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I’m sad to say that while I think some superstitions are ridiculous, I sometimes find myself (sometimes) following them anyway. That seems to be the case with superstitions, they may seem irrational to some, but that doesn’t negate the fact that they’re an integral part of who we are as a people no matter where we hail from. If you’re planning on emigrating to France you might find it interesting to know what strange set of superstitious beliefs hold sway in your new nation, and if you’re doing business with someone from France it might be worthwhile to know the correct way to hand a loaf of bread—handing a loaf bread upside down is bad luck—should the need ever arise. Author Dusty Fox is a freelance writer and worldwide traveler who leads a life of never-ending adventures around the globe and sometimes right in the comfort of her own back yard. Today is Friday the 13th – many of us are going to be avoiding various breaks in concrete and moving out of any paths that may or may not be crossed by black felines. Origin: Bells were actually used to signify the times of gathering and worship in many different religions. Origin: If a black cat crossed your path you would lose your connection with God and perish. Origin: This superstition goes all the way back to ancient times when salt was used in many rituals and believed to harbor powerful magic.
Origin: The superstition of burning or itching ears traces back to Roman times when your body was thought to predict actions or events beyond your knowledge. Origin: Mirrors hold a long history of superstition, tracing back to ancient times when any reflective surface was seen as a portal directly to the gods or the afterlife. Origin: Going back to ancient Egypt, using an umbrella outside was to protect you from the powerful rays of the sun.
Origin: This saying finds its roots in German folklore, where one would “knock on wood” to gain the protection of the mystical tree fairies or Dryads.
Two: If I get to meet Kristian Nairn at a con ever again, I'm going to hug his 6'10" frame and sob gently. They have the potential to influence everything from government, politics, business, public life, family life, travel, and social conduct; understanding them can prove advantageous for travelers and business professionals looking to avoid potential faux pas.
Other than the fact that you might burn yourself with the match, this superstition is thought to bring bad luck to the smoker of the third cigarette. Anyone would consider this bad luck, but the French custom dictates that to step on dog droppings with the left foot is lucky.

Don’t even get close to thirteen for fear a few callers might bring along a friend; having 13 people around a dinner table is meant to be very bad luck. Whatever your reason to learn about France, superstitions and folklore are an integral part of the French culture whether people follow them or resist their folksy pull. She writes for Easy French and invites you to join her in discovering the long-time favorites, hidden treasures, and not-to-be missed highlights of France. Unexpected sun showers (raining when the sky is relatively clear and sunny) are believed to be indicators of the marriage of tikbalang (demon horses). There is a superstition that if you chew gum at night, you are really chewing rotting, dead flesh.
There is an extremely strong belief in Korea that going to bed with a fan on in your room will result in your imminent demise due to hypothermia or asphyxiation. This goes for Anglican, Catholic, Lutheran, Jewish, and Islamic tradition to be called to prayer multiple times a day. In medieval times, it was seen as bad luck because ladders symbolized the gallows where they hung people.
Contrary to that, black cats were seen as both valued and good luck in ancient Egypt, England, and Ireland.
It is also connected to Christianity through DaVinci’s painting, “The Last Supper,” in which you can see Judas spilling the salt. Whether it was your left or right ear stems back to the belief of positive spirits residing on your right and negative spirits or demons residing on your left. If you opened your umbrella indoors, you would anger the Sun God and bad luck and despair would rain down on you. In the Middle Ages, if a ladybug landed on you it could symbolize protection, marriage for an unmarried woman, and even good luck for babies.
The cross has been a symbol of hope, strength, and unity, as well as a way to ward off evil from your spirit and home. You must counteract the knife’s effect by first accepting a coin from the gift’s recipient. Personally, I wouldn’t be too excited about either alternative, but if I’m going to have stinky shoes I’d rather they be accompanied by good fortune.

Conversely, Friday the 13th is considered fortuitous in some parts of France, and apparently it’s the day when lottery ticket sales soar.
In this picture, 13 and 23 are also missing due to the inclusion of the Western superstitions about 13 being an unlucky number. This was due to the belief that witches could not fly their brooms through a slanted window. A practice that occurs at Indian weddings is to place a ring in a big bowl of milk and have the bride and groom try to find it.
As for the belief about mothers, one part of the superstition was that the number of cracks would indicate the number of broken bones. This ties in to the tradition of throwing spilled salt over your left shoulder with your right hand because the “spirit” is believed to reside on the right side of God and the Devil resides on the left. Or, if you did not cover mirrors after someone had passed, it was believed that their spirits could get stuck inside of the mirror. In Germany, candles on a cake signified the “light of life” and well-being of the person for the year to come. If they symbolically “buy” it from you, the cutting consequence will be nullified, and you two can continue being BFFs.
Striking the match alerted any possible snipers, lighting the second cigarette allowed the sniper to account for distance, and the bearer of the third cigarette being lit was shot.
Most fans in Korea have timers built to turn the fan off a few minutes later for when you are going to sleep. If you walked under the ladder, the power of the sacred pyramid was broken, causing bad luck.
It was also thought that cracks were a way to hell, and if you stepped on them you would release demons.

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