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Our body works in ways we might never fully understand, but do you often wonder what the sound coming from your bones or tingling in your ears really means? When high fiber foods are digested, their byproducts, such as methane, nitrogen and hydrogen gases, exit through your rectum in the form of farts. The moment you sneeze, you actually stop breathing for a split second, so dona€™t be worried when that happens. Eating something extremely sweet could also help with hiccups and spare you the embarrassment of making weird jerking movements accompanied by unusual sounds in public.
Known as tinnitus, ringing in one or both ears can occur due to loud noises, aging or infections that end up damaging hair cells inside the ear.
Airflow obstructions often cause whistling sounds coming from the nose, which could be a result of mucus that has collected on nasal passages. The sound of joints popping concerns most people, but in reality it's the one noise you need to care least about.

However, you should probably visit a physician if this comes along with pain or physical discomfort. Bronchi in the lungs often get swollen or inflamed due to asthma, allergies or a congested chest, as a result causing wheezing.
Vaginal farts or your vagina queefing is the sound that occurs when air pockets are pushed out of your vagina. Gasping at night could be linked to sleep apnea, a condition that occurs when the airway collapses too often.
Media That Matters - From the serious to the hilarious, we share stories that rise to the top. It also is an indicator of a healthy digestive system, and the more sulfur rich your diet is, the worse your farts will smell. However, one can avoid burping by eating slowly, not conversing with a full mouth and calling a rain check on carbonated drinks.

As a result, the brain receives constant signals from the cochlea even during the absence of sound waves, causing ringing in the ears. Joint are naturally lubricated by fluids and every time you move, healthy joints can form air bubbles that just pop when you change position. This usually happens during physical activity involving the opening and closing of vagina or sex. Workout routines that strengthen the pelvic floor will prevent air entering in the first place and save you from an awkward situation next time around.

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