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The Boba Truck, for example, offers very interesting drinks options, such as Candy Apple Green Tea and Yakult Black Milk Tea, while Factory Tea Bar has the Nom Nom Milk Tea.
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Most Half & Half Tea Houses accept cash only (no cards unfortunately), so don’t forget to bring some dollar bills! You may need to do valet parking because the plaza where Boba Time is located (KTown Vermont location) has a relatively small parking lot. Make sure to try their Pink Boba, which tastes just like regular boba, just looks prettier!
Honeyboba in Arcadia can be quite crowded at night so make sure to arrive early to avoid the long wait. About Hue LaHey there, I'm Hue (pronounced “huay”, not “hue” like how you would normally say it in English).
My blog іs in the exact same area of intеrest as yours and my visitors would really bеnefit from a lot of the information you provide here. Many thanks for making the effort to talk about this, I feel strongly about this and love learning a great deal more on this matter. Are you an international student currently studying abroad or thinking of studying abroad in the near future? Study Abroad Corner will provide tips and advice through blog posts to help you make the best of your study abroad experience! Ten Rens's Tea offers a selection of quality teas in addition to healthy meals and creative tea beverages.

With over 131 retail stores worldwide Ten Ren's Tea strives to provide excellent customer service and quality products. A cup of ice cold jasmine milk tea with chewy boba never fails to make my day (especially if it’s a very hot and sunny day).
Half & Half Tea House, on the other hand, is famous for its Iced Milk Drink options and Boba 7 is well-known to have alcoholic drinks. It’s a great place to hang out and chill with friends, but not so much for studying because it can get pretty crowded and loud, especially during weekends.
I highly recommend their Mighty Hero Lunch Box with Popcorn Chicken and Taiwanese Sweet Sausage! If feasible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your weblog with a great deal more info? 15 points will get you a free drink, and 100 points will get you unlimited upgrade to large size! Ten Ren on Atlantic Blvd in Monterey Park is a great study and hang out location since it offers free Wifi (during weekdays only) and opens until midnight. So for those who are 21+: you definitely need to try at least one of their alcoholic boba drinks!
Don’t forget to ask for their home-made soy sauce and sweet chili sauce for the popcorn chicken! I founded Study Abroad Corner with the goals of providing helpful advice and building a social network for fellow study abroaders around the world. The majority of these boba shops has more than 1 location, but I only included the links to the locations that I usually visit.

If you’re a USC student, there’s no need to go anywhere far on Tuesday and Thursday because The Boba Truck usually parks at the corner of Jefferson and McClintock (outside Cardinal Garden) between 1pm and 6pm on those 2 days!
Their baristas are also very flexible in adjusting the sweetness your drinks if you ask them nicely! Besides their iced milk drinks, Half & Half is also known for its square-like wide cup size. It may be a bit hard to find Boba 7 at first though, since it’s located at the very back of Soi 7 (the Thai restaurant).
They also have several secret flavors for those who want to try something new, such as Chocolate Strawberry Milk Tea, Peppermint Chocolate Milk Tea, Pina Colada Milk Tea, and Red Guava Green Tea.
Some of the drinks can be extremely sweet, so remember to tell the baristas the appropriate sweetness level that you want beforehand.
A few of them are actually food trucks instead of regular boba joints (The Boba Truck and Mighty Boba).
These boba shops all have excellent drink selections, very chewy boba, and strong tea flavor in their drinks.

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