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Poisoning due to black mold usually occur when an individual is exposed to mycotoxins produced by black mold species. In order to prevent black mold exposure symptoms, you have to make sure that you monitor your surroundings regularly and take precautionary measures to prevent exposure.
The severity of black mold exposure symptoms depends on the duration of exposure and the quantity of spores.
If you are residing in an area or place where there are high levels of humidity, make sure that you are aware of the areas where black mold will most likely grow.
This is to make sure that you keep these areas free from moisture in order to prevent black mold formation as well as the health hazards that come with it. Don't Catch What Ails Your House Facing Suit, New York City Agrees to Remove Mold in Public Housing More QuicklyA planned settlement with the federal government is aimed at helping thousands of tenants suffering from asthma. Mold Toxins Tied to AIDS EpidemicAflatoxins, produced by mold on peanuts and corn, may be suppressing the immune system and worsening the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

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