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Neuromonics proudly introduces Tinnitus Alleviator, an app which uses a proven, effective treatment to help people suffering from ringing in the ears. The Tinnitus Alleviator has been rated top 70 + Best Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Apps for your ears by Everyday Hearing! Simply download the app to your iPhone or iPad, plug in your headphones, and listen to spectrally modified music designed to retrain the brain to ignore the ringing sounds and stop reacting negatively to them.
Recently on our Facebook Tinnitus Alleviator PageView on FacebookTinnitus Alleviator 2 days ago The Tinnitus Alleviator application is available in Australia and Singapore. The device, which costs A?4,000, plays a series of tones tuned exactly to the frequency of the ringing in their ears.
Some had the device switched on for only an hour a day, while others listened to it for four to six hours. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
It’s now so much better, maybe between 60% to 80% better depending on my stress level at the time. The treatment is the easiest thing I’ve had to do.

Five patients were given a€?dummya€™ sounds through the headphones.Before the trial started the participants were given tests and scored on the severity of their symptoms. Neuromonics works closely with physicians and audiologists to effectively address individuals suffering from this condition. If you would like to leave a review, we would greatly appreciate this, you can do so on iTunes or in the Appstore. It’s as easy as listening to your walkman."   Read Emma's Story »"After nine months of using the Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment, I got my life back and I am loving my job even more. Background music or nature sounds are often used to make the tinnitus less intrusive, while cognitive behavioural therapy can help the patient to adjust the way they think about it.The CR device appears to work for those with chronic tonal tinnitus, which is mainly ringing in the ears, rather than patients with atonalA  tinnitus, or a€?white noisea€™. We recommend visiting a healthcare provider to further assist you in your tinnitus treatment.
I find it easier to concentrate at my job and can sleep through the night."   Read Janet's Story »"It’s made life more tolerable.
Three-quarters of the patients who heard the a€?reala€™ sounds experienced a drop in symptoms and loudness, with a 50 per cent reduction on average.

Mark Williams, principal scientific audiologist at the private Tinnitus Clinic in London, which is already offering the treatment, said the trial results were a€?extremely encouraginga€™. Before I would actively avoid social situations like loud concerts or where there were lots of kids screaming; now I don’t worry about that because I know no matter how loud it is I can just put the device on and get some relief.
Customizing the music to your hearing is the best way to listen to the Tinnitus Alleviator!
The findings now need to be replicated by an independent research group.a€?A randomised-controlled trial is required to assess whether this new intervention is a viable and effective treatment for tinnitus patients.

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