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In tinnitus associated with inner ear damage, and especially that due to noise, it seems reasonable to expect that deficits in inner ear function should be present at the same frequency as the tinnitus. For the left ear (top), OAEs (the difference between the top and bottom trace) are excellent up to roughly 11,000 Hz.
This conjecture offers a possible for adding objective evidence to substantiate the existance of what would otherwise be an intrinsicially subjective phenomenon.
Because tinnitus can be a single tone, at nearly any pitch, one really needs to quantify inner ear function at all frequencies. This suggests that there was outer hair cell damage at the same location using an objective test as had already been localized using a subjective test (audiometry).

Unfortanately, it is impractical to test hearing in a continuous fashion because each single frequency takes roughly a minute to test.
This technique might be useful for medico-legal situations where there is noise trauma and tinnitus.

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