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The Spice Smart Pulse is pegged as a phone and a watch and as such there are limits to the form factor.
The rest of the hardware is glossy silver with faux torx screw markings around the borders to give it an industrial design language.
Over at the back of the watch, you once again get glossy black plastic which is quite soft to touch. There’s little here that separates the hardware or should we say design of the phone from most of the competition. Before we dive into the software section, let it be known that this is anything but a smartwatch.
Settings: The settings sub menu offers granular control over phone functionality as well as the connectivity options. File Manager: Users can access all open directories on the watch or microSD card slot from here. Remote Capture: Very cool in theory but less so in practise, the Remote Capture application lets you take photographs from your cellphone camera.
Remote Notifier: All your bluetooth notifications sent over from the phone get aggregated here and you can go back to check the last five.
Tools: The tools sub menu includes a range of additional features that you might find handy. As we said below, the Spice Smart Pule M-9010 is a feature watch at best and the above mentioned functionality is all that you’ll get with it.
The pedestrian viewing angles and color rendition is understandable till the time you try and use the watch outdoors. The other aspect of the watch’s connectivity feature is the ability to mirror notifications. In all likelihood your attempts to take a straight shot with the Spice Smart Pulse will be in vain as you’re required to press a microscopic button on the screen. Not only is the device lacking in hardware quality, something which can be forgiven given the price, it provides an astonishingly bad end user experience. Smartwatches have lined the upper end of the spectrum with Samsung’s Gear line of devices and now Android Wear based watches being the most prominent ones. Unfortunately it comes off as fairly gaudy and we’re not big fans of the hyper gloss finish either.
This back cover is removable and under it you’ll find the SIM card slots and also the battery slot. From afar, the watch is nigh identical to the Galaxy Gear and might we say it was intentionally done so by the company to ride the competitor’s recognition?

The iconography and text below is self explanatory for the functionality that they provide. You can set up your phone on a tripod and then tap the button on the watch to take an image. While the former offers an internet settings option that doesn’t do anything at all, the latter has a single game built in. This is in the same league as Android Wear watches but the quality leaves a bit to be desired. The watch is absolutely washed out when viewed outdoors to the point that it is completely impossible to use.
The company has not divulged details about the internals of the watch and given the locked down nature of the operating system, it is hard to ascertain what makes the watch tick. The display completely washes out once you’re outdoors making it little more than a paperweight on your wrist. It would be remiss of us if we did not mention that the Galaxy Gear is a major source of inspiration for the Spice Smart Pulse. A single hardware button and micro USB slot is located on the left side of the watch while the right side sports the VGA camera as well as a single LED flash. Either ways, what you gain in design language, you lose in quality as the Spice Smart Pulse is but a shadow of the Galaxy Gear’s hardware quality. On a macro level, the smart component is just the ability to mirror notifications from your phone and to make calls over bluetooth using your handset. Pressing for anything over a second or two switches off the watch so you’ll need to be a bit cautious. Additionally, there’s an FM radio built into the watch and you can use USB earphones to listen.
It is virtually impossible to frame the image on the watch due to the miniscule windowed image that you get. Called Magic Sushi, it is a play on the popular lining up blocks genre and is a chore to play on the tiny display. Being a capacitive panel, swiping through panes is effortless but touch targets as we mentioned above are incredibly small. We got anywhere between 8 hours to a little over 24 hours of usage from the Spice Smart Pulse.
That said, performance is generally good enough with page transitions activating half a second late but still smoothly enough. We’re not to be blamed if you get a LOT of strange looks from people around you though!

Not only is the functionality half baked but also proves to be a bit of a battery hog as the wearable does not support Bluetooth LE. These wearables are then focussed on tracking your fitness related activities and include basic time keeping functionality.
The Spice Smart Pulse ships with two replacement bands in a rather gaudy shade of blue and yellow and we doubt many users would be keen on switching away from black.
The display which is amongst the most vital components of a smartwatch seems to have been the last thing on the product developers’ minds. Since the capabilities of the device are limited, you won’t really run into performance constraints here. Notifications from the phone pop right up on your display no matter where you are in the sub menus.
The camera is not only particularly bad, it is also incredibly hard to frame a shot given the poor UI in the camera app. Due to the price, functionality divide between the categories, neither of them really have the potential to democratize wearables. Then again, you get what you pay for and it would be foolhardy to demand a full metal design at this price point.
Since there’s not much that you can do with the watch, basic reception of notifications should let you stretch usability to almost a day.
If you really want to mirror your notifications to your wrist on the cheap, we’d still recommend ponying up for the Pebble but you could take a look at the Spice Smart Pulse. And so step in indigenous manufacturers that try to bridge that gap by introducing a device that cherry picks features from higher end smartwatches and makes them available at a very accessible price point. Just be sure to temper your expectations if you’re in the market for the Smart Pulse M-9010. Today we take a look at the Spice Smart Pulse, a device pegged as a smartwatch for the masses by the company.
Four icons linking to the dialer, phonebook, Bluetooth pairing and music player are placed at the bottom.

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