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Although jewellery is found in various materials like gold, copper or silver and each has its own uniqueness and speciality, there is something really different and unique about Terracotta.
It might be its earthiness or the fact that it is made from clay or even that it is most often hand-crafted, a piece of jewellery made with Terracotta has its own allure. A clay-based porous ceramic material, terracotta is naturally found and has been used since time immemorial for a variety of purposes. These are the purpose it has been used by people from all over the world, especially other Asian countries & Mexico.
The use of terracotta for jewellery is fairly recent and one that has caught on in a big way off-late. This simple Youtube tutorial, Making Of Terracotta Jewellery, takes you through the making of a simple terracotta pendant. Step 2 – Fold the side parts of the paper to meet the creased center line which we made in step 1.

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Not every woman may like a watch or a sari or even a bag, but there is none who would refuse a beautiful piece of jewellery. Its porosity makes it a great material for pitchers and lamps, and its sturdiness once fired, makes it ideal for home decor products, tiles, etc. Unlike gold and silver which are costly and non-degradable, this clay based material due to its softness can be moulded into any desired shape and hardened in a kiln.
But the rustic simplicity of the material and its handmade quality make it ideal jewellery for ethnic wear. Another reason for its popularity is the revival of organic native crafts that has given a big push to the making of terracotta jewellery.

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