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Stay up to date with the latest news on treatments for sudden hearing loss and tinnitus by visiting frequently. Having my story out there will hopefully help others fight the battle against sudden hearing loss, or at least help them learn to cope.
Losing your hearing is very common in people these days, so I think it`s important to have information like this one! Sudden hearing loss, also known as sudden sensorineural hearing loss, is a medical emergency that is extremely frightening for the person experiencing it.
There have been ongoing debates as to whether Intra-Tympanic Steroid Injections would be the most effective medical intervention in treating Sudden Hearing Loss or if the widely practiced evidence-based medical management of oral steroids would be a safer choice. When seeking the different options for tinnitus treatment, there are a couple of options that one can consider. One of the most confusing and contentious unsolved mysteries in otolaryngology, sudden deafness is a rapid loss of hearing. Most patients have reported onset of hearing loss within minutes to several hours and about one-third of patients will wake with the loss; others may find out the problem on trying to use the telephone, or describing a brief period of fluctuating hearing before the loss. Auditory nerve damage due to certain drugs such as Gentamycin, streptomycin, chloroquin, etc. Identical experiences like loud noise can cause hearing loss in one person and leave another relatively unaffected. A sulfur-containing fatty acid, an alpha-lipoic acid helps to generate the energy that keeps us alive and working. The study has shown that the groups given the magnesium supplement were not as likely to experience permanent hearing damage as those given a placebo. Vitamin D deficiency has also been associated with otosclerosis (abnormal bone growth in the middle ear), presbycusis, unexplained and bilateral cochlear deafness, and sensorineural hearing loss. Always wear ear protection (disposable plugs or ear­phone-style headset) when using loud appliances for example power tools or lawn mowers; and when you know you will be exposed to sudden loud noises, such as when shooting a gun. This is a case study of a 40-year-old male with a sudden profound sensorineural hearing loss experienced secondary to a skull fracture incurred during a violent assault. You will receive an email whenever this article is corrected, updated, or cited in the literature.
For full access to this article, log in to an existing user account, become a SIG affiliate, or purchase a short-term subscription. The 19 individual SIG Perspectives publications have been relaunched as the new, all-in-one Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups. Exploring the Connexin ConnectionConnexin 26 mutations are the most common cause of congenital sensorineural hearing loss, responsible for at least 20 percent of all genetic hearing loss and 10 percent of all childhood hearing loss.
To access this pdf, log in to an existing user account, become an associate, or purchase a short-term subscription. Underlying this discussion of specific statements reported in the guidelines is the overall question of what defines a guideline and what constitutes its main purpose. In addition to affecting clinical practice, she said she believes the guidelines will lead to a secondary goal, which is to drive clinical research. Our business and corporate clients rely on us to steer them clear of legal mishaps and trouble. From more difficult projects like mergers and acquisitions, to starting a small business, he has provided me with the best from all angles. Did you know hearing loss is the most common workplace injury, according to the Center for Disease Control? Workers suffering from hearing loss may also receive training in lip reading or other techniques that improve communication.

It’s imperative that you contact a personal injury lawyer if your job has cost you your hearing. Drunk felon, no seat belt, no driver’s license, no insurance, and he was speeding, but we win $800K for him. It is ideal for people who need a device that is not visible and one that can facilitate their hearing.
From the affected individuals, about 10% of have known causes which include infections, circulatory or neurological disorders, trauma, immune disorders or drugs toxic to the ears.
The most widely used treatment is high doses of steroids, and some people recover from SSHL, but not others. Lipoic acid has broad range of antioxidant action and thus giving defense against free radicals. A lower dosage of 20 to 50 mg daily is commonly recommended for use as a general antioxidant.
Magnesium can be taken in a supplement that includes magnesium, calcium and vitamin D for the most benefit, read below. Deficiency of vitamin D is probably one of the reasons and supplementation should be considered in persons with hearing loss as noted by researchers. Keep the volume low enough that you can easily hear the telephone and other sounds over the music.
This is particularly important if you have repeated ear infections and have been treated with antibiotics. Although the circumstances surrounding the onset of Edward’s hearing loss are particularly traumatic, sudden hearing loss can be a devastating experience for anyone. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institute of Deafness and Communication Disorders or the National Institutes of Health. Following the acute phase of his medical care, the patient received long-term multidisciplinary rehabilitative care in two states that included audiologic, psychologic, and vocational services. If you do not have an ASHA login, you may register with us for free by creating a new account. Pediatric otolaryngologist Margaret Kenna, an expert in congenital and childhood-onset hearing loss, recently led an online chat on Cx26. Li said he supports the need for a unified approach to diagnosis and treatment and agrees overall with the guidelines, with several caveats. Friedland said the current guidelines represent a good review of the literature and can be seen as a good guide for clinical decision making, but he doesn’t think they should be defined as a guideline. It can happen to anyone in any industry, but it is most prevalent among manufacturing and industrial workers.
National Library of Medicine, hearing loss at work is caused by prolonged exposure to vibration or sound. Treatment includes the use of hearing aids, and using protection like earplugs to prevent further hearing loss and damage.
Occupational safety standards regulate noise levels and require employers to monitor sound decibels to reduce the risk of hearing damage.
If you live in the greater San Diego area – a San Diego workplace injury attorney like Steven Elia can save you time and money in preparing and handling your workplace injury case. The root cause of sudden deafness lies in the vestibulocochlear nerve (Cranial nerve VIII), the inner ear, or central processing centers of the brain. Most people recover impulsively within a few weeks, but 15% experience progressively worsening symptoms.
If the hearing loss is not severe, some doctors to not recommend any treatment but individuals who suffer from SSHL can be very fearful of the prospect of being permanently deaf in one ear, and this can set up a long treatment options that can be intimidating to the patient and the doctor.

They generally work to decrease inflammation, decrease swelling, and help the body to fight illness.
The researchers suggest that diabetes may lead to hearing loss by damaging the nerves and blood vessels of the inner ear. Also, it has potential benefits for diabetic neuropathy, and it is proposed that it may help to prevent or repair nerve damage that causes hearing loss. You should be the only one able to hear your music if you are using a personal stereo unit with headphones. We invite readers to post comments and questions regarding Edward’s case on the SIG 7 forum and to share their experiences with other cases regarding sudden onset of hearing loss. This case highlights the need to make resources available to the patient, but stresses the importance of a patient-centered approach.
She said, for example, that it’s important to make patients aware of some of the issues surrounding oral steroids and hyperbaric oxygen, because patient preference plays a big role in both treatment options.
Among these is the use of some caution in adhering to the recommendation to minimize tests.
In fact, among those industries, hearing loss accounts for one in every nine recordable workplace injuries.
Some occupations at risk for hearing loss include airline maintenance, farming, construction, sheet metal and assembly line work.
For example, if sound levels reach 100 decibels, the National Institute of Health recommends no more than 15 minutes of unprotected prolonged exposure.
Elia has extensive litigation experience having appeared at more than 1,000 civil hearings including jury and bench trials, over 500 depositions, and hundreds of mediations. SSHL is defined as an idiopathic hearing loss of sensorineural origin, greater than 30 dB in three connected frequencies that usually occurs in less than three days and in only one ear. Standard management of sudden deafness consists of removal of the known cause, antibiotics, steroids and inhalation of a mixture of carbon-dioxide and oxygen. Steroid treatment helps to some SSHL patients who also have conditions that affect the immune system, the body’s defense against disease.
In the body, just one deficiency can have trickle down affect and makes it very hard to isolate the exact cause of sudden hearing loss, and many other disease process.
Service providers often think they know what is best for their patients and are frustrated, if not disappointed, when patients do not follow advice.
Although he agrees that offering MRI scans seems wasteful, given the fact that over 90 percent of scans are negative, he generally offers it and discusses it as an option because of medical-legal issues. It puts a physician in a position of justification if they deviate from the guidelines,” he said.
By taking less processed sugar in diet, you can low your blood sugar and thus reverse some of the debilitating effects.
In this case, it became apparent that the patient needed to decide when he was ready to address all of the issues related to his hearing loss and subsequent communication, psychosocial, and vocational difficulties.
The policy also pays lost wages as well as long-term disability costs if hearing loss is permanent.
He specializes in personal injury, business law and civil litigation in and around San Diego.
As it is a medical emergency, a person who experiences SSHL should visit a doctor immediately.

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