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Rafi, who is a diamond salesman, travels very frequently because his job requires him to be in different places around the world. The second option is much more difficult to avoid because it’s quite tough to cancel a trip for just a common cold!
Airplane Ears is not life-threatening, but it can turn an already stressful flight into an unbearable flight that will never seem to end. Eardoc is a natural alternative for middle ear infection treatment, drainage of fluid buildup in the middle ear and ear pain relief. If you find yourself traveling with the common cold, and you start to get ear pains mid-flight, try sucking on a piece of candy, yawning, using ear plugs, and make sure that you are awake while the plane descends.

Next time you or your friend is traveling, remember there’s multiple ways to prevent ear pain while you’re flying! He was not the only person suffering from these pains, a few of his coworkers were suffering as well. Airplane Ear is caused when the pressure between the air outside of ear and in the middle ear become unequal. Not only were his coworkers suffering from ear pain, but they were also suffering from muffled hearing and stiffness in their ears.
After further research, they were able to diagnose their symptoms as being directly related to Airplane Ear.

Drinking an alcohol in the beverages causes the mucous membranes and the eustachia tubes to swell. The second way to prevent Airplane Ears is to avoid flying if you have bad allergies or are suffering from cold symptoms.

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