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Why have we not found a cure?   We did not understand that cancer is a disease caused by damage to growth genes until 1980.  We did not identify most of those genes until the last 20 years.
Could they be keeping the cure for cancer secret?  Who is “they”?  Doctors?   Millions of physicians all over the world from different societies and cultures collude to hide the formula?  We cannot even agree to join the AMA!
Pharmaceutical companies?  They spend all their time trying to attack and compete with each other, whether it is in the marketplace or in the courts.  They make money by finding medicines that work. The governments of the world?  Is it likely that the same people that cannot prevent war, avoid famine, share resources and understand each other’s religions have agreed to secretly conceal the cure for cancer?  Moreover, in case you missed it, our government in Washington is not the “get along with each other and keep monstrous secrets” type. Do not forget that whomever was keeping the cure a secret would have to watch their friends and relatives die from the disease.  They would need to accept their own deaths from the dread disease, to protect knowledge of the cure. Finally, are there bigger dollars in manufacturing the cure or in prolonging the suffering?
It is a cruel and malicious hoax to taunt cancer patients that the cure is already available.  Often what connects this kind of gibberish is selling snake oil and magic dust. There will not be one, but many cures.  The remedy will be the ability to heal damaged genes and prevent injury in the first place.
Sadly, the universal cure is not yet here.   Nonetheless, there is real hope, for we now understand the disease and know the type of therapies we need to create. To be honest there has been a cure for cancer for years yet the government are manipulating the general public by constant adverts saying give to such appeals as Cancer Research…! Ebola Survivor Donates Blood to Treat Rick SacraDoctors Use 'Everything We Had' to Treat Ebola Patient SacraJust Who is Leading the Fight Against Ebola?
For most of the book, this saga is depicted through Owen's eyes: he writes his memoir as a record of his time in the world. Asperger's syndrome, "considered to be part of the autism spectrum", exists at the centre of this tale.
Contesting the parent-blaming explanations of autism and, as in Leaning Towards Infinity, Woolfe allows a mother complexity, rather than idealising them.

Woolfe's first and third novels also share the story of a courageous female character's journey out from under the shadow of a more noted male "genius". Partly because of her tendency to focus on powerful but frustrated or unrealised women, Woolfe is often labelled a feminist writer. These structural and character problems coexist with some inelegant prose, suggesting that Woolfe may have been stilted by her previous success. Rick Sacra say they may have stumbled on the secret cure for him — Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream. The seven years between the two suggest that Woolfe may have struggled under the weight of her own success.
Mute and agoraphobic, he lives with his mother's declaration that life is a "tiny, pitiable thing". Towards the end, however, we hear Eva's account via the letter that she writes to her daughter, Tina. Owen's mother, Berry, like Eva - and like Frances Montrose in Woolfe's second book - is vain and adorable, despite her often-defeatist attitude towards her son. In this regard, The Secret Cure is reminiscent of Woolfe's acclaimed first novel, Painted Woman (1989). Owen's memoir serves as a record of Eva's work on autism, particularly her secret quest for a "cure". Although he is redeemed somewhat in Eva's letter, his initial lack of appeal would appear to be a reflection of Woolfe's inability to balance the competing demands of her elaborate novel.
Nevertheless, while The Secret Cure is neither as inspiring nor as coherent as Leaning Towards Infinity and Painted Woman, it is a good yarn, conceived and told by a competent author with an imagination much more capacious than most.
Sacra’s getting his appetite back, doctors at the Biocontainment Unit at The Nebraska Medical Center said Friday. Sacra’s doctors said they wanted him to start eating at least 1,000 calories a day by mouth.

Moreover, Owen himself appears to be what Dr Hans Asperger, who discovered the disorder, would have called "odd".
Motivated as much by her own passion and quest for fulfilment as by her love for her daughter, Eva's career as a scientist is variously thwarted by her lack of formal training, faithless male colleagues and motherhood. Celebrating the triumph of commitment and passion over scepticism, she seems to delight in creating stories about individuals who maintain their idiosyncratic aspirations despite personal adversity.
Indeed, while it should be commended for maintaining a sense of mystery, information is disclosed at a rather slow rate and consequently, the book drags at times.
On one hand, to offer readers a detailed account of Eva's laboratory work, Woolfe needs to make Owen a spy; on the other, a kind of soft-hearted lover. Will the company that has the cure and is now worth more then Apple, Exxon and GE combined, care?  Seems very doubtful. During this time, he finds himself "accidentally" employed by the maintenance department of a hospital, where, from a distance, he falls in love with Eva, a junior technician whose passion for and understanding of science belie her years and her lack of formal training. Owen's inability to speak, and obsession with ordering his memoir, suggest this possibility. For instance, describing his mother's car trips, Owen writes that upon her return, "she'd burst through our front door so wind-burnt and bright-faced that I knew she'd shown them, whoever they were". Her letter to her daughter amply conveys the tension and heartbreak that confront mothers who dream of work of conquering other worlds. In this sense, Woolfe's own novelistic exploration of grand themes would appear to parallel her characters' journeys.
Just as we have no treatments to heal genetic problems such as Down’s Syndrome, Sickle Cell Anemia or many birth defects, we cannot yet repair cancerous cells.

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