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Florida East Coast Spearfishing Let's talk here about spearing on Florida's Atlantic coast. Also butcher, after being seen by two ear specialists, I was told my loss was likely caused by loud noises, ie Music, loud bike pipes, etc, and to prevent further loss, to Avoid taking Ibuprofen, and basically to take only Tylenol, cut out coffee and alcohol (easier said than done!) and of course loud noises. I rescued this a couple months ago off a trader who was doing his best to ruin it beyond repair!
Nice one Simon, it looks to be in good condition and the interior looks great with the piped leather seats. I had this 328i touring for the past 2 years as my daily slag, which gave me more of an e36 bug than i thought i'd ever have.
I had a tip from a guy on another forum as the car was in camberley, i live in camberley and me being me i had to have a look! Its been loved, it ended up being quite a time getting it i offered him 2000 pound as it was. Its the best repair imo and gives me a chance of fixing the car properly and with the headwork re done giving the engine the chance to make the power it should.
My plans are to use it as my new daily, IF the gearbox sh!ts itself then there would be a strong chance of a manual conversion i'm not sure what gearbox id use. The car on the register is a pre facelift and although the same colour combo its not got the high spec like this one. PDC sounds good, just did this on the wife's Toyota (the BMW had it from new), and one chap has put the E39 module in his E36 and that's allowed him to add front PDC too.
So it looks like a car going on the road not a scrapper much to the joy of my neighbours i expect. The chain didn't come linked so a father with a life time of bikes soon sorted that for me.
Nothing exciting on the rear just some hole saw action on the bumper and 1 through the rear panel.

On this poxy car being facelift or whatever the reverse wires where under the steering coloumn.
Well i've done some looking on the alpina ETK i have and the system closest to the car is the 3.2 system which i took off the green car. The kenwood box is a crossover for the speakers, it distributes the high and low frequencies to the appropriate speaker. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results.
I usually leave the fan on, tv, or if it is really bad I turn on a white noise app on my phone. Although nothing yet in the way of a commercial product, there has been some promising research results lately. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Sammy Davis and Frank Sinatra dont appear to be shut down during; so theres the West side for you. I'm sure that will be on the agenda for entertainment and festivities in San Fransisco on New Years Eve. It was a bit of a nail being a Cat C write off in 2003 and she'd clocked up 175,000 on the nikasil engine. I'm replacing the whole cooling system, New tinging chain and guides as they aren't expensive. The compressor wasn't seized so i think a re gas with a new condensor Dryer will have it working again. Its MOT'd but yes you guessed it theres work to be done elsewhere but getting it running is the main priority. Good luck with getting her running Looks to be well worth the effort._________________Ade - '65 PORSCHE Macan S, Sapphire Blue and toys!

I changed it while i was there as i bought a new one from BMW not long ago for the 328i at considerable cost.
I've been downtown or on the strip NUMEROUS times when a surge is hitting and you will not get any pings until it goes down. The engine was a beaut and it went really well with full Alpina (what else!) exhaust, M50 inlet and the much lighter M20 flywheel. I left it and basically he phoned back 2 months later and said did i still fancy it for my original offer!
I have got the head back to use, but its now with my dad who will be giving it a flash up first. I doubt there will be much demand for 7x or more surge, but I suspect most will not think twice about 2 or 3 times surge. It was always a shed so if a fancy or nice E36 touring came along i'd have to think about it. It is a standard head thats been re worked to alpina spec So pics to follow when i get it back from my dad.
The MOT ran out in Oct gone and it needed a rear wheel bearing a ball joint and the handbrake had died on one side. So it made more financial sense to break it up rather than do the work for another ticket and struggle to sell it for ?500.
I gave a guy i know both heads and he has replicated the alpina headwork onto the stock head.

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