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In TCM thinking, the ears are the openings of the kidney on the body surface, and they are also important pivot locations for the meridians to communicate with each other. Based on the nature of ear ringing sounds, TCM can identify the specific disharmony inside the body. Thumb-knead the depressions below the occipital bone (Gb20), at the bottom of the skull, 30 times. Nip and knead the middle part of the palm web, between the thumb and the index finger (Li4), 30 times on each hand. Knead the depression behind the inner malleolus of the ankle (Ki3), 30 times on each ankle.
This massage enhances the kidney and promotes ear functioning, which helps to alleviate ear ringing, poor hearing and inner ear problems.
Place the palms on the sides of the navel and then scrub up and down over the lower abdomen, 30 times.
Nip and knead the back (Sj6) and front (Pc6) sides of the forearm which is about 2-finger-breadths above the midline of the wrist, 20 times on each side.
Press and knead the dorsum of the foot, in the depression between the big toe and the second toe (Lr3), 30 times on each foot. Press and knead the depression in front of the lateral malleolus of the ankle (Gb40), 30 times on each ankle. Clench the fists and beat the middle of the back of the opposite shoulder (Gb21), 30 times on each side. Use the middle finger to knead the lateral side of the third thoracic vertebra (Bl13), 30 times on each side.
His work in the 1950's eventually was presented at a conference in Germany, and gained the interest of researchers in China. In a similar fashion, a form of hand acupuncture developed in Korea theorizes that all of the 12 primary channels and two of the secondary channels of traditional Chinese acupuncture are represented on the hand.
The benefits of ear acupuncture and stimulation of points on the ears with small magnets, seeds, and beads have yet to be studied in depth. In the brain, there are larger representations of head and hand in association with actual brain structures than there are representations of other areas of the body.
If you are interested in experimenting to see if ear stimulation can help the problem you are having, I suggest you try massaging the ear in the areas indicated on the chart with sesame oil, and see if you think there is a benefit. If you find some value in ear stimulation, you may either continue massage on a regular basis, or you may attempt to focus in on a particular point on the ear. The needle certainly stays in place more easily than the tape, but must be removed if it is uncomfortable or if any signs of infection develop. With both modern and traditional medical systems, the value of each component may be limited when used in isolation. Tinnitus is the perception of a€?phantom soundsa€? in the ear or head, rather than sounds coming from an external source. If you are experiencing tinnitus in one ear only, without wax build-up, we strongly recommended that you see an audiologist as soon as possible, for possible referral to a specialist. Have a trial of a hearing aid to find out if it may help a€“ in the majority of cases, if you have hearing loss, while you wear a correctly-programmed hearing aid, you may not even notice the tinnitus. Ear wax is a normal product of the ear which protects the skin of the ear from water and infection. Wax can obscure vision when the doctor looks in your ears, possibly hiding a dangerous process.

Problematic wax can be removed with drops, with water jets (irrigation), and with instruments by a doctor, audiologist, or trained technician. Removal under direct vision by a doctor or other professional is the best method of getting wax out, but it requires a doctor’s visit and the doctor must have access to a microscope. A physician can also remove wax using an endoscope instead of a microscope to visualize the ear canal (Pothier et al 2006). Over-the-counter drops that help remove wax are all basically oil and peroxide solutions Brand names include Debrox and Murine. A recent study showed improved hearing, and therefore, cognition after wax removal (Oron et al 2011). Cerudel Lipolotion is an emollient lotion that has been shown to decrease the rate of wax build-up when applied to the ear canal (Saloranta & Westermarck 2005). We recommend against using cotton tipped applicators (such as Q-tips), as well as putting other things into your ear, such as hair pins. The American Hearing Research Foundation is a non-profit foundation that funds research into hearing loss and balance disorders related to the inner ear and is also committed to educating the public about these health issues.
Diminished hearing, tinnitus or deafness means internal disharmony related in to the kidney. The Chinese continued to try to find points on the ear which corresponded to areas on the body, and they used small seeds or needles to stimulate these points in the hopes of affecting pain and other disorders. Yamomoto feels that frequent stimulation of points on the scalp can be helpful in neurological disease and in the rehabilitation of stroke patients, and his own practice is focused on the treatment of these disorders. Very small needles or magnets are used to treat these points with the goal of achieving the same result as treating the body points used by traditional acupuncturists. I have found ear points to be useful occasionally as an adjunct to treatment of the body, though it is difficult to say how much clinical effect ear stimulation contributes when other components of Oriental medicine are utilized in addition.
Because of the importance of facial expression and finger coordination in humans, stimulation of these areas may have increased potency when compared with other areas of the body. A fingernail or a dull probe, such as the tip of a ball point pen, might be used to press a particular point for 7-15 seconds to see if you note a benefit. Expert acupuncturists will use a small needle at the point, or tape a small bead (like a tiny jewelry bead), or a seed, or even a small Korean hand magnet at the point.
Practically speaking, it is difficult to maintain any tape on the complex and flexible surfaces of the ear. In order to make it possible to see all the tiny print on these maps, I have provided a larger file, so it may take a little longer for this page to load. For those interested in Oriental medicine, the best results in the majority of patients will usually require a diagnostic evaluation to determine which of the aspects of any Oriental system of medicine is most applicable. Practically speaking, this generally requires yearly visits to see a specialist called an otologist. Endoscopes are more commonly available and easier to use and may be more comfortable for the patient. Hydrogen peroxide is present for the mechanical effect; it does not dissolve ear wax (Burkhart et al 2000).
A study comparing these “ear vacs” to syringing found that the ear vacs did not remove any wax at all (Leong & Aldren 2005). Put in the oil, let it sit in there for a few minutes, then lie down on a towel to let it drip out again. Everyone builds up wax at their own rate, but commonly people need to come back for wax removal at six-month or one-year intervals.

When cotton tipped applicators are used to clean out ear wax, there is a risk of breaking the ear drum (perforation). This can be dangerous because you run the risk of breaking (perforating) your ear drum, as well as jamming wax deeper inside. Yamamoto has developed a theory of scalp acupuncture based on this concept, and he has taught this approach to several groups of acupuncturists and physicians in the U.S. Any low risk procedure that offers the promise of relief should be investigated, but the long term value of ear stimulation in pain control and to reduce appetite has not been rigorously studied. Don't press to the point of extreme pain, but some discomfort is to be expected when stimulating the ear.
Taped products such as the "acubeads" offer a convenient method of experimenting with ear stimulation if you can afford the expense. For example, in the rare instances when there is a perforation, irrigation may force water and wax into the middle ear, causing a nidus for infection.
Probably only a few drops every week in each ear is good enough (nobody has done a research study on this). Although we realize that this is commonly done, we recommend against using cotton tipped applicators, hair pins, and similar devices to clean the ear. Cotton-tipped applicators may also increase the risk of bacterial infection of the external canal, commonly called swimmer’s ear (Nussinovitch et al 2004).
Cerumen removal: comparison of cerumenolytic agents and effect on cognition among the elderly.
Try stimulation twice or three times a day to see if you note any difference in the duration, intensity, or frequency of discomfort. Wax is removed using an instrument called a cerumen spoon, sometimes supplemented with gentle suction and forceps.
It doesn’t hurt to put a few drops of clean olive oil or baby oil into each ear every day.
Ordinarily, this is done using an examining microscope (not shown), which provides magnification and a bright light. We advise against use of enzyme-based preparations, such as Cerumenex, because of problems with allergy. One study found plain water to be more effective and faster than hydrogen peroxide or olive oil in dissolving ear wax (Chalishazar & Williams 2007). Another found water to be as effective as over-the-counter products Murine and Ceruminex (Roland et al 2004).
This should not be done if you have an eardrum perforation or if you don’t know whether or not you have a perforation. While ear wax is generally simply felt to be a nuisance, in medieval times, ear wax was used as a component of pigment for illumination of manuscripts (Petrakis 2000). Too little ear wax increases the risk of infection (Fairey et al 1985); at least ten antimicrobial peptides are present in ear wax preventing bacteria and fungi from growing (Schwaab et al 2011).

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