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Combining both, reflective and local therapy, will create best therapeutic results, therefore RJ offers a complete laser therapy system. RJ laser devices provide specific settings and therapy programs for the complementary treatment methods as body and ear acupuncture e.g. More detailed information about the laser therapy can be obtained by clicking to Laser Research and on demand directly from RJ-LASER and on the RJ seminars (some picture from the Taipei laser seminar). Laser therapy is recognized in the USA for topical heating for the following: Temporary increase of local blood circulation, temporary relief of minor muscle and joint aches, pains, and stiffness, temporary relaxation of muscles, temporary relief of muscle spasms, temporary relief of minor pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. The BAHR-Frequencies correspond to ear points and body acupuncture, three skin tissues layers, they have a relation to the nerve system, are used for focal therapy etc..

Paul Nogier (born 1908, died on the 15th of May 1996), may be considered as the father of modern ear acupuncture (auricular therapy) and frequency therapy. Manfred Reininger, Austria, Vice President of the largest Austrian acupuncture society (OGKA), was the first who detected the frequencies of the acupuncture meridians. Beate Strittmatter is one of the leading experts worldwide for modern auricular medicine and teaches laser resonance therapy and auricular medicine since many years (Germany, Canada, USA).
Uwe Petermann explored the modern acupuncture in veterinary medicine (PCLAC), a very effective energetic system. He was a student of NOGIER and is today the President of the largest German acupuncture society (DAA).

In the previous years he found a large number of different frequencies related to the human body, diseases (allergy, tinnitus etc.) and the environment. Lutz Wilden - Low Level Lasertherapie - TinnitusHat die Low Level Lasertherapie unerwunschte Nebenwirkungen? Lutz Wilden verspricht Tinnitus-Patienten in seiner stilvollen Privatpraxis Heilung per Laser.

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