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A lifetime ago we had a friend named Biz whose father owned some property with an abandoned farmhouse in a place called Pleasant Grove, high on a mountaintop in Jackson County, Alabama. I saw a dark, hooded figure moving through the woods behind the house, somewhere out there in the distance, coming toward us in silence and darkness.
I have to confess it was years later that I made the connection between that vision and what came next, the sad and stupid little event that changed my life subtly but forever for the worse. I have never cared much for guns, and had no real knowledge or interest in a muzzle loader, but in idle boredom I picked up the rifle.
My ear was ringing like crazy from the concussion, but of course I didn't think much of it at the time. In 1984 a specialist said that nothing could be done to stop the ringing, unless I wanted surgery to cut the nerve and make that ear deaf.
Of course, one thing worse than ringing in the ear is making aother people listen to this kind of whining and feeling sorry for oneself.

But I can't help going back to that night long ago at Pleasant Grove, the vision I had of evil coming toward me, how it might in fact have come silently into the room with us, shared that space for a moment, and then left me with this permanent reminder of its presence in the world.
Whether trazadone has anything to do with it or not, getting to sleep is not gotten easier now that I hear two sounds in my head, the one so high and the other low, keeping each other and me company during those long empty hours of staring into the darkness. At first I thought this could be a positive thing, that someone the nerve generating the tone was getting frayed and having a bad connection that might one day even break entirely. It's clear to me that I would have tinnitus (the diesel side, anyway) regardless of the damage done by the gunshot. Utah Hearing & Balance works directly with our sister company, The House of Hearing, to offer a complete range of hearing tests, balance tests, diagnostic tools and audiology services to help treat balance and dizziness problems and hearing loss. From basic hearing tests for adults to pediatric hearing tests for children to more complex tests that focus on your internal nervous system, House of Hearing audiologists can assess your needs and prescribe treatment plans that can help you prevent further hearing loss and improve your current hearing. House of Hearing audiologists offer invisible hearing aids that fit directly inside the ear canal to traditional hearing aids that sit behind your ears.

An assistive listening device can help you hear more clearly in normal situations and can be used with or without a hearing aid or cochlear implants. In many cases, an assistive listening device used at the same time as a hearing aid is the optimal situation that results in better hearing and clear communication.
We have audiology offices in Salt Lake City, Draper, West Jordan, East Millcreek, Park City and Tooele, Utah.
The customers feedback can engage you a great of the value and uppercase satisfaction of the product.

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