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After seeing New Moon for the third time (obviously I’m not a true fan as my viewing number is not in the teens at this point) I think I can safely start to review the film with a discerning eye.
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When you were spotted by the paps at LAX arriving from Vancouver, I couldn’t help but notice you were wearing a ring on your left ring finger. Or is that the True Love Waits ring you picked up at your most recent abstinence conference?

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Would Alexandra Patsavas, Chris Weitz and team knock New Moon’s soundtrack out of the park this time?
All that to say not only is it exciting that we’ll be hearing all (almost) new music but how telling is it that this saga can get TOP artists like Thom freaking York to cut all new music for it?! While the left hand ring finger is usually reserved for a wedding ring, I have known a few instances where the norm is broken. He emoted with his face and body and didn’t rely solely on blinking, stuttering or squinting to show how much pain you’re feeling to even be near your “la tua cantante.” Did I really just use that phrase? We both have music business degrees, and we have both worked in the music industry at one point in our lives.

I can almost seeing this being a song from Jacob’s perspective, not only did we learn Chris Walla is SO Team Jacob the lyrics have so much longing, so much want.
Of the three times I’ve seen it men in the audience seem to react the best to Jacob, laughing at his jokes and generally just relating.

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