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Drugs may mask symptoms or make the situation worse by dulling the pain and further taxing the muscles. Thermal shock (extreme hot, cold, sauna) can be harmful to circulation, but heat can act as painkiller on the nerve endings. DO: Walking, warm up, stretch (Eastern forms of exercise), high intensity walking, biking, for 5 minutes all out and 3 minutes slow, and power lifting (machines are best). SUBOCCIPITAL MUSCLES:sinus problems, asthma, agitated depression, allergies, herpes, headaches, shingles, and PMS. The ligament, retrodiscal tissue, has nerves, blood vessels and other small ligaments which can cause ear pain or tinnitus. In the absence of an ear or sinus infection, ear stuffiness or fullness can be caused by trauma or inflammation of the tensor veli palatine muscle. Tinnitus can be the result of a TMJ disorder or compression of the ligament between the jaw joint and the ear canal. In the absence of an infection, ear symptoms can be treated if it is caused by a TMJ or a TMD disorder.
If you are suffering from ear symptoms and your physician has ruled out an infection OR you have taken medications and ear symptoms persist, call Bay Area TMJ & Sleep Center.

This impairs nerve function and circulation, which explains why veins are visible on the skin surface. Metabolic diseases result from hypothalamus and pituitary glands, which regulate hormones: diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, weight problems, osteoporosis, autism, epilepsy, hyperactivity, and schizophrenia.
Ear pain comes from the ligament being pinched or compressed between the jaw joint and the ear canal. Ear pain can also be caused by myalgia (muscle pain) of the jaw.   This tissue is often a major contributor to the pain of Temporomandibular Disfunction (TMD), particularly when there is inflammation or compression within the jaw joint. This muscle is attached to the soft palate and to the eustachian tube and controls the opening and closing of the eustachian tube. There are two smaller ligaments called the discomalleolar ligament and the anterior malleolar ligament.
Depending on the diagnosis and the severity of the disorder, one or more orthotic appliances will be needed to treat ear symptoms.
A stretch and hold exercise (yoga) will temporarily lengthen the tendon, while shortening the muscle. Autoimmune diseases are primarily caused by the malfunction of the hypothalamus: MS, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus.

The ligaments are attached to the malleus (one of three bones of the middle ear) and to the ligament of the jaw joint and to the jaw. Ear symptoms can also be associated with other symptoms such as headaches, migraines, jaw and facial pain.
The muscle eventually develops an abnormal, sustained contraction known as a hypertonic spasm, which is really a malfunction of the nervous system. Trauma, inflammation or stretching of these ligaments can cause tinnitus, dizziness and ear pain. You might not feel pain because the muscle may go into a kind of shock (flight or fight) and produce endorphins, nature’s painkillers.

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