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This piece features the monologue preformed by Brad Pitt in Inglorious Bastards when he is trying to recruit the best of the best of american soldiers. This type project focuses on the rejuvination of the use of Helvetica in unique and more modern ways.
I leardned from youtube that there are actually all sorts of libraries in stock sites where you can buy AE files that have effects and animation premade but you simple imput your text and images. I saw catch me if you can on tv the other day and remembered how it was one of my first exposures to motion graphics. Mad men's title sequence is very simple and low-fi due to the fact that it is trying to reference the 1950's.
This music video was made before after effects but I really like the type of illustration used. The hearing damage video starts on one image of the artist that seems to pulsate with the beat of the music.
The orchard intro is about a scary film and the theme and tone of the graphics match it very well. This is a strong design because of the appropriat mixture of typefaces that are conducive to the time period they are refering to. The type face is, of course, used in the entire project and allows for the focus to be more on the letter froms rather than the words themselves helps support the concept that the narrator is explaining abou the typeface. He talks about how great language is and how the most simple things ought to be ignored but the way that words are used are the most important issues. The whole project was successful because of the 2 color process, simple design and clean typography.

It cuts the work time in half and can be useful for things like short presentations when you don't want to use power point or a pdf. I always loved it and the way that the characters in the graphic were so stylized to look like the 1950's.
There isn't much color or movement except when the camera follows Don Draper's character around the screen.
I don't think it was used in an official capacity due to it's length, but it gives a good idea of what the major motifs of the movie are. The zooming effect of the lights is a simple write on effect from what i would assme is a photoshop file. The image was simple resized quickly over what i would assume is just a few frames to make it look like the camera was zooming in and out. I know that the image of Band was just filmed and then posterized as an effect, but how they get the illustrated patterns to move on a path is confusing because everything else stays in the same location. I respect him as a designer because he was one of the first motion graphic artists who asked to get credit for his work in the very credits that he designed, like this one. The work is not only strong for it's type, but also the use of image intersperced into the lettering. This design is very predictable for a kinetic type project but it fits with the meaning and message of the speakers words. The designer worked a lot with a wiping effect that would bump one image into the frame diagonally while pushing out the privious words.
Each slide moved around in after effects using 3D movement so that the viewer follows each slide, yet the image barely rotates.

I have come to prefer the simpler designs like this with the limited color palette and minimal type because of the way that it has more of an impact with the motion of the graphics rather than trying to make the project too informative. The ink blots themselves are probably each made in illustrator and photoshop then moved into another software like final cut pro. I like the movement of the ocean and the ink, but then the chinese type and pagoda come in and it seems unnatural with the flow of the project. I wish that the type was pushed further than just letting it sit there and occasionally move around the page. Clearly he used cut paper and marker to make the images and was influenced by tribal art, but did they film his illustration?
There is a controlled collor pallete and a sparing use of posterized images, which also help the concept. The lights in the background seem to be one large file as well that the screen just repositions. I wish there was better heirarchy between title and film maker rather than having everything be in the same typeface.
How was it transfered from hand made art into a projection without the help of editting software?

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