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Premium model for the most complex listening situations such as attending a dinner party, enjoying yourself with friends and family, or going shopping. Specific features for localizing and focusing on specific sound sources from the front or the back.
Performs well in listening situations such as one-to-one conversations or talking on the phone with good sound quality. Listening comfort in noise by reducing noise and intensifying speech allows soft sounds to be heard. Dex Accessories available for watching television, listening to music, using your cell phone, hands-free streaming. Available in a wide range of models, styles, and 14 different colors for BTE's and 3 colors for ITE models.

Widex CROS is worn on your unaidable ear & wirelessly transmits sound to a Widex DREAM hearing aid on your better ear. Hands-free communication device that streams high-quality sound to your Widex hearing aids. If you have any questions about hearing aids or would like to have a hearing test and personal hearing consultation, please call our office at 336-273-9932 to schedule an appointment. Appointments are provided during morning hours and generally last approximately one hour to allow ample time for our audiologists to address your questions and concerns.

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