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Wayne’s World examines the unwritten history - people, events, and products - that shaped the hearing aid industry. The Fourth of July and fireworks are traditional in the US, and go together like hamburgers and hot dogs.
Public fireworks, though not typically heard up close, are still explosions and can be very loud. In recent years the number of “quieter” fireworks have increased for consumer fireworks, with 120 dB noise limit on all consumer fireworks, and the amount of flash powder (chemical that produces the loud bangs) reduced (European Union).  Looking at the list of fireworks sold as quieter items, these have whistles or crackles instead of bangs.

The further one is from the fireworks, the lower is the overall sound level, making it less likely that the levels will affect hearing.  But, how far away should one be for protection?
This exercise assumes that you have a sound level meter that measures impulse noise (which few individuals would have, unless you have it on an app for your smart phone). Add 6 dB for each halving of the distance until you get the distance the firecracker would ordinarily be used.  In this example, if you wanted to use it at 10 feet, the level would be 108 dB SPL. And, as thrilling as it is to watch fireworks, care should be exercised because the sound pressures generated by fireworks can lead to hearing damage if proper precautions are not employed.

They tend to not have such high sound levels, but because you set them off yourself, you are likely to be closer to the sound source, and as such, perhaps to a higher dose of noise.  So, if purchasing your own fireworks for home or neighborhood use, you might choose those that create the biggest visual effects, not the biggest boom.
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