drill, puppy will be going in fast to get to those treats you toss inside. Even if to you night time is for sleeping, puppy doesn't understand why they are all alone all of a sudden and will complain.
You can keep cage in the bedroom by the bed where puppy can see you and know they are not alone. Either way it will be a week of hell of puppy barking to complain and no sleep for both you and puppy and this is normal. But if you are quiet and consistent and do not coddle or comfort puppy then you may have puppy trained as early as 3 days to sleep the night. North State - Superyard XT Portable Playard from Walmart $44.00 are a good alternative to cages.
Two pannels will block an average porch or deck openning and is cheaper than buying baby gates. Never make meal time a big deal or an excited time as you will create an anxious dog and a sensitive stomach. Please read the Owners Manual that was included in your puppy package when you got your puppy. You can NOT overfeed a growing Bijou Poodle puppy, so make sure there is always kibble left over in Puppy's bowl !! If there is no left over kibble then give more each meal or increase amount of times you are feeding a day.
Never make meal time, a big deal, or an excited time, as you will create an anxious dog and a sensitive stomach.
Avoid too many treats which means more than 1x a day unless training for specific behaviours or goals.
There are specially designed Anti-Gulping Dog Dish encourages your pet to eat or drink at a slower pace. This slower pace helps reduce excess air intake, leading to improved digestion and reducing the risk of bloat. Treats to a puppy is like giving candy to children, not a necessity and certainly not a replacment for food. Often using normal kibble as a treat will work and puppy will get required nutrience without filling up on junk.
Chicken products from China are causing intermittent vomiting and Diarrhea and killing dogs.
Glycerin contained in a lot of dried treats is said to be the cause of many allergic reactions and causing ill health.
It is known that when growth proceeds slowly over a longer period, the bone density (strength) increases. Symptoms are aggressive or fearful behaviour problems, reverse sneezing and or seizure activity. We recommend vaccinations (Distemper + Parvovirus, MLV) be given 3-4 weeks apart for a series of 3 vaccines. AFTER the series of 3 vaccines the first year, repeat in a year and then not again for "7" years.
You are not legally obligated to over vaccinate your Poodle, and you might just improve longevity of life by not yearly vaccinating. We do not vaccinate our Poodles for Rabies after their second Rabies Vaccine for the rest of their life, because it is not needed.
Bordetella vaccine or Kennel Cough vaccine is commonly required by boarding kennels and veterinary hospitals. However like the human flu vaccine, it is pretty much ineffective since the strain constantly changes and vaccines do not. Puppy will in all likelihood already have been exposed to most pathogens just by going in public and have built up natural immunity. IF your puppy or dog is healthy and contracts kennel cough (sounds like a cat with a hair ball) don't panic. IF you insist on obtaining the Kennel Cough Vaccine have your Vet administer it intranasally. Bijou Standard Poodle’s use FDX B ISO chips which are approved by The National Companion Animal Coalition and meet the new World Standard. Your puppy's microchip ID number will appear on their registration papers and you will receive microchip bar code stickers in your puppy package.
Eye colour upon maturity will be any shade of brown, with the preferred being darkest of brown. You can clean daily with warm damp face cloth making sure to gently get all that discharge out of their eye before it dries. You can avoid this reaction by NOT going in long grassy areas or bushes where pollen is more active.
They will change to Amber, light brown or dark brown colour and could even be a pumpkin colour. Brown and cafe-au-lait Poodles have liver-colored noses, eye-rims and lips, dark toenails and dark amber eyes.
In the apricots while the foregoing coloring is preferred, liver-colored noses, eye-rims and lips, and amber eyes are permitted but are not desirable. In general, though, the earliest spring pollens are the tree pollens, followed by grass pollen (which lasts into the summer). Some dog owners will use an antihistamine for quick relief such as Benadryl (or a generic equivalent) from the drugstore is inexpensive and effective. When allergists talk about seasonal allergies, they are usually referring to seasonal pollens. Advantage, Frontline Topspot and the new Revolution, are all very effective and safe for dogs with allergies. We don't advocate the use of toxins, but an owner has to weigh the pro's and con's for themselves. Sometimes it can take up to 7 days for the color to come in "if" the noses are going to be black or liver colour. Black, blue, grey, silver, cream and white Poodles have black noses, eye-rims and lips, black or self colored toenails and very dark eyes.
Also giving orally a salmon, fish oil, or cod liver oil capsule will help with dry cracked nose leather. I have often used Blistex "DCT" that i use on myself for dry lips on their noses with overnight results. These shoes are the ideal rain and snow shoe, as well as being perfect for water sports and protection from wounds caused by dragging paws. They are orthopaedic and recommended daily by veterinarians worldwide for paw injuries and to comfort hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy and arthritis . This is the shoe of choice for walks, sporting activities in water and in the winter season.
Make sure you keep hair under the paws trimmed short so they do not collect snow balls which will irritate the skin. You may also wish to consider a safe salt-free Ice Melter such as Safe Paw or "Qik Joe Safe Pet ice melt. UPDATE Turns out the photo was with their puppy sitting and sliding on the floor, not flat feet.
However I thought I would still leave this information here for those that have winter climates. Treatment for this, is administering Cod Liver Oil 2x (to possibly 3x a week) for 3 weeks duration. You will often find black waxy substance and may even find a plug formed by wax build up on hairy ears. Today I pluck hair as some of my brown poodles have REALLY hairy ears and it can create a wax built up hair plug.
Hemostat to grab only where my fingers can go an where I can see and I pull out those clumps of hair. With an Adult BROWN Poodle (over a year of age) if your Vet suggests your Poodle has an ear infection. STOP… don't automatically let them put a round of antibiotics "hit or miss" approach with this. THEN… allow them to administer the treatment the Vet suggests will kill the "coodie" while you wait, IF the ears are super sore.
Antibiotics increase the possibility of yeast growth as does vaccine reactions and allergies to grains. Because Poodle's have long ear canals that can hold water after a bath, swim, or run through tall, wet grass.
Add to this a floppy ear that prevents good ventilation of the ear canal and you have a warm, moist, dark environment in which yeast thrive. For those that have the money, there is also a food "sensitivity" test (not an allergy) put out by Dr. If the infection keeps happening or doesn't clear up then you should put the ears open to the air.
I have braided my dog's ears so they were open to the air and I know other breeders do shave the ears to the skin so they get more air in there. I'm adding this information here for future reference, as it is something I had not heard of before. You may not even notice the baby teeth starting to fall out as pups generally swallow them, or you may notice some bleeding which is ok.
I personally would find a different Vet if my Vet suggested surgery or braces on puppy teeth. Excited Urination is different to submissive peeing, in that a puppy will usually grow out of this reaction. When there is an accident, just as with submissive peeing, do not reprimand or punish your pup.
NEVER coddle or baby talk or say “it is OK” to your puppy as to do so will reinforce this behavior. Simply clean it up quietly and leave the puppy (or dog, if this is happening with an older dog) alone. Give your puppy treats or praise when it pees in the correct place, and keep all greetings to a minimum. However I was recently sent an article about the new additive being put into dog food called acid whey. A urinary tract infection (UTI) or Bladder infections, can cause a dog to void small amounts of urine frequently.
Also make sure puppy has plenty of exercise and play time to strengthen muscle development. NEVER give punishment or reprimands and especially never coddle or baby talk to a scared or aggressive puppy. Control situations so that you can prevent a fearful response and show your puppy that you enjoy the situation. We will bring small tidbits of dried liver to give strangers to feed any scared puppy we have. Object, kick it make a confident statement such as “oh this is just a fire hydrant, silly dog”. These females DO NOT need to be on antibiotics it is not an infection at all, usually it is worse when the humidity is high.
Smegma is a normal preputial dischage of mucoid glycoproteins and dead epithelial cells that collect under the prepuce and can look like pus.
We took back a 1 year old, poodle who had been very abused and came with a ton of emotional baggage. After 2 weeks we could finally groom her and discovered this wart, so adding this to our web page. If you discover a sebaceous cyst on your dog, there's no reason to make an emergency visit to your veterinarian. Like the other lumps and bumps, sebaceous cysts are benign and nothing to worry about in terms of cancer. If a sebaceous cyst erupts, it means it came to a head, opened up and the contents oozed out. While not infected the open area didn't dry up and heal for 4 weeks and surrounding tissue had hardened. This owner opted to have the cyst removed under "LOCAL" anaesthetic, resulting in a 5" incision and a $90.00 Vet bill. Most of these types of cysts will heal on their own if they are regularly disinfected and not fussed with by your dog. If sebaceous cysts under the skin become walled off, which means they feel like little peas just leave them be.
Dogs prone to developing sebaceous cysts can acquire them at any age and they can reoccur throughout your pet's life. If the infection is spotted early it can be easily treated and the dog will make a full recovery. The result came back that this was a Hematoma from impact injury that would absorb on it's own but owner chose to remove.
Shampoo or conditioner such as specially formulated Canine ones or Pantene for Brown or Red Hair.
Diets containing Iodine (found in kelp or other sea vegetation sources) is said to darken coats as well.
The pet eventually removes all the hair from the affected area, irritating the skin, and causing a secondary bacterial infection. Fucidin Ointment (fusidic acid or sodium fusidate topical) prescribed by a Vet also works very well. If there is any signs of infection of course you might need some antibiotics or raw honey application. If you engage in scolding or chasing you have just taught your puppy to eat poop routinely.
This is simple to understand: Your dog is "picking up poop," and now it sees you doing the same! Re-evaluate your dog's environment: Make sure she is getting enough mental stimulation, exercise, training, play, etc. There are food additives and diet changes that may help in certain cases but not usually so don’t waste your money. Medical conditions can also be a factor so check with your veterinarian if it becomes a hard-core habit and or continues over into the summer season. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to our OBEDIENCEPage and view the provided videos and tips that will help you. You can also walk puppy on leash on any sidewalks where there is no feces for them to get into. If you have friends that have dogs and they are up todate in their vaccinations, you can also go visit there. The rule of thumb is five minutes per month of life, so if your puppy is 5 months old then 25 mins per day. We have had people send us photos of dogs that have had burnt paws from walking on hot cement or pavement.
IF your dog is overheating put them in the bathtub or pool and cool their groin area and ears and hose them down if possible. You can ALWAYS invite people over to meet your new puppy and socialise your puppy from home. Our mail carrier is often one of our best puppy Socialisers, as is all delivery people, meter readers and friends I invite over. We have a dog walker for when we are working our long shifts and I invite her over with her kids to also socialise the pups. If you wish to go out in public you can safely take puppy to your coffee shop, pet stores, Home Depot where there is no grass. If you have friends that have dogs and they are up to date in their vaccinations, you can also go visit them, or have them over. Many of our "dog friends" have puppy parties or play dates that rotate homes and is fun for humans and puppies. Major fault: color of nose, lips and eye-rims incomplete, or of wrong color for color of dog.
Their Poodle will be treated with appropriate measures for his ear infection and should recover fine. The reason I say no talking is that Human timing is so very off and we end up praising for fearful behaviour.

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