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Congenital hearing loss refers to hearing loss that was present at birth, whether due to genetics or other factors. Taking steps to prevent a low birth weight is also a good way to prevent congenital hearing loss. Other infections can also result in hearing loss, such as the German measles and the herpes simplex virus.
While not all types of hearing loss are preventable, protecting your baby’s hearing can begin before he is even born.
About 25% of newborns with congenital hearing loss have it due to factors other than genetics.
Talk to your doctor about vaccines prior to becoming pregnant and staying safe during your pregnancy. The infant will seem floppy, because the muscle tone is decreased, and tend to sleep excessively.

You can’t change your baby’s genes, for example, but hearing loss can also be caused by factors other than genetics.
In the event that your baby has already been diagnosed with permanent hearing loss, consider alternative methods of communication. Talk to your doctor about exercising safely while pregnant to keep your blood sugar levels stable.
Talk to your doctor about healthy meal plans to ensure that you receive adequate nutrition.
Hearing loss can be caused by toxins like drugs taken during pregnancy and complications experienced during pregnancy.
If you have previously had gestational diabetes, you are at a higher risk for having it again.
Not all babies infected with CMV will display symptoms at birth, but some can become quite ill.

You could also explore the use of Speech Buddies to facilitate communication as your child grows. Talk to your doctor about avoiding medications that can increase that risk, such as prednisone, dexamethasone, and any other drugs that can increase insulin resistance, like nicotinic acid. Your doctor can also advise you about lowering your risk of becoming infected while pregnant.
Preventative measures can include washing your hands thoroughly and frequently, avoiding kissing young children on the face, avoiding sharing eating or drinking utensils, and practicing safe sex.

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