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In a new study1, my PhD student David Smailes was intrigued by the finding that negative emotions precede voices for some voice-hearers. One obvious limitation to the study is that it only looked at university students, who aren’t very representative of the general population.
All of this work is being conducted within a cognitive model of voice-hearing in which it is useful to think about the distinction between reality and imagination. Did the utterance really happen, or was it an internally generated event that somehow got mistaken for something that happened out there in the world? And these processes might work differently in people who hear voices, especially those with psychiatric diagnoses. The idea that voice-hearing relates to how people draw the line between imagination and reality has been well supported by scientific research.

People who experience auditory hallucinations tend to make more mistakes on tasks that require them to state whether an event really happened or whether they just imagined it. Asking questions like this isn’t about trying to explain these mysterious experiences away, but rather to delve deeper into the psychological and neural processes that underlie them.
In one widely used task, participants listen to blocks of white noise, some of which have snippets of speech embedded in them. Several studies have shown that people who are prone to auditory hallucinations are more prone to making false alarms on this task: In other words, they say that speech was there when it wasn’t really.

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