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A boy got a shock when he found out two spiders had moved in and made a new home in his ear. Nine-year-old Jesse Courtney from Oregon in America noticed a faint popping noise in his ear and mentioned it to his mum. But when it started to ache he decided to visit a doctor who thought he could spot something deep inside. The doctor washed Jesse's ear out and to everyone's surprise a dead spider emerged, followed by a live one.
Doctors think the popping noise Jesse could hear was the sound of the spiders tip-tapping about inside his ear.
Jesse was given the spiders - now both dead - as a souvenir and has taken them into school to show his friends. On his first day of school, Jake decided to meet up with the kids in his class and make friends.
When the first period was over, everyone hurried to get out first to be able to claim their favorite seat in the next class.

As soon as the teacher left, Jake made his way to the chalkboard to find out where this noise was coming from. Jake felt his last drop of joy because he wouldn't have to listen to the silence the chalkboard decided to hold.
He always liked to be in the front (so the other kids would notice him) so he chose to sit in the front.
The hornets had to silently hibernate in that old chalkboard, but could now find a new and better resting place. It was easy for them to find one because their new home had also been the cause of their expulsion from the chalkboard.
There were many things there; the teacher's desk, thirty or so more dark wooden ones for the students, a few school-related posters, and an old green chalkboard. They were alive and real, but the reason Jake himself only heard things was because the noises were all in his head. If anything, Jake kept asking daily about it, and the kids would get more and more annoyed at him.

She was very confused and thought he was trying to be "goofy", which made her a little mad. Patty, the homeroom teacher, said, “It’s just the coffee running from the classroom on the other side.” If anything made him laugh, it was that his new teacher called them "gang". The teacher strolled to her piles of homework that she'd give out to the students, trying not to muddle up her new skirt.
They flew inside him from any hole or entrance in which they could find, and nearly ripped open his organs and the rest of his insides.

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