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Ears have mechanisms that reduce the noise coming into the ear to protect the inner ear when very loud noises occur. Although it is impossible to predict, due to the variability of the possible damage done, the first 48 hours to 1 week tend to be the most important time to observe changes. There are many sources to understand how you can help your dog live without hearing or with diminished hearing. I have had many, many deaf patients over the years and I have seen all of them lead productive, satisfying lives when their owners go the extra mile to figure out how to train them and make them feel safe. This entry was posted in Featured and tagged dogs, guns and hearing loss in dogs, hearing, hearing in dogs, hunting, hunting dogs, sudden hearing loss.

Loud sounds can damage (rupture or break) the ear drum (tympanic membrane) or can damage the bones of the inner ear or the hair cells that line the inner ear and transmit the noise to the brain.
Some of this noise can be slightly reduced by placing cotton balls or specially designed ear plugs or ear muffs into or around your dog’s ears. One of my good friends has had a completely deaf dog for 8 years now and the dog goes hiking, swimming and climbing with her. Loud noises can also induce a very loud tinnitus (ringing in the ears) which can subside somewhat over time. Just make sure your dog doesn’t have an ear infection and don’t forget to take them out at the end of the day!

Noise-induced hearing loss will sometimes improve or resolve over 1-2 weeks, which is the case in a lot of cases I’ve seen. Please take your pet to the nearest veterinary emergency clinic, consult your regular veterinarian, or dial 9-1-1. Normal conversation is at about 60 decibels and music played loudly is at about 100 decibels.

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