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The views by the authors published at this web site will study, chronicle and profile the range of characters and issues that make the great sport of tennis.
Only Rios match that really sticks in my mind is when Tarango beat Rios on GS court at USO and then after match point turned to an especially annoying Rios cheering section of the crowd and gave them The Finger. For Vince, my disappointment that when Fed played his first match off Ashe Stadium in years for a special Sunday night one match only session as a result of, yes, RAIN backing up the schedule (it was the only official night session march ever on Armstrong) that Vince made R3 (I think it was)because I wanted to see a match. Vince beat Sampras on the retirement in Indy not Cincy and I think it was one set all when Sampras retired. The best two matches I saw him play was beating Bjorkman at the Open in 06 and his last Open where he took Safin to 5 in AA. Yes, Vince won his most slam matches at the US Open, but he won 42 slam matches and that’s not shabby.
Someone told me Tarango has done commentary though I have not heard him but I think he might be an interesting tennis commentator. PS, I realize when I watch it again that Spadea does a little Rajeev Ram when he starts up his serve motion (that was a joke, I mean of course a Sampras thing which Ram comically has copied down to the letter). Well, Vince learned that cock of the racquet from the same guy who taught Pete, Pete Fischer. Vince won more matches on tour than Mardy (311-302) and he won just 3 less Masters Series matches (67-70) and Fish had peers like Roddick, Blake and Ginepri while Spadea had peers like who?
Face it, Vince had no support, no peers starting out and throughout his pro career while Fish had all the support and all the peers, and Vince still had a comparable career to Fish.
There are way too many pros between Fish, and Spadea, on the career winning percentage list, to call their careers comparable.
Fish had health problems and injuries, all the help he had, USTA advantages, didn’t save him from that. Though I once saw Goldstein (or Goldsteing as you refer to him) take a set off Pete Sampras !
You’re right Michael and Vince did something that not even Roddick, Blake and Fish did which was to have some success on red clay.
The defining signature moment of Vince’s career was ending the long losing streak at Wimbledon beating Rusedesi – what was it 24 first round losses in a row? The signature moments in his career were one bad, losing to Chang in the third round of the Open early in Vince’s career when Chang was no. Ferrer pretty much makes his case as the 2nd best Spaniard of the last 10 years behind 7th ranked Nadal, who’s now just 1 spot ahead of the 33 year old Ferrer. Sampras had lost only one match in the last 57 when he entered the court for the showdown with Roger Federer during the all-important match at Wimbledon, so it was a shock when the young Swiss won the set with a score of 7-6 (7), 5-7, 6-4, 6-7 (2), 7-5. Connors was 39 years old when he confronted the 24-year-old Krickstein at the fourth round of the U.
The rivalry between the “fire and ice” went to Borg at the 1980 Wimbledon after an intense scrap for dominance. The sisters have actually played each other many times in high-pressure venues, including Wimbledon, the U. Graf and Seles always enjoyed a friendly rivalry, but Seles’ stabbing by a deranged Steffi Graf fan in 1993 would take the stakes even higher.
There are hundreds of other exciting tennis matches that could be listed as “the best,” depending on the criteria for excellence of the observer. In what was undoubtedly the biggest upset of the year, relative unknown Lukas Rosol defeated former Wimbledon champion Rafael Nadal in a five set match of the highest quality in the second round at Wimbledon. While the general public reacted with great surprise to the 100th ranked players’ win – and some even hailing him as the next big thing – several tennis insiders were less surprised, saying it proved what many of them had been saying for years – Nadal is vulnerable at Wimbledon, particularly in the early rounds when the grass is still relatively lush.
Nevertheless, the to-do over Nadal’s unexpected loss was immense, likely due to the high standards of expectations that have been created over the past few seasons by the incredibly consistent appearance of the top four players in the latter stages of majors, with very few significant upsets being clocked in recent times.

The match itself was fairly dramatic, with Nadal and Rosol hitting the deck a few times and Nadal becoming notably irritable, complaining to the umpire and even bumping into Rosol at a changeover. While Nadal became increasingly glum on court, the Czech player seemed unfazed going from strength to strength and producing absolutely blistering shot making to win the deciding set, which was played under the roof on Centre Court.
The 26-year-old Rosol remained focused to capture the greatest win of his career on his first occasion contesting the Wimbledon main draw. On this occasion, he gave a serving master class, losing only 16 points on his first serve, and repeatedly stepping within the baseline to boss Nadal around the court.
Bedford North Lawrence was so close, yet so far, in the first round of the Hoosier Hills Conference on Monday afternoon. Jeffersonville won two three-set battles in doubles and pulled out two tiebreakers in singles matches en route to a 5-0 victory over the Stars. Roger Federer one of the best competitor in the Tennis Grands slam he is looking to get better results and to get the better top ranking in the top ten tennis players.
Maria Sharapova to launch Sugarpova in Manhattan Sugarpova one of the most androsed item by Maria Sharapova . But anyway, these are the five greatest Vince matches, and unlike Rios, most of them occurred in slams. 4, Vince wins his only ATP title in Scottsdale 2004, beating Blake in the quarters and Roddick in the semis, 67(5) 63 64, breaking Roddick’s serve three times in the third set, a record. 5, Vince comes from two sets down at the age of 33, to beat the annoying Radek Stepanek at the 2008 Australian Open. I didn’t mention Vince beating Federer with the bagel in Monte Carlo or beating Davydenko in Rome in like the 3rd rd. Vince only played Rios once in a slam and it was a hard fought 4 set win for Rios at the French. Of course, do you remember when he beat Gremelayr at Delray when he was completely down and I went crazy and broke down the German’s serve by urging Vince to attack it? He lost in the first round of the qualis, but it was to a nobody and Vince had been finished that entire 2009 year. You go from comparing him to Fish, who got into the top ten, to Russell and Goldstein, guys that were Challenger lifers. He beat Kuerten and Costa and Kraijcek and once reached the Rome quarters showing he was a more versatile player than most of the other Americans.
Thought he would have a better one, like a Fish breakout with a few Masters finals and five titles etc.
He lost only 21 matches in a row, and Vince will contend, really only 18 because they counted the three matches he lost at the team event in Germany the week before the French Open in those years which Vince contends were really more like exhibition matches. 2 in the world and Vince served for the match in the fourth set and then beating Agassi to advance to his only slam quarters.
Brown style by mini-van with an uncertain amount of sleep to stay who knows where and take care of everything themselves including do their own laundry among the many other items you have to get done prior to arriving for the event ? Is it when the best of the best match up and struggle for life and death, or is it when the underdog comes out of nowhere to win an unexpected victory?
Sampras vowed to return and regain his coveted title, but he did not; in fact, he never won another championship at Wimbledon. It was possibly due to her 1992 win that the fan became obsessed with removing her as a serious Graf rival. The best thing about great tennis is that everyone can have a favorite player, whether that person is male, female, native to the fan’s country or a different one, and that everyone can choose the one match that hooked you and made you a tennis buff!
Lukas Rosol defeats Rafael Nadal 6-7 (9), 6-4, 6-4, 2-6, 6-4 at Wimbledon for the most notable upset in recent years.
Not only was it a great match, but it also affected the air of invincibility around the top players, with Rosol proving that anyone, anywhere can be beaten by a player in immense form and confidence on the day.

BNL (4-7) dropped into the consolation round and will visit the Seymour-Madison loser on Wednesday. They claimed key service breaks midway through the third sets in both doubles matches to turn momentum, and they jumped in front early in the tiebreakers that ultimately decided the outcome.
He is looking to make his mark to the tennis filed for this he is giving his best on the  Flat grass court or Clay court . Fed was so in command he threw in a between the legs shot for no particular reason other to try to entertain us. The guy has some special talent, but he didn’t go about his career in the most professional manner regarding coaching, training and fitness.
Vince won more than three times the matches these guys won and these guys were respectable pros.
Brigade today save Isner and Querrey, who top Spadea only because they won more titles (like Fish, Querrey has titles on all four surfaces I believe).
Not unlike Fish he retooled his game to compete and get his top ranking (a process so few players admit to needing as far fewer attempting given they feel they only need to play their games blah blah). While “the greatest” will always be subjective, here are five extraordinary tennis matches that many have ranked among the best of all time. Open in 1991, but Connors proved that the “lion could still roar.” He won the match in a tiebreaker round after four hours and 41 minutes of play. Open, and the French Open, but the Australian Open 2003 match is still one of the most exciting on record. Monica’s 6-2 3-6 10-8 victory took two hours and 43 minutes of exhausting play and propelled her to stardom as the first woman in 55 years to win three straight French Open titles.
Katie Bowen and Shelby Darr rallied to stop Kyla Addison and Victoria Holt 5-7, 6-4, 6-3 at No.2. Again Rios displayed the court magic and wizardly, downing the A Train in five sets, seemingly toying at times with Agassi like a cat with a helpless mouse. Rios seemed extra motivated and inspired to play tennis against the most colorful and famous tennis player on the planet. Vince said backhand to backhand, in Louis Armstrong Stadium, his backhand was superior to Kafelnikov’s.
There is the whole logistics side of the career – hotels or motels or whatever, tournament fees, plane tickets, training costs etc. However, McEnroe came back to beat Borg four more times during the next two years, proving that neither of these rivals could rest when preparing for matches with the other. Involving the closest score the sisters ever reached, Serena won 7-6, 3-6, 6-4, causing Venus to be the first to lose four consecutive Grand Slam finals. One of the most memorable winners was of Rios, having slipped and fallen on his rear, still managed to hit an overhead winner while sitting on the court – only Rios could choreograph a point like this.
Rios clearly was not fit enough to finish the job and faded physically after winning an unbelievably entertaining first set. Several minutes into the grand slam cup final Rios hits a forehand angle from the baseline that is so ridiculous that even from around the net post Agassi can’t get into the court. The very fact that Spadea played nearly 100 slam matches is like the greatest feat in tennis outshining Laver’s two Grand Slams.

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