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Transverse fracture 20% of all temporal bone fractures Caused by frontal or occipital blows Fracture line at 90 0 to long axis of petrous pyramid Starts in middle cranial fossa (close to foramen lacerum), crosses petrous pyramid transversely & ends at foramen magnum. Surgical treatment Primary closure with multi-layer technique using cartilage + muscle + fascia + fat + bone wax Approaches: Trans-canal, Trans-mastoid, Middle cranial fossa, Combined (middle fossa + trans- mastoid). NeurodegenerationThe Ubiquitin Proteasome System in neurodegeneration and cytoskeleton architecture. The INM histology platform is part of the experimental histology network of Montpellier (RHEM). The RHEM goals are to rationalize human and material resources, expertise and skills for experimental histology. Within this network, the main plateau of the INM can provide a complete solution from the preparation of biological samples to the analysis, within the same site. All apparatus and workstations are available on a free access base after a specific training.

On request, future users can be trained either in the practice of different techniques (immunostaining, pre-embedding, etc.) or in the use of a specific equipment. Delayed onset & incomplete facial paralysis: oral Prednisolone for 2 weeks + observation B.
Combined approach for large defect (>2cm), multiple defects, or defects that extend anteriorly.
Created in 2008, this network is dedicated to the histopathological analysis of experimental models.
To meet the needs of academic and private users, RHEM offers technical support, equipment and reagents, as well as training and education. The Histology platform at the INM offers to the scientific community a 135m2 laboratory, with a wide range of histological approaches, technical support and the access to quality equipment.
RHEM has now integrated "BioCampus Montpellier" (BBCM), a structure that federates all the technical resources of the BioSante RABELAIS pole.

The technical expertise and the equipment available within the RHEM network allow the processing of a large variety of tissue samples under adequate security confinement (L1, L2 or L3 Laboratories, secure storage area).All the projects ran within the RHEM network involve a quality policy and a full traceability of each specimen “from the animal to the picture", in which the RHEM is the link between the “Reseau des Animaleries de Montpellier” (RAM) and “Montpellier RIO Imaging” (MRI).
The INM-RHEM histological platform is open to the scientific community, both public and private. Its skilled personnel offer a wide range of histological protocols and can provide adequate support and training together with the access to high tech equipment.

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