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My glass negative photo above shows the Gothic-inspired administration building and walls of the Tennessee State Penitentiary taken after completion of the prison in 1898, by unidentified photographer.  See the people in front of the building for prospective. The proposed prison design called for the construction of a fortress-like structure patterned after the penitentiary at Auburn, New York, made famous for the lockstep marching, striped prisoner uniforms, nighttime solitary confinement, and daytime congregate work under strictly enforced silence. Construction costs for this second Tennessee State Penitentiary exceeded US$500,000 (US$12.3 million in 2007 dollars), not including the price of the land.
Every convict was expected to defray a portion of the cost of incarceration by performing physical labor.
And it cannot be used as another prison or jail due to the court’s ruling [from a 1983 class action lawsuit]. The new Tennessee prison contained 800 small cells, each designed to house a single inmate. The prison’s 800 cells opened to receive prisoners on February 12, 1898, and that day admitted 1,403 prisoners, creating immediate overcrowding.

Within two years, inmates worked up to sixteen hours per day for meager rations and unheated, unventilated sleeping quarters.
In 1902, seventeen prisoners blew out the end of one wing of the prison, killing one inmate and allowing the escape of two others who were never recaptured.
I do not wish to sell the glass negative but will be glad to discuss use for your upcoming book cover and of course for use in a possible museum.
Cowan from Texas Historical Commission for finding another one!  This is the old Tennessee State Penitentiary in Nashville, Tennessee.
In addition, an administration building and other smaller buildings for offices, warehouses, and factories were built within the twenty-foot (6.15m) high, three-foot (1 m) thick rock walls. The State also contracted with private companies to operate factories inside the prison walls using convict labor. Later, a group of inmates seized control of the segregated white wing and held it for eighteen hours before surrendering.

Heat and humidity take their toll after only just a few years of closure, and this prison has been sealed since 1992. The plan also provided for a working farm outside the walls and mandated a separate system for younger offenders to isolate them from older, hardened criminals. The original Tennessee State Penitentiary on Church Street was demolished later that year, and salvageable materials were used in the construction of outbuildings at the new facility, creating a physical link from 1830 to the present.
I would really like to include it on the cover of my book, and I think if the prison ever does get opened for tours, it would look great in the museum. Several serious fires ignited at the penitentiary, including one that destroyed the main dining room.

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