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Just in the same way our immune system gets strengthened by introducing an inactive dose of a disease, homeopathy works similarly to vaccinations that now control diseases like smallpox, tetanus and polio.
When homeopathy is used as a way of treating allergies, allergens, which result in the exact allergic reactions in question, for instance, watery eyes, sneezing etc. What we are considering here, however, is there a homeopathic treatment for tinnitus that works? Donald Simpson, who is a medical researcher associated with the Pharmacology Department of the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom, conducted a study of a double-blinded nature to accurately judge whether homeopathy works for tinnitus or not. The issue with the conclusion of the study is that tinnitus sounds can only be heard by the patients. No matter how advanced the measuring instruments are, judging by the nature of the condition, it only makes sense if the final conclusion comes after taking into account the reactions of patients, instead of relying on a machine.

The drug chosen will have the ability to produce the similar disease symptoms when given to an adult who is healthy. Are there methods in homeopathy that can be utilized to prevent those chirping, roaring or whistling sounds from occurring? Out of the 28 people involved, 14 thought that homeopathy was a better option compared to those given a placebo. So it is highly confusing how the researchers came to the conclusion that homeopathy did not work, even though more than 50% of tinnitus sufferers reported that they felt that the homeopathic treatment for tinnitus worked better compared to the placebo?
In case you have tinnitus, and you feel that homeopathy may work for you, go ahead and try a homeopathic treatment and judge the results for yourself. With so many vaccinations around, there is no doubt that homeopathy is well-respected all over the world in every medical circle.

The short answer is that there is no proven answer, and the long answer is that it depends. The troubling part is, when an advanced audiological device was used to measure improvements, there were none that could be noted. Is it really possible for an audiological instrument to gauge improvements when the condition is such that only the patients can hear the sounds? However, is there some kind of scientific evidence that backs up homeopathy as a way of treating tinnitus?

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