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Tennis Fit's elite tennis athletes and coaches in Johns Creek, GA provides instructions for the serve, forehand, backhand, return of serve, overhead, volley, drop shot and lob.
Tennis Fit is committed to providing you with the skills you need to become the best all-court player you can be! Here you will find images and instruction that will help you understand how each of these strokes is performed. One handed backhand slice, one handed backhand topspin, forehand, forehand volley, backhand volley, flat serve, kick serve. For a tennis and fitness evaluation or custom program please contact Bryan Hiner or Amyn Soldier to discuss scheduling and fees.
This will save you time, you don?t have to surf around on the internet for hours to find the best clips, we did that job for you – enjoy!
The library is of course for free and if you want to have explanations for all strokes, we created the technique system TT365. The Pro Strokes Gallery is a fantastic tool for you to learn the tennis technique from the best professional tennis players in the world, from both the ATP-tour and the WTA-tour. Some of the players you will find: Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Marat Safin, Pete Sampras, Boris Becker, Ivan Lendl, Stefan Edberg, John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg, Maria Sharapova, Justine Henin, Amelie Mauresmo and more. We have broken down the fundamental biomechanics commonalities of tennis technique in a very effective Training System- ?TT365?. Now YOU have a great chance to learn small details of tennis technique, and of course take your tennis one level up! The drop shot is a more dangerous weapon than the volley on the pro tour today, and it can be even more effective in the recreational game.
QUICK TIP: Open the face of your racquet on a drop shot and hit the ball a few feet above the net. The body serve has made something of a comeback on the pro tour -- Rafael Nadal uses it quite well. QUICK TIP: To hit a deep, looping shot, you must drop the head of your racquet below the level of the ball.
You must become a master of all the specific shots that allow you to disable your opponent and prevent them from hitting their particular shots.

Our Pro Strokes library is a fantastic learning tool for tennis and it?s growing every month. TT365 is build up with the fundamental commonalities of the best ATP-Tour Players and WTA-Tour players. It acts as a guide during your takeback and as a counterbalance when you swing, as seen here.
For most players, it's more difficult to move forward and backward than it is to move laterally. This will ensure that you impart spin on your shot and also reduce the risk of hitting the ball into the net, the most common mistake on a drop shot.
The high backhand, especially when the ball has a lot of spin and depth, as Nadal's forehand usually does.
If you swing low to high and hit with topspin, you can hit the ball quite high without any fear that it will go long. Learn to take your racquet back as you would on a topspin forehand, and then adjust your grip and swing at the last moment. TT365  will help you to understand and apply tennis technique to your own game in a short period of time. Most players have an aversion to the net, so your drop shot, even if retrieved, can put your opponent in a losing position.
Unless the server hits the perfect spot, it's easy for a pro to step to the side and hit a return with his or her favorite shot. There's only one Nadal, but ordinary players can learn something from his shot and think more about the height of their shots rather than pace. Today, one only sees it when a player desperately lunges for a ball and attempts a squash-like shot.
These shoes, then again, are the easiest secret weapon for a technical, aggressive player such as you. We would say it?s almost impossible not to understand how and why you should develop you tennis this way. If you have to hit a backhand late, you should hit it with one hand (this is easier on your back, too).

How rushed -- and awkward -- do you feel if your opponent returns the ball within a few inches of the baseline, even if it's right near you? The recreational game tends to track the pro game, so today you see almost every club player hitting with open stances and trying to put heavy topspin on their shots.
Super-responsive ADIPRENE®+ foam assists in keeping you in a position for fast returns, and because of the durable ADIWEAR™ 6 soles, these men’s tennis shoes hold as much as absolutely anything you put ’em through. You choose how to arrange your lessons, whether it?s general stroke by stroke or in-depth analysis with all the details. It's rare today to face a team that plays with two up at net, so the drop volley can force the baseline opponent to rush in, and perhaps over-commit or hit up on the ball and give you or your teammate an easy volley.
If you can hit a hard, flat serve, or slice serve into the body, you're not going to find too many people who can get out of the way.
The server is supposed to be on the offensive; a deep return puts him or her on the defensive, which is uncomfortable. Everyone likes to pile up aces, and it's a thrill if you can hit a kick serve that sends your opponent wide of the doubles alley.
Hit it along the sideline and you can all but guarantee that your opponent will have to hit a ball back toward the center of the court.
You should use the backspin forehand to change the rhythm of a rally, or to upset the timing of an opponent who likes to trade topspin for topspin. The looper can be a great approach shot, and not just because it's tough for your opponent to hit a passing shot off a high-bouncing ball.
If your opponent falls for the fake and begins to move forward, he or she will have a tough time getting into the right position to hit a solid groundstroke. Incorporate it into your game and you'll see how much trouble it can cause, especially against players who feed on power or like to take the ball on the rise.

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