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Your ear drum vibrating may be caused by a middle ear muscle spasming when you hear these high pitch sounds. This can trigger aural symptoms from tympanic membrane tension, middle ear ventilation alterations and trigeminal nerve irritability. Im in the early stages of trying this stuff out, and so far it seems to do wonders.I stretch my subocciptal muscles, mastoids and the muscles that are going from my neck and out to my shoulders, mostly those located slightly at the front of my neck and shoulders.
TTTS is considered to cause the distinctive symptoms of acoustic shock (AS), which can develop after exposure to an unexpected loud sound perceived as highly threatening. The volume of my T has now become unbearable, it's like something is screeching right into my ear.

I don't just hear the extremely high pitched tone, I can actually feel it drilling into my ear and I have extreme ear pain like a needle is being driven into my eardrum. This multiclinic study investigated the prevalence of TTTS symptoms and AS in tinnitus and hyperacusis patients. The botox caused patulous eustachian tube dysfunction, a condition you won't want to get!If this condition only slightly bothers you, it is better to not have anything done. All patients were medically cleared of underlying pathology, which could cause these symptoms. You will feel miserable for a few days after the surgery, but the surgery did help me a little.

Since my T mysteriously started I stopped listening to headphones and any loud sound and still my T has gotten so much worse than when it started. The high prevalence of TTTS symptoms suggests they readily develop in tinnitus patients, more particularly with hyperacusis. I already had problems with depression before the T but this has made things ten times worse.

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